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  1. When I last went, October '08, all of the steel coasters were very smooth. Gwazi was very rough but all the steel coasters were great.
  2. Driving to a not-so-great part of Detroit just to whore Python Pit at Jeepers.
  3. Great Pictures! Planet Snoopy turned out alot better than I thought it would.
  4. All these pictures make me excited for StR. I can't wait for May 15th!
  5. I like all of the names except for "Snoopy Surf Dog". Really KI?
  6. I'm starting to get more and more excited about this ride as it gets closer to completion. Is it May 15th yet?
  7. Yep it's still there. I drive by it every few days and can confirm it is indeed standing.
  8. ^^Saw that on the facebook page too and I thought it was real (for a minute). I really hope it goes to KI. We need another woodie to offset SOB.
  9. Okay, I'm going to Lakeside in Denver CO this summer and I remember reading on Screamscape that the new park policy was no photography. Is there any truth to this? I plan on taking my DSLR to every other park I'm headed to but I'm wondering about Lakeside. Has anyone been recently that can inform me of if this ridiculous policy is truth. Screamscape link (Just scroll down a bit)
  10. On an unrelated note: Just had "ignis" on a Latin and I remembered this thread. I guess that means TPR helped me learn Latin!
  11. Shivering Timbers needs those trains. And retracking too...
  12. I just looked up the phrase itself and it does indeed mean foolish fire but it is a name for the phenomenon of the will-of-the-wisp. So that makes alot more sense.
  13. I take Latin at school and I recognize those words. In Latin that phrase means "foolish fire". Interesting name...
  14. ^Yep, drove by KI yesterday and SOB is just sitting around gathering dust.
  15. ^Agreed. Great pictures. I too want to know what kind of camera you use.
  16. Great video! I've always found that to be an interesting coaster.
  17. Cedar Point's Aquatrax . No not really... SOB stays standing but the park denies that it exists. (Son of Beast? What Son of Beast? How could a roller coaster have a child?)
  18. That first picture really struck me. It looks just like concept art! Great pictures!
  19. Son of Beast. Rough and without the loop it has a really pointless layout.
  20. What happened to Shivering Timbers? I mean in 2004 it was #1 and then has slid since to #24. I kinda feel bad for it because ST is all MA has.
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