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  1. ^was clear for me, dropped you another 100 for that shark.
  2. I came home today and there was a giant Shark in my springfield. Awesome!
  3. Although we just got level 28 the themepark nerd in me hopes that one of the future levels will contain some stuff like Duff Gardens
  4. ^Try looking behind your buildings. This is done easiest with the blink buildings on and off button. If you still can't find them try clicking all your trees and scenery in snake whack mode. If they are hidden behind scenery they are almost impossible to see. I just spend 2 days looking for 1 egg
  5. Thanks to both will be dropping off some more eggs at random tonight and will hide them for Robb Looking for hidden eggs is awesome, just spend two days looking for an egg that some smartypants placed behind some scenery. The game sees the eggs as scenery as well, so if you go to the rebuild menu and hide scenery you still can not find that egg. I also found out that if you drop eggs the chance that a lot of your snakes escape while visiting another town will get a lot smaller. First I visited some towns without dropping eggs and about 30 snakes escaped each time and after I dropped the eggs, just a few escaped and I could visit several towns in a row without any escapes.
  6. Losing snakes still happens but the first round of weeding out helped. Going to go for a second round to get rid of all non tpr peeps. I now made a choice on leaving eggs. If you found XX X XX X XX X Then it was me
  7. I realy like this update. Although I do not support animal cruelty. It is a fun event whit lots of cool prizes. Now I have to figure out how to get enough space. I already redid a large part of my town. I like that some people want me to search for the eggs, but for a system I like to claim a place near your reindeer. And who ever is stealing my snakes. Not cool. One moment I have snakes, the next they where gone. Probably going to spend some time this weekend, cleaning out my 'friends' towns to the ones who are indeed 'somewhat' trustworthy
  8. I only needed rev.lovejoy. Lisa can still be in task. This does mean that my escalator will be poseponed for a while.
  9. I got the harp glitch by overload. If you start the game it is still loading if you enter springfield. It is a bit lacking but then speeds up. I still like to start doing things in that timeframe. I got the glitch in this. Finished a building, got dialoge and donut game because of going round all at the same time. This and the story about the scratch cards lets me think the game has a problem with handling a certain amount of data at the same time. I am guessing that if you want the glitch to happen, you need to try to do as much as possible at the same time you will roll over the xp bar into the donut game.
  10. I just had the harp of death for the last few days. I am finally back in the game, but no bonus donuts Glad I can play again though
  11. XP Bar shows a present at the end. So maybe you have to fill it up again and then get something?!?
  12. Woohoo, got my first cards and hearts from you. Thanks! Was able to visit some towns now, hope it will add up tonight when I get about 60 towns to visit, must be at least some I will be able to enter (I hope) Edit: Weird thing, I get cards from people I can not visit and give cards back. Secondairy I hot a bunch of cards and hearts, then I was thrown out of the game. On return the cards where back and the hearts already collected still on the counter. Collected them twice. Weird but no complaining there.
  13. I was able to visit some towns this morning. But a lot of updated are still closed. Looks like EA has adopted the Microsoft way. Throw it out there and then maybe try to fix it, if you feel for it. Why is this game so addictive? Just send out some extra requests, maybe that will unlock the problem
  14. This is really weird. I started with this game after the christmas update, so I have never seen my town without snow. What a difference, need to redo some things, but overall I do like it. So I am updated now and so far I did not encounter any problems. Let the heart-games begin. (edit) V at the moment I can only visit other springfield. I was pre-maturely excited. It is probably another bug they need to fix to get everyone on the new version or something. (wouldn't be fun if it would work just at once, would it? ) Let us hope it will be fixed soon.
  15. This was a pretty cool surpise. For about a 1000 christmas coins I got 3 reindeer and about 34 donuts. Which I used to get 2 homer budhas. That have me a fruit tree and a mystery box. And in the mystery box was the squeeky voice teen character. Pretty cool idea this. Now just waiting for Apu to finish his 7 day shift and I hope ton be able to continue building Springfield.
  16. As a responce on the console gaming. I own a playstation and used to play a lot. But if I look at when I use it now, it is mostly to play dvd and blu-ray. Once in a while I will play a great title, but most of the time I like to play the old games on them. Sure graphics are not that great, but the gameplay is better with the old games. And although I only play tapped out for a week now, it is a great game. And this perspective I think gaming will indeed move into this direction and consoles will have to come with some really great gimmick to survive this evolution. Or else they will become 'dinosaurs'.
  17. I see your request, but am unable to accept. I think this is an EA problem, I have some interruptions, hope they fix it soon.
  18. Woohoo, now it is online and I could finaly start xmas decorations.
  19. This game is too addictive, and now the servers stop. Grrrr. Even more frustrating, I just started playing, and was going very well, but now these pauses and mixing xmas and normal challanges means I can not do some things, like gething xmas decorations. It says I need to finish a quest. I am way behind.
  20. I am not able to acces my original town, due to no connection with origin. Just started today, not going wel, I hope connection and my town will be restored. I can play offline, but had to start over.
  21. Well, I got my first Iphone today and decided I would start playing. Feel free to add me, but I will say, because I just started I have almost no christmas decoration up eelkebart It is great to have a very rare name
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