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  1. Fall is finally here. Was 39 out this morning when I was running.
  2. I don't see the Negan issue being resolved this season. Too many story lines going on.
  3. I have only just finished the second book and have noticed that. In the first book a lot of the dialog was lifted right out of the book. In the second with things diverging a little it is getting harder to reconcile the book to the series.
  4. ^ I'm reading the books while I wait.
  5. I read the comic after seeing the premier and your right, it was like the comic. Glad I didn't read it before hand.
  6. So for my birthday my daughter got me this Advent Calendar. The question now is do I wait for December?
  7. Done! I like the way this is progressing. They are doing things one at a time. Doing the ones that are least expensive to get going and generate revenue.
  8. I would be pretty surprised if they release the video. At best it will be blurred out because of the deaths.
  9. OK, the season premiere was pretty gruesome.
  10. By far, Garth Brooks was the best concert I saw this year. Paul McCartney was a close second.
  11. I'm starting to read the books now. I'm sure it will take me a while to get through them but hopefully by the time the next season comes around.
  12. Z Nation until the return of The Walking Dead!
  13. My biggest hope is the Dodgers blow it yet again in the post season!
  14. I'll be running the Dopey Challenge and raising money For the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For those that don't know that will be a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon over 4 days. I'm running because someone's life depends on it. http://www.tntbob.com
  15. Upper 40's this morning when I was out running. I could see my breath for the first time this Fall.
  16. As much as I hate the Dodgers, I have to agree with you. There focus was on checking out players and keeping their starters ready for the playoffs. They had nothing to gain from going all out.
  17. This will be a great addition to the park. Now if they can add a few flats they can round out the park!
  18. Nooooooooo! Next season isn't until Summer of 2017!
  19. From everything I see, the ride will not reopen this year and probably never again. The thing that has bothered me from day one is the netting. Why is it there? To keep the raft from flying off? What about the people in the raft if it goes airborne? I guess now we know. How sad for everyone on the raft.
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