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  1. Couldn't the ride be a ZacSpin from Intaimin, like Green Lantern at SFMM? Also, does anybody know what exactly was cleared and where, like marked on a map?
  2. I love the suspense, "soooooooonnnnnnn..." And should all the members of tpr receive a prize for jointly hitting 1 million.
  3. An Arrow Looper with a Canadian Twist, THE GREAT CANADIAN TWIST http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1944 Great_Canadian_Twist-110507125631005.bmp Very unique, with odd supports, eh?
  4. Is there any plans to put in a search bar into the exchange? It would be easier to find a specific track or park you are looking for.
  5. is there gonna be a link on the homepage soon? I hate searching though the old posts every time I want to go on the exchange.
  6. Lemmie Guess... The dot is a marker for one of the six supports needed to support the green lantern.
  7. Top Gun at CND Wonderland. Traumatizing to be knocked around like that for your first time
  8. Where's the inverted coaster and the flying coaster being built?
  9. u guys are in Los Angelos because 1. That looks like Superman Great Escape and I sorta see Tatsu 2. There is a La Brea Backery at LAX 3. The hilton hotel is near LAX
  10. I though they are on and the same, so I chose that. Well...here's one that contains both TwitterTemplate copy.zip
  11. Here's mine! Mod Edit: Uploaded entry so people could comment on it. TwitterTemplate.zip
  12. This is all speculation but what if they are gonna completely change Son of the beast to an intimidator theme, since the link is being forwarded to the i305 site. It could be cedar fair playing mind games which they have done before.
  13. Well, Vortex was also the best ride at the park before Behemoth, too.
  14. Not an error, just a a really lazy Photoshop job! Went to RCDB and found the below: Nice Detective Work!
  15. Anybody know if anything is coming next year? I Only heard rumors of something new for the 30th anniversary and some saying something bigger coming for 2012 if nothing comes for 2011.
  16. I can expect intamin to be involved in the building/designing of the ride since they're wing-rider is exactly the same idea and there zac-spin, if they want the seats to rotate. Maybe they were the ones who suggested to use that type of restraints cause it may work better than the "hard" restraints.
  17. Yay, another 4th dimension in the World. I hope there'll be another one built in North America in the decade.
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