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  1. 1. Awesome idea but costs a bit too much 2. Maybe discounts in the TPR store 3. It does and it doesn't interest me 4. I live in CDN so some of the perks could exclude me 5. Maybe the renewal fee is less than the first payment
  2. I just saw the Benoland pics and they suck. I went to England when Benoland was new and awesome and now it makes me sad to see my childhood fun becoming that. The reno is very smart thing to do.
  3. But even if they don't get the Roller Skater, SFMM should look in to something more family or child oriented do to the fact that there is very few in that category, the addition of a new mega adult attraction would create problems again and that at a time when SF is going under a bankruptcy, something really expensive wouldn't help the problem.
  4. Why does it remind me of those Japanese death traps I see in the Trip Reports? The Looper at Nagashima Spaland
  5. Your first SLC. You thinks it is crazy, until the second time your ride it you feel every single bump, grind and jerk.
  6. The funniest things I heard were from ride-ops on a Vekoma Boomerang, Bat at Canada's Wonderland, when they drop you from the first lift. For Example "We will, we will, drop you, drop you" "A,B,C,D,E,F,G, you will drop in 1,2,3." "Counting down from 5...4...3...um what's after 3"
  7. If this ride is "record breaking," what is it going to break. I highly doubt height or speed because it would have to be launch and B&M doesn't build launch coasters except if the sub-contract it and if it were inversions, then where would the race car theme fit in.
  8. ^You have to remember that Cedar Fair is in great Debt who are more considering selling their land than buying some.
  9. I hope the 3 new rides are family oriented. Most of the rides at CW are either for really young kids or for Thrill Seekers. There is very little family rides and I would love to see something for everyone.
  10. I agree but not until 2011 or 2012 for KD. I agree that KD would probably do the switch but KI make take a while. Remember, Nickelodeon Universe had won awards for best THEMED kids area and Cedar Fair might not be willing yet to give it up.
  11. you guys are such optimist. Most of the younger kids don't know who snoopy is. I asked my cousin who 11 about Sailor Moon (an anime from the 90's for you old people), she didn't know who she is. Snoopy is older than that and I doubt that even she will know that rather than a kid.
  12. When I first saw the ride, I thought my neck would snap off. Those turns look like 90* to 90* and it doesn't look fun. Other that that the ride looks awesome. I especially like the Dale Earnhardt themed cars.
  13. ^I highly don't that because MF has a similar logo and isn't filled with airtime hills.
  14. That's what I was thinking . . . Yay, that's true but B&M hasn't done anything like on previous projects and I highly doubt they will start. However B&M has been known to change rides to floorless to reduce weight (Griffon) but the hyper trains won't be that heavy.
  15. Good question. Not sure. I believe the total cost of the ride is $25 million though. They just posted on Screamscape that the coaster would cost roughly $11 million do to the fact they are building in South Carolina thus getting a large tax break.
  16. We also have to consider the fact that there has been no construction for footers or any track arriving. We have to assume that all work would be done during the off season. That means the ride can't be really big and filled with large elements. It might be something like a space diver (like flashback) in the sense that it is filled with inversions in a small footprint. If it were a GCI, I would we would have seeing some lumber or cement coming in. They only wooden coaster that I think could be built in that time is a Intamin Pre-Fab wooden coaster.
  17. KD would probably get in the top 20 either in the second or third season after the Giga Coaster opens and only if KD maintains the ride really well. The only other way is putting out amazing rides back-to-back-to-back and after this investment, I don't think that they'll have the money. I believe that CWonderland had done that from 1998 (Cliffhanger) to 2005 (Italian Job) and that's how they got higher in the standings.
  18. Does anybody know when Kennywood is releasing a name and layout for the ride and possibly animations?
  19. On the Tower Times SW6 page (http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/news/system/show_news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1245870413&archive=&template=TTBeta) they had release a small press release saying it is going to be built by Intamin and it is a slightly modified mega-lite coaster. Sorry that link doesn't work. Use this link and scroll down to "2010 Ride Manufacturer." http://sw6.towerstimes.co.uk/news/
  20. On the Tower Times SW6 page (http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/news/system/show_news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1245870413&archive=&template=TTBeta) they had release a small press release saying it is going to be built by Intamin and it is a slightly modified mega-lite coaster.
  21. What if the go back to their original concepts and build a twister coaster like Raging Bull at SFGAm.
  22. For some reason, I believe if it is Intamin, it is going to be a ball coaster like "Insane" at Grona Land. It would make sense because it would allow them to compete with SFMM's 4D caoster but it would really have to be more insane than "Insane."
  23. What if the name of the new coaster at Kings Dominion and Carowinds have the same name and theming. Both coaster have been associated with cars and the they both have red track.
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