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  1. This post officially makes my eyes hurt.
  2. I absolutely agree. This is the only show that I've regularly watched since they used to show reruns of Home Improvement when I was in 5th grade (I swear, I've seen every episode of that show =( )
  3. When I was 2 years old, I stepped on a rake and it hit my head with the "claws" up. I got stitches and a scar on my eyebrow (which is barely visible ) EDIT: Upon further inspection with my mom, I have the story wrong. I stepped on a hoe, and fell on it and the side of the hoe hit my head. No rake involved.
  4. Dunkaroos!!! Holy crap, they were delicious, but as far as I know they don't make them anymore (At least I haven't seen them around) Also, Several years ago (1994-1995 maybe?) they had a Christmas version of Cap'n Crunch that came with FROSTING that you poured on it. It rocked.
  5. Barbara Streisand Bette Midler Celine Dion Renee Zelwegger and Rob Schneider
  6. Kevin Tully - Virginia's acoustic music favorite
  7. A ginormous Diet Pepsi/Coke. I like having to piss really badly after a movie.
  8. Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Cherry Pepsi. I can't really even drink regular soda anymore, it's too thick and sweet for me.
  9. I'd recommend a Dell. I've never had a problem with my desktop. As far as gaming goes, I can play Half Life 2 flawlessly (I'd recommend you add at least 256 mb RAM, though.)
  10. I wish I understood the comics... =(
  11. 35% Apparently I'm "definitely a Yankee" Does anyone here besides me pronounce "creek" as "crick"?
  12. I'm IRISH and SWISS. I'll let you figure it out
  13. I once asked for the Baha Men "Who Let the Dogs Out" album for Christmas, and I got it. And I loved it =(
  14. I eat marshmallows alone. I never thought it was weird until I was at my friend's house the other day and was eating marshmallows straight from the bag and I got a lot of crap about it. I also don't usually mind if food is stale, in fact sometimes I think some things taste better if they're stale.
  15. Well, I'm more liberal than I am conservative, so I said Democrat. I am not deadset on Democrat though.
  16. 5'8''. 119 lbs. 4.6% body fat. Just got that measured in P.E.
  17. I got into so many bands because of the Tony Hawk games. So I'll say all the Tony Hawk games.
  18. As of now, I'm particularly liking: Radiohead Flogging Molly Guster and Bob Dylan
  19. That's the only movie I've seen so far that has made me cry. I agree, it was great.
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