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  1. I heard that the single rider line on Intimidator 305 is gone now. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. That's a very nice offer of them, but I wonder how many people stuck in Orlando will know about this. Is there a way they are spreading the word locally?
  3. Cool TR! It's amazing how helpful single-rider lines are in Orlando, but they are usually longer than the normal lines at Cedar Fair parks, even though they are all so abused.
  4. So their control room will be a shipping container? I don't think I've heard of that before.
  5. I've only been on 1 cruise, which was a 3 day Carnival. I was 13 at the time, and I had fun on the trip, but I think RCCL looks a lot better. Their Kids thing for that age was absolutely pathetic too. I went, stayed for about an hour, then never came back.
  6. ^I just clicked that link and watched the video on their site. Was that Mr. Freeze, Joker's Jinx, and a VEKOMA BOOMERANG I caught in there???
  7. Just make sure to use your time wisely as they will probably be fairly crowded. Hitting Nighthawk first, then Carolina Cobra is a good plan. I would probably head to Ricochet after Cobra. After that, it doesn't really matter the order. The line for Intimidator will probably get shorter as the day goes on. One of the kids coasters have a maximum height of 60", so don't count on that credit, but the other 2 have a max of 76".
  8. Does anyone know what that bridge crossing the river is for? I'm assuming it's not finished, but is it for maintnance or are guests going to be able to cross to the island on it?
  9. Cool TR! You said that you can flip forward, backward, or not at all on Brain Surge, is there a way you control it or do certain seats spin certain ways?
  10. If you're Andrew, I think you were the one who told me about rain mode while I was at the park. I had just never heard of anything like that before. Carowinds is the only Cedar Fair park I have been to, and it had been 3 years since my last visit. I usually go to Six Flags, and I haven't ever seen them with rain procedures, so I guess it's a Cedar Fair thing. I went to Carowinds 3 years ago on a saturday in May, and I would say avoid it at all costs. Afterburn (well, it was Top Gun then) had all of its switchbacks filled, and I think it was about an hour. Nighthawk was a 2 hours wait, and I think everything else was about an hour. Be prepared to wait!
  11. When I was at Carowinds this past thursday, as said above, there were many storms. After the rain started, they went to a very strange operating procedure on Intimidator. They went down to 2 trains and wouldn't let the second train into the station until the first train cleared the lift. I asked one of the ride operators why they were doing this, and they said it was rain mode. Does anyone know why a train couldn't be in the station while another is on the lift while it is raining? They have anti-rollbacks, so there is no way the train could fall down the lift, and if the brakes in the station failed and slipped, it seems like they could stop the lift fairly easily and have maintnance come manually let the trains off the lift, that scenario would be extremely unlikely though. This "rain mode" procedure greatly slowed down dispatch times, and while the line averaged at only about 15 minutes, it could have been a walk-on if trains could load while another was in the lift. Is there something I'm missing about this procedure?
  12. That's odd. I went Thursday and they were virtually empty. Walk-ons for everything!
  13. Does anyone know what I can expect the crowds to be like later this week at Carowinds? Thanks.
  14. Press the menu button and the top button at the same time and it takes a picture of the screen that can be found in your photos. Ok, thanks.
  15. I said the running around yelling about having lots of money thing more to try to be funny. I don't do any of the things mentioned at theme parks, but I think you will be fine as long as you don't do those things. I felt very safe at the park.
  16. Is the park map the 2010 with the new coaster or is it still the 2009 one like there website? It has Mr. Six's Dance Coaster on the SFMM one and Little Dipper on the SFGAm park.
  17. As far as the park's location, just take general precautions and use common sense and you will be fine. Don't go running around in the parking lot screaming that you have $100 in your pocket either. I would reccomend running to Batwing first. Despite being the hardest to find (you could easily miss it if you didn't know about it), Batwing always has the longest lines. Make sure to hit it up first, then Superman. I really enjoyed this park despite all the negative reviews. Have Fun!
  18. Great TR! Does anyone know why there is a gate on the transfer track?
  19. Terminator got tagged too. I'm not sure how they did it for Terminator either.
  20. Does anyone know what the crowds will be like at Carowinds a weekday in July?
  21. Nothing was an upcharge, including the rock wall and rope courses. They did have ride lockers on some rides, but they really didn't enforce the policy.
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