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  1. The best one that I can recall I have ridden at night was Thunderhead @ Dollywood. When you get on that back half it feels like you are totally out of control, and there is almost no light.
  2. Glad it is Captain EO over Universe of energy, now that after my last visit I discovered it is a good place to take a quiet nap.
  3. It was a great little place, with quite a lot of fans. I recommend looking at www.thrillhunter.com He has compiled a huge selection of stuff to give you a better idea of what was there.
  4. The last time I rode T2 I thought I was going to die. It was so rough and seemed like it would shake apart. As for colors I vote Black & Dark Purple. Theme it something spooky, never really cared for the T2 name.
  5. Strangest break down for me, was on the Dulcimer Splash at the now gone Opryland. The ride was running fine when they loaded me in the boat ( by myself, it was fall evening ) The boat traveled up the lift hill just fine. I got to the top and could see another boat just ahead, they seemed to be going slower than normal. My boat crested and went in the water, but hit the bottom of the run ( which never happened ). I could hear the wheels dragging and I was hardly moving. After the first turn the boat grind to a slow stop. Along with the boats I could see up in front and the one behind me now. Water was still moving though the chute but it was getting shallow. Next thing I know someone comes over a speaker saying please remain seated, an attendant will be with you shortly. About 15 mins later the attendant came walking though the chute escorting boat after boat of people. He came to my car and had me climb out the back, then walk down the center of the chute and over the boat behind me. He explained that the water pump had went out and that is why there was no water on the ride now. He walked me down the lift hill, then he went back up to rescue more people from the dried out ride.
  6. I would like to see one come back to Middle Tennessee, but my guess is that will not happen. Due to Dollywood being 3 hours from Nashville. Holiday World just about the same distance. Also with Kentucky Kingdom opening back up. I think us Nashville folks, will be forever stuck driving.
  7. So I wanted to take a moment to post in this thread. Growing up in Nashville I have many fond memories of the park. Every year from the age of 13 I got a season pass for Christmas. Back then it was nothing to drop off a 13 year old kid at the park alone. I spent almost every Sunday afternoon at the park from open of season to close. For the few of you who only went once, you indeed did miss a great little place. Although it has been gone from our lives for 16 years I still can smell the grease from the Little Deuce Coupe, and the wood buildings of the Dulcimer splash ( Originally Flume Zoom). Although I have now read most of the posts in this thread, I would have loved to see the park thriving today. Alas it would be less than it was then now. With Dollywood ever growing, Holiday World just a few hours from Nashville, the park locked in its location with no room to grow. Today it may have been closed anyway. The park served its time, and people that visited it well. Providing fun for all who entered. I had my first kiss on the Sky Ride over the park, I rode the Grizzly River Rampage in 30 degree weather ( not smart I know, but so worth it. I had the boat to myself ). I saw them build Hangman from the ground up, and watched the Barnstormers come down. I remember the Angle Inn and the Flip Side theater. Rock-n-Roller coaster was my first coaster, and Walbash Cannonball was my first looping coaster. I remember to this day how I got tricked into riding it. ( I was 8 and scared to death of it. My mom went to ride it. My aunt watching me while we waited. I got scared and wanted to be with my mom. So my aunt walked me up the line, and to the station. My mom was just coming back in and unloading from the car. My Aunt said we have to cross the car to get to her. She got in and sat down. She then said Sit down, we have to sit. I panicked but sat down and they locked me in. The rest is history, and now I am a coaster fan.) Chaos came in as killer technology with clocks and fire, went out as a tin foil spaceship and a dragon. The Grizzly dried up and was transformed into Chaos Industries haunted attraction. The finally Christmas in the park was here and all the lights sparkled, but somehow much dimmer. In the Lakeside area they set up a shop selling off all the old signs and souvenirs were all 50% off. We got to rock around the Christmas tree one last time in the Little Deuce Coupe. I had my picture made in a Rock-n-Roller Coaster car sitting under the Hangman sign. Flashbacks of family photos on the Raft Ride that was once where the Old Mill Scream stood. Pictures of the zoo area, turned into the Screaming Delta Demon. That Christmas morning I woke to some amazing treats. I was gifted parts of the park, that was auctioned off. I own a few signs that once hung in the park, as well as quite a bit of old items including a watch. So yeah, that is my long ass story of my life and times with the park. It was always a family tradition, and became like a second home. As you can see I watched it span and grow, and fall apart. Sure it would be great to have it back, but would it be worth the keeping now? Would it have fallen so far behind the coaster race that it was just a place that would have went out on a sour note. No, it went out on a high note, leaving behind great memories of what was, not of what it may have become.
  8. I would more than likely lean to one last ride on the Rockin Roller Coaster at Opryland. It was my first big coaster as a kid. Followed by the Screamin Delta Demon. That ride was so great.
  9. I didn't see this one. But I have heard it a 1000x's that the Flooded Mine at Dollywood was removed because people were being bitten by snakes living in the water. Edit: So I realized i'm a stupid head and this was technically not a coaster, so yes disregard my flaw, but still not deleting my post! I like this myth. So insert coaster: When I was growing up going to Opryland. People used to say that if you rocked the car just right on the Screaming Delta Demon in the tunnel you could make it go upside down. After many failed leaning attempts the car never went higher than the lines in the pipe.
  10. words are hard to discribe this. credit or no credit i would have ran as fast as my leg would have went. they almost should post a sign out front "Tetanus shots required before entering gates". yeah i cant wait for the video. although just watching it may scare me.
  11. oh i cant wait for this to hit the USA cause hehehe im in it lol. i was at the beech bend filming hehehe so keep us posted oh please !
  12. Ok i feel i should confess now. when i was in high school 11th grade, i was at band practice after school and me and my friend jimmy broke into the theater, and were goofing off and when i was going into the back green room i though i was flipping the light switch but it was the fire alarm. about 5 minutes later the entire fire department and about 10 police showed up while we were marching on the football field and they made us stop. and we blamed it on this other guy. i also own every Nsync Cd ( yes that includes singles as well ) i also own every Steps Cd ( once again including singles )
  13. i really didn't care for either the first or second film, but my concern is that it is possible that this movie may damper theme parks business because it may scare people away because of the fact they don't want to ride coasters for fear of death. I.E. war of the worlds the first time around. But as a bonus for fans of the film, there will probably be a ride now called final destination !
  14. Dollywood - will be my one i might get to Florida for some coaster action but Dollywood is a must thunderhead and tornado in the dark is great.
  15. last coaster i rode was at the beech bend press. it was there wild mouse
  16. The looping star is getting all new cars check out www.rcdb.com they have photos of the new cars and looks like all the restrants might work this time but for how long ?
  17. ill tell you which one is mine once the voteing is over hehehe
  18. myself and my roomates decided to have a pumpkin carving contest, but we couldnt think who to let judge so i decided the fair way was to have random people judge. so i have posted 4 pictures of 4 pumpkins just pick which one you like and select the one you want in the pole i.e. you like A pick A and submit Thank you for your help Matty Pumpkin A Pumpkin B Pumpkin C Pumpkin D
  19. ok so im not the best video editor in the world but i do what i can. so here is the video from the trip to beechbend hope you enjoy http://www.wondermus.com/tprbb.wmv
  20. Hey guys that was a great trip i had a blast and the photos i have seen so far are great i guess its my turn to post a few http://www.wondermus.com/kyr.html click that for my photos im also editing my videos from the trip and ill have those open for view soon i hope we all can meet up again for the opening cause its going to be a great ride! p.s. my eyebrow ring isnt growing out of my head i have had it for over 6 years its just the loop and because my alergies were all kinds of messed up and made my eye swell
  21. Wow that was great fun at beech bend today i have video and photos tons and met w great peoples anywho ill post the link for photos and video later today
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