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  1. So where would everyone like to meet up at - - email me or AIM me and we can talk more about it Phewh@aol.com AIM the same
  2. so i have a question when we get there do we just walk up to the gate and say hey were from themeparkreview or do they have our names on a list cause i want to make sure i dont drive all the way up there ( 2 1/2 hrs) to be turned away.
  3. ok as for sure! i and 2 guests will be going so a total of 3 people are going. and i must say i cant wait to go im over excited ! yeah and i was entered in the name that coaster contest 2 would kick total booty to win anywho if ya need more info on me or my guests please let me know cause i really wanna go yeah and we should set a time and place for all TPR people to meet up so we can see each other and know whos who.
  4. question: do we have to get our names on a list or something. to go i want to make sure im kewl to go and get in i cant wait ! oh and mcdonalds is a must lol yum yum oh and it will be me and my better half Cant Wait
  5. Hey yeah put me down for 4 of us because we live south of nashville this rocks! oh and i entered inthe contest to name the coaster yea rah me mabye ill win who knows see ya there
  6. its not the one from opryland because it went up and stayed up untill the drop to me looks like the one from dollywood. the one they just took out.
  7. Sorry , i ment to post a reply to the post of Dollywoods big news. but i must have hit NEW my bad but heres the link if ya want the link ill post it, to me its not that big thats what its from. they want you to help pick the name of the new rides as well as a waterslide http://websurveyor.net/l.dll/JdttD7nD950C8lcaD9U107016J.htm thats the link vote away i like timber tower as the topple tower rides name
  8. i have only seen this once, when i was at the now departed Opryland. i was loading wabash cannonball and while going up the lift noticed not wasps , but hornets swarming, not on the lift hill but on the back side of the ride station where the coaster went down the hill and ran along the botton of the station house. when we got to the top before you dropped you could see the nest. after a painfull ride, and 3 stings on me not to mention others on other people. they closed the ride to remove said hornets. it was not nice.
  9. OK so, IM a gay guy from Tennessee and i went to Disney world last year 2 times with someone else (also gay and my partner) and wasn't gay day. we had a blast and not once did we grope, or make out or get freaky on its a small world. but i agree straight, gay, BI, or if you like to hump trees, it shouldn't be done in public. period. holding hands is one thing but dry humping is a new ball game. and i say that for the kids as well as for other adults. if i wanted to see porn i would go the book store. as far as gay/stright/bi or other, holding hands and kissing is fine ( no deepthroating). children today need to learn that its OK to love who ever you want. there going to see it one way or another ( nickelodeon's , Degrassi) so it should be a positive way not negative either by seeing some one gay or other wise ,holding hands and kissing not by humping. as well as parents shouldn't say "being like them is wrong" they should say something positive. because how we raise and teach our children today will mold them into who they are as adults. and as a Human i would rather be treated with respect And someone posted why do gay guys have to be girly well first off my partner is probably one of the butchest men I know (on most days) he fixes cars, and can mow the yard just like another guy or girl for that matter. And IM not one to work on cars but that don't mean IM girly IM just me and you take me for who I am, as I would you. And in closing I feel that as a gay male in the US that I would more than happily get rid of gay days, pride fest's and every other gay activity that was a special day just for one thing. To be accepted, and to be treated as a human and not as some freak. I love, I bleed and feel like anyone else. And I just want to be respected like everyone else I couldn't care less about gay day as long as I was aloud the = rights (equal rights) that everyone else was. OK i said my 2 cents
  10. Avenue Q //everyone's a little bit racist sometimes //doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes.... ///free donut for anyone who gets that reference
  11. IM not sure where u plan on staying in the Dollywood area but one of my favorites is to rent a cabin I have stayed with a few rental places and they have some great deals on some very nice cabins. And even though Dollywood closes before dark if you feel adventurous in the summer just about everything stays open till the wee hours of the morning. Where else can you play putt-putt at 2 am. and Ober, is fun if you drive up drive SLOWLY, i have learned that from my own! lol p.s. and yes i got the chance to ride thunderhead at Christmas time at 8:30pm and it was total darkness, and yes it was 10 times more fun
  12. well i live out side of Nashville, Tennesee. The only thing close is Nashville Valley Amusement Park its a small place has 2 coasters King, and a dragon coaster(kiddie) but my pick for off the beaten path would be beech bend in KY. its a small family owned park and its a nice stop along they way. They have a older Looping Star coaster which i will warn all most of the harnesses do not work but i am still alive so. They are expanding though this year they are adding a spinning wild mouse, and for 2006 they are building a woodie from GCI so can not wait for that one oh and i agree dollywood is GREAT ! i was just up there last weekend and you can see some of the new rides from the road in the fair ground section i cant wait just a few more weeks!
  13. well i wanted to interject my 2 cents lol my first coaster was the little rocking roller coaster it was fun at opryland - i liked the big version ( rockin roller coaster) but it wasnt untill my aunt tricked me onto wabash cannon ball ( saying it wasnt the ride i thought it was ) that i can say i was hooked.
  14. Elissa "start hanging out with us and you could be the next Quaker!" Alvey
  15. would love to meet you guys and chat but im not quaker , im omish
  16. i live in nashville and have rode KING the non-kiddie coster lol if i can call it that its fun but i dont know if i would drive out of my way but it makes for a good night out coasters n putt putt, its owned by the same person. nashville shores is ok but save your money and go to dolly's splash country slides are 1000 times better and its not near as small or crowded just my opinion but hey if ya come to town ill be happy to point ya in the right direction . im just excited beech bend in KY is getting a GCI coaster in 2006 WOOT i love GCI thunderhead ROCKS
  17. hum i want one 2 but what 2 use any ideas anyone
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