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  1. Part two! A last shot of Goliath. I know I haven't got much pics of Goliath, I was too busy running around, screaming: "OMG, it's so good! It's amazing! The airtime is incredible! The back seat is the best!!" Ooooh, that sounds like fun! Time to leave, bye bye Six Flags Holland! Having fun with the camera... Nice but way too slow, I think walking goes faster... Our last ride of the day: the oldtimers. We made it! And we're not that wet! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Here we are at the top, enjoying the view. This double drop provides some airtime! Time for some water fun on the Crazy River! This is becoming a classic! Hudson Bay, a swinging ship (that's pretty obvious...) I didn't know red lightbulbs existed in Merlins age... Yes, that is correct! We all have a t-shirt with a psycho-eyed squirrel on it! Here we are at Merlins Magic Castle! Almost at the top! Robin Hoods lift hill Station overview A train leaves the station "A Robin Hood cable is a great place to rest!" Time to ride Robin Hood, a Vekoma woodie. We see you, Goliath! Random strangers holding on for dear life... Ouch ouch ouch! Good thing an SLC provides nice photos... and yes, also here! More headbanging here... Headbanging starts here! Looks good, feels terrible! Ah, El Condor! The first SLC ever, and my worst so far...
  2. Helloooooo everybody! It's been a while since I posted on TPR but now I'm back and I'm better than ever Anyway, I went to Walibi World with three friends. We were on a holiday in the Netherlands and stayed at a Center Parcs resort. We had a great week but the highlight was, ofcourse, Walibi World. Highlight of the day was, also ofcourse, Goliath! Well, I'm not into talking so let's see some pics! Enjoy! It also has some theming Fun for all ages, though! El Rio Grande is not what I call "wild" but here is a nice part... Express, seen from the rapids queue El Rio Grande, the rapids with the strange boats. This fountain is so funny! Especially when some coolio is standing next to it... Poor Via Volta... And poor me for missing the credit... Chairswings... Always a beautiful sight, especially when I'm NOT in it! Here I am, acting totally normal... Another shot of the Flying Dutchman Like I said before: this thing is wild! And here's the proof! Random strangers on Flying Dutchman Blurry onride pic. I'm not surprised that it's blurry, this thing is wild! Nelle and myself, going up the lifthill. Operating Flying Duthman Goldmine in the back, closed Tomahawk in front. Round 2 and we're still doing fine! Wok likes to hide him between the coaster tracks. Light speed!! The long and steep lift hill... Everyone is so excited to ride it! A kiddie coaster! Named after the infamous character Wok! Time for a another coaster! Annemie tried a chip twister. Appearantly you have to make a goofy face when you're eating it... I think that's the station building, it sure looks nice! Some nice foggy effects... It opened later that day but we didn't feel like riding it... Splash Battle, still closed. Ready for lift off! Space Shot time! But why so serious, girls?! Enterprise thingy. Didn't ride it though, I'm too scared... But it makes a nice pic! Yes! We conquered Goliath! First train of the day, actually, and front row! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A lovely fountain for all you fountain enthusiasts! This lucky kid got to press the button! Walibi is not amused: "Dude, what the hell are you doing?! I'm the mascot!" Joe wants to open the park himself! The park is not open yet... The entrance. We were almost alone And this torture device... Although I must admit that Express LOOKS nice. Walking towards the entrance, we see this beauty... Woohoo, we made it! And we were the 7th car on the parking lot, a good sign!
  3. Hey! I sent mine a few weeks ago, I hope it got there on time! I sent one from Leuven, aka Beer Town, in a self-painted enveloppe to help Sammi's class win!
  4. Great report, Hans! The fair looks a lot like the one here at Leuven (that starts within two weeks) but we don't have any coasters, not even a powered kiddie! I really hope that'll change one day! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! @ Groteslurf: The lines were indeed not bad at all! Only The Bat was a 30' wait, the other rides were either a walk on or a 5' to 10' wait. But as I said, the weather wasn't great (Good Ol' Frank predicted a storm) so it was a big risk!
  6. Great TR so far, can't wait to see the rest! So Castle Club is worth the money? I'm considering to book a room there next time so I'd like to know if it's well spent money! Btw, I just love your oldest daughter in the Autopia car, she's all "Yeah, I'm a bad a$$ driver!"
  7. Here's part three (the last one)! Enjoy! I leave you with this onride view from our way back home! I hope you enjoyed! Close the door behind you, will you?! When leaving, the sun provided some beautiful lighting on these buildings! Oh yeah, you can also practice to become a farmer Cool to see other vehicles than old timers! Plop says goodbye! Myra and Liam really thought he was real and were screaming "Bye bye Plop!" for like 5 minutes Craig (IggyAce), the gnomes are working on a new little sock for you! The snowy landscape was beautiful! Gnomes are strong, that's for sure! Not so smart The gnomes hiding in the bushes... Candy! Woohoo! Our last ride of the day: the Forest of Plop (the gnome). It gets bonus points for the surprise in our boat... Ok, I lied. There are two cute clowns: look at the one with the yellow dress! That's Bumba It was their first time but they loved it! Kiddie bumper cars! How cute is that?! This is about the only clown in the whole world that I find cute so I had to get a picture! Chairswings?! With this wind? No thanks... Seppe is not a boy anymore and he seems interested in something else. What could that be?! Ah, a flat ride themed to something that's (almost) every boy's dream: to become a fireman! I know it's a bad photo but I like the way the sun comes out... Myra and Liam could be friends with a certain Terrance One of the lovely boats returning to the station. SKLOOOOSH! And down you go! This pic makes me smile for one reason: the kids on the third row are scared to death, Liam (3,5 years old) put his arms in the air when we rode it! A SuperSplash pops out of the elevator tower! No, not through the trees! Through the BAMBOO! There's a swinging ship and a SuperSplash in the pirate zone! Liam is all "Oh no, I knew this was a bad idea"... This is the Sea Storm, some kind of Himalaya-ride. And it goes backwards too! Woohoo! This is the entrance to the pirate zone.
  8. Alright, here's part two! And thanks for the nice comments, everyone! Glad you all enjoyed it so far! Miss you too, Big Buddy! Oh yeah, Belgium lost 4-1 against Nigeria... Tea cups with the Pirate Zone in the background! More to come so stay tuned! You spin me 'round 'round baby, right 'round! Real tea cup time! I really love the coffee grinder Dongo is ready to go full throttle! Now this is what I call THROUGH the trees! Even returning to the station is fun on this one! Aha! I see hairtime! Good coaster! Haha, Liam loves it! Woosh! It goes pretty fast for a kiddie. Oh, it's also the oldest coaster in Belgium Guys, no need to be worried! It's a KIDDIE! The kiddie coaster, themed to a turtle named Dongo! Aha! It's time to do some credit whorin'! The lake in the middle of the park, including some nice wreckage theming. I really love the theming at this ride, even the lamp post has a Mega Mindy mask! These are the Mega Mindy Jet Skis. We wanted to ride but the line was a bit too long... Here's Woppy, a Studio 100 character. There were not much kids around so he had some fun with Myra and Liam, really cool of him! Hahaa! Liam got soaked! At this point, Myra was crying her heart out... Liam on the other hand, haha! He's so enjoying the ride! Onride on the log flume with some Dragon Coaster tracks above. Log flume time! I read somewhere that this is the highest one in Belgium so we're about to get wet!
  9. Hey everyone! As the topic title says, I went to Plopsaland. The visit wasn't planned at all but when my sister told me she was going with her husband and the two kids, I couldn't resist... So we went on a rainy day, hoping that the crowds would be light. But after driving for an hour, it started raining so hard that we had to slow down to 30 mph on the freeway! It was really scary, we couldn't see a thing! I was already mocking myself that we were the stupidest people to go on that day... But when we arrived at Plopsaland, the rain stopped and the sun came out! The weather was ok for the rest of the day and we had a great time at the park! The park was called Meli-park in earlier times and it was a park dedicated to honey and honey products. I already visited it back then but I was only 6 years old and I don't remember anything from that day (except that I got this glittering fairy make-up on my face). The park is now owned by Studio 100 (a television production company) and the park is now dedicated to all sorts of characters that appear in the series the company produces. Most of the series are for the little ones so the park is great fun for them. But I had some great fun too! The park has some fun coasters, lots of flat rides for the kids and a really lovely boat dark ride. More details of the rides can be found in the captions under the pictures so let's start! Enjoy! Seppe also enjoys the powered ride! More to come this afternoon, now I'm going to watch the semi finals soccer at the Olympics because Belgium is playing! GO BELGIUM!! Liam is becoming a real coaster enthusiast! Through the trees AND through the castle! Over the log flume! Wheeeee! Dragon Coaster onride with log flume in the back ground. So this is what ERT looks like! Dragon Coaster's empty queu: that looks good! The Dragon Coaster through the flags!!! Theming around the castle. This castle houses a dragon and when Liam saw this, he wanted to ride the Dragon Coaster immediately! Myra is also ready to kick some thieves' butt! Liam and Seppe are helping Mega Mindy on the flying bikes. Mega Mindy catches thieves with her flying bikes! Alright!! Time for my favorite Studio 100 character: MEGA MINDY! A lovemy place to eat. Even the trash cans and lamp posts are themed! The ride is nicely themed . It also makes frog noises and goes "booiiing" when the frogs jump! OMG! Liam, sit down or you're gonna get kicked out!! Time to ride The Frogs! (not for me though, the bunnies were enough) Bench: The Ride is very well themed at this park! Liam and I on the bunnies! I'm still smiling so I guess I made this pic at the beginning of the ride... I love the expression on Liam's face, he's all "Come on, bunny! Faster!!!" My sister Christine and Myra riding the bunnies! Note: this ride is not gentle on the intestines, the constant rocking almost made me sick! This could be fun when it's 85°F, not today with 65°F... Seppe and Liam are ready to go! OMG! Another nerd shot... The Bat is a CariPro batflyer! Myra has a bit more patience and is still smiling after 20'. Liam is already tired of waiting (it was a 30 minute wait, this thing has a very low capacity). The elevator-lift-thingy. When we were going up, Myra's little heart was pounding like techno music! Oh no! A nerd shot!! I'm getting infected... Hold on tight, guys! The final brake run is not so gentle on the "bits and pieces"! The first coaster of the day: The Bat! The middle of the plaza is filled with these dancing fountains. Note: do not run between them when there's much wind! Next to the carrousel is the entrance plaza with lots of cute houses. Don't worry, horse! We're just enjoying Bench: The Ride! The horse saw my TPR backpack (thanks Big Mike!) and all of the sudden, he was so nervous that his veins plopped out! Our first ride of the day: a double deck carrousel! Once passed the entrance, you get attacked by photographers who want to take pictures of the kids with the characters. Myra was not amused, she was a bit scared to see them in real life! The Golden Gnome on the Golden Globe welcomes us! Who would've thought?! It's the entrance!! Let's see what's behind door number 1! Here we are, parked near the entrance at the Pirate Piet banner (Liams chose this spot)! The dark clouds are just floating away!
  10. Nice photoTR, Hersheypark looks pretty cool! You made some excellent photos and I really love the one where the sun reflects on Wildcat's track! Hmmmmm, GCI curves Wish there were more GCI's around here... Thanks for sharing!
  11. I had a good laugh today! During the gym-finals, 3 or 4 guys fell soooo hard on their face! Ok, ok, too bad for the guys but it was really funny! On the other hand, it's a bit strange. It almost looks like sabotage...
  12. Hooverphonic @ Marktrock 2008! It's a 3-day-festival in the city of Leuven. I went only one day but I had back- and frontstage passes! The plebs, as seen from on stage Me, ready for the night with my beer and my stuck-on-pass The main stage. This is the Old Market, where the main stage is.
  13. Hello everyone! Since Planckendael Zoo is a zoo and not a real theme park, I'm posting this TR in the Random-section... We (me, my mom and dad) went to this zoo with my little niece and nephew, gotta keep the kids busy during the summer holiday. The kids really love animals (we live on the country side so they're used to see cows, sheep, chickens,...) but now it was time for the real stuff! We had a great day at the park: not too crowded, not too hot (actually a bit cold) and lots of animals had babies so that was really cute to see! The kids also had lots of fun in the playgrounds that are spreaded all over the park. Speaking of which: after a few hours, the kids were more interested in the playgrounds than in the animals... Ah well, I guess that's just the way kids are! Anyhoo, onto the pics! Enjoy! Time to say goodbye! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Speed-stroller (I know it's hard to tell but my dad is going full speed and the kids just love that!) Ah, some nice themeing near the exit... Liam seems surprised that he can jump so high! We ended our tour at the biggest playground and there it was time for trampoline fun! Another manipulated species: the glowing pelican! A nice fountain for you fountain enthusiasts! Ah, this looks better! Woah! Stop playing with genetic manipulation, you guys! Dry otter: looking as dead as a rock Wet otters: trying to disguise themselves as some rocks! ^ Super-speed-slide fun! Pull, pull, pull your boat!... (look at my dad's face, he's having a blast!) The suspension bridges were very cool and the kids loved playing "earthquake!" Thank you, thank you very much! I know, I'm good!! Liam is not so keen on the giraffes... Ah, a healthy giraffe! But he looks a bit bummed, he just moved in here from Barcelona or something... I think he's homesick! Beware: wave goodbye when you're speeding towards a crocodile! This box is coming your way, Elissa! Liam playing King Kong And one ice cream for you! (I love it when they play with much imagination) Lunch time! (no need to say that the kids chose this area to eat) Hey goat! Come here so we can play pinata! Only one-legged flamingos are accepted here at Planckendael Here I am with Myra, Liam and some llama-looking fellas I have no idea what kind of animal this is, but it's a nice family portrait Look, auntie B! I'm going to poke him in the eye! Tadaaaa! My head is gone! Hey! You wanna see a trick?! Sleepy koala is all "Huh?! What's going on?" You got a problem with my giant fake brother over there?! My mom and the kids in the belly of a giant fake bird... Step aside, Pink Panther! Now it's my turn to be famous!! Aarr, I be t' captain o' this ship! Endangered species: headbanging birds. Skippy and her lazy baby. What are you looking at, hm?! Liam and Myra in front of some random cows... Hey, bird! You better step back or I'll smack you with my headdress! Aha! Animal poopoo! Oh, and some animals too... My dad with two of his four grandchildren: ready to meet some live animals! Hm, it looks like these giraffes might needs some meds... Some beautiful themeing and landscaping near the entrance. Here's the entrance to the park. In the parking lot we were greeted by Misses Stork. Planckendeal has lots of storks and since they're not locked up, the kids were chasing them the whole day
  14. Hanno, you're the best! Every single shot is amazing, especially your Troy-shots... I'm drooling all over the place here! I TROY!
  15. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Three of them are made on holiday in France, I'm really in love with that country... A cold winter morning at home... Sacré Coeur (Paris) - I just love the contrasts of the white, blue and black! Upskirt Eiffel Tower Climbing the steep streets of Carcassonne (France)
  16. Woohoo! I've been looking forward to this report and I'm very happy that you started "working" on it, Hanno! The first part is already looking good, very good actually. I really love your candid shots, the natural expression on people's faces riding coasters is so hilarious! I hope you got plenty more where that came from! I can't wait to see the rest!
  17. Nice trip report, Hans! It's automatically nice when it's a report from Efteling I've never been to Plopsa Indoor before but it looks good. Maybe something to do during this summer vacation! The weather is perfect for indoor parks right now... Nice slide POV!
  18. Well James, thanks for the tip! Maybe I should return to Walibi Belgium on a cold and rainy day... Craig, since you called me a liar (remember the Six Flags logo?!) I CAN call you a loser I also had a great time meeting you and your two cool coaster-kids (say hello to them from me, if they even remember who I am)! Big Mike, the KIDS were thinking "what a dork", I wasn't! Miss you too, riding buddy! Hopefully I can come on a trip next year so we can hang out some more! Groteslurf, I am sure that you had a great time at Toverland! I think you got to ride more stuff that evening then I did all day... Hanno, I'm really excited to see your trip report! I'm sure it will be splendid with the most beautiful images! Thanks in advance
  19. Aaaah, this was a day that I have been looking forward to! TPR was coming to visit my home park so I had to be there too, especially for meeting my riding buddy Big Mike! We had a great day and it was really nice to meet some other TPR-peeps. Too bad the park was so crowded and the lines were so d*mn long. I think we only got on 4 or 5 attractions. A big BOO! to all the schoolkids who were done with their exams... Anyhoo, despite the crowds I was really happy to see the park in better shape. It's becoming clear that CdA is doing a good job and their investment-plan seems to work just fine. Too bad ugly Vertigo is already closed but in my eyes, that's Doppelmayr's fault. So a big BOO! to Doppelmayr also! Enough rambling going on here so let's see some pictures, shall we?! Well, that's all folks! I leave you with this pic of my buddy Big Mike, going full throttle in the bumper cars! I hope you enjoyed! Yes, YES! Into the treeeeees! (sorry, I can't resist it to say it This really is a good Vekoma! Too bad my restraint almost crushed my hip bones... All I can say here is "Wheeeeeee!" Time to ride Loup Garou! A nice Vekoma woodie! Not so nice people in the queue, though... Line jumping is not a good idea when I'm around Radja River rapids. Would've been nice to ride it since it was so hot but yes, the lines... Can you say: "Too long"?! Random people in the even more random boat ride. (and there it is again, ruining all my pictures! Damn you Vertigo!!!) Another lovely sight: Cobra with his new and sexy paintjob! I really love these colors, my first true love Tornado had the same! Ferris wheels are cute! A lovely fountain in the not-so-lovely and stinking lake... Craig and Hanno are two happy train riders! The Big Man riding the train... Nice train ride, btw. Gives you some lovely views of the park. And we had a "roll back", hee hee! I really like this shot but you can insert a tree-joke here if you want to... Up, up and... coming back Go Turbine, you blocked out the sun! Ah, the last credit I had to get at Walibi Belgium (except for the kiddie coaster): TURBINE! Tiny group photo starring Big Mike with Craig on his shoulders, Will hiding behind these two nuts, Gage and Caitlyn watching their dad in embarassment and me, just standing there... How lame of me! Yay! I got to check off Belgium! The Big Mike Road Show is now officially Beeja-approved! I am evil bilingual Egyptian tramp! Now gimme some crêpes!! Stupid long line for Challenge of Tutankhamon... Good thing they had this game "Where's the Six Flags logo" (see Big Mike's thread for the pic) It's good to see the waterfalls working again! Ha! Train 2793 is already out of sight! The losers on train 6841 are waving to hide their embarassment (I see you, Craig!) Train 6841 takes the lead but train 2793 is getting closer! What an exciting race today!! Two trains + two lift hills = too much noise I can still hear "tak tak tak tak tak" in my ears, just looking at this pic Here's Calamity going into the Mine! Big Mike in line for Calamity Mine, wearing his shirt with pride! I saw lots of kids reading the shirt and thinking "what a dork" Here I am with Robb and Elissa! It was great meeting you guys! Big Mike, James and Robb striking a pose! (keep looking away from me guys, now I can run off with Robb's camera, hee hee) Whoopie, already at the park! And this ugly piece of sh*t is the first thing I see... Thank God Dalton Terror is behind it, now I have a lovely photo! Good thing I bought my ticket already, this joint seems to be closed since 1875 or something... Waiting for my train to come... Hurry up train, I have a date!!
  20. Ha, THIS is my avatar! You're standing next to the wrong vending machine, this one has the wrong eye! Anyhoo, I miss you too! But you're really doing a great job with these updates, thanks a lot my buddy!
  21. Loup Garou at Walibi Belgium. Red train, back seat, shaking as hell, lap bar got tighter during the first drop, hip bones almost crushed,... But I was sitting next to my riding buddy Big Mike so it was good fun!
  22. Loving the updates, keep them coming! And thanks for the lovely day at Walibi Belgium. It was really nice to meet some of you guys! I'm definitely coming on a trip next year... Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  23. Mike, my buddy! Thanks for a great day at Walibi Belgium! I had a wonderful time with you and your friends! Also thanks for your patience (stupid trains), thanks for the present (I will use it) and thanks for the ice cream (that left a beautiful stain)! Nice update, btw! Although it contains too much material of me, I really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work and have fun on the rest of your trip! Say hello to Craig and his two cool kids, and to Hanno, Will, Nathan, Robb, Elissa and everybody else I met!
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