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  1. Nice report and some very lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing! Now that I've seen your beautiful pics, I hope I can visit the Studios real soon! I've been to DLP when I was 12 and the Studios weren't even built back then... (Btw: totally off topic but does anyone knows when is the best time to visit DLP? Is it always this busy?)
  2. Are you jealous?! Big Mike and I just share some interests, I hope that doesn't bother anyone...
  3. Agreed! And Spa Francorchamps is also the most beautiful track while Monte Carlo is certainly the most special, although there's also Valencia this year...
  4. ^No, he won the Turkish Grand Prix for the third time in a row! I think he did wonderful yesterday, and Hamilton did too. Really nice manoeuvres! But I also think Kovalainen was doing good, too bad about his flat tire... He deserved some points! Up next is Monaco! The most exciting track around, IMO!
  5. This is my cat! Almost 9 years old and as lazy as can be... He *was* a real hunter, though. He came home with dead pheasants and rabbits when he was younger! Hey, wait! I can be cute too! I am pure evil Pookie and I see you!
  6. Haha, I win! Keep on searching! Here's my collection!
  7. I see you do have good plans for the weekend! You can ignore my question about that Have fun, my friend, and snap away!
  8. The text says that Genesis-land will be the place "where angels, apostles and dinosaurs invite you to ride a roller coaster trip in hell"... Okay, since when did the apostles and dinosaurs lived at the same time on earth?! I don't know what to say but I have this feeling that this isn't gonna work... Most kids are not interested in religion these days and they are not going to a theme park that's based on Genesis! I already hear them laughing "Ha! You went to Genesis-land! Dork!" Although it would be cool to ride in "hell", I really hope this is a joke...
  9. Guys, please... Stop the compliments, you're making me But I'm also glad that me and my TR are approved! Big Mike: I sure hope that you will wear something gold when we meet!!!
  10. I can see that Efteling is working on the capacity problems of De Vliegende Hollander! It's about time... Apart from that, very nice pictures! You seem to have an eye for certain details... The park is indeed so well themed that it's almost hard to make bad pics! When you walk around the park, you can take pictures every 30 seconds (or less) because there's always something beautiful to see! That's one thing why I love Efteling so much... And now I'm getting already excited , within 10 days I'll be visiting Efteling too! Yay!
  11. Here in Belgium: around 70°F, sunny with little clouds, a little breeze and everything is green! We had to wait too long, but finally the weather is good! Maybe stupid that I'm posting a pic but everytime I look out of my window, I'm amazed by this view! ^^I also love spring! Green! All shades of green!
  12. ^Michael Jackson Thrill Ride or not, it is a good rollercoaster! And I find it kind of funny that it has this sub-name! It was running two trains that day, so almost no queue! No bad comments on Michael J this time! ^^That old Schwarzkopf ride is still running good! I was a bit surprised by that. On the other hand, the puppets and other thingings inside are a bit worn with age... But hey, it's still good fun! @ Big Mike: I also look forward meeting you! I really hope I have some free time then, but I think I will @ Moose: I know it's the TPR Europe Trip that's coming in June/July. If I knew this on time, I even would've come along. But I'm a new member here so I just found out about it last month. And I don't have the money right now... But I did started saving money to come to the States next year!
  13. Lovely pictures! The park looks so pretty! I love all your close-up's, the coasters, the flowers,... You seem to have a great camera! Btw, you have an adorable son, he's so cute! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Oh yes, very much actually! Are you a good cook? (making fresh meals, no microwaving!)
  15. OMFG! That looks bad... I hope the driver is ok?! With the car flying around like that, I can imagine that he will have several injuries! Jeez, I hope that doesn't happen too often in Le Mans series...
  16. God, I held my breath for several seconds after Kovalainen's crash. That was so scary! Glad he came out relatively well! But indeed, the sport seems pretty safe. At least much safer than back in 1994... The race itself was OK but I was a bit disappointed because my favorites (Alonso and Rosberg) didn't make it to the finish. Stupid engine! Stupid mechanical problems!
  17. ^^That ferris wheel on the rapids is indeed built by Hafema. El Rio at Bobbejaanland Belgium has got one too. It worked quite well when the rapids just opened (in 2000) but they had to shut it down because there were too many breakdowns... Too bad, because the drop was really fun! Apart from that: very nice TR! You made some cool pics in that sandstorm, I find them very mysterious but also beautiful. The color give them an extra dimension! Thanks for sharing!
  18. Very nice TR with some beautiful pictures! You did a great job: some coasters, some other rides, some park views and some random fun. That's how I like it! I hope I can make it someday to Walibi World, Goliath looks so good!
  19. My home park will be Walibi Belgium a.k.a. Vekomaland... I think the "Vampire" (Vekoma SLC) is the public favorite but mine is "Turbine" (Schwarzkopf shuttle loop).
  20. Now THAT is sooooooooo cute! It made me smile the whole time... Kristen really loves her baby-rides, clapping and chearing! Congrats with such a cute baby!
  21. Winjas Force at Phantasialand! Great ride, and Fear was also great
  22. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Glad you all liked the report! @ hansrubens: a weekday in April is indeed a good choice to go to Phantasialand. And it's also much cheaper. We bought our savings tickets online, they only costed €19,50 instead of €31! And we got new tickets for free since there was a special offer "pay once, enjoy twice"! That offer ends this month, but the savings tickets are also available for May! @Big Mike: thanks for the bonus points! I have all the Calvin and Hobbes books, including Sunday Pages and Lazy Sunday Book! And yes, I think I might have some free time when The Big Mike Road Show 2008 visits Belgium! I presume that will be when TPR comes to Europe? Man, I wish I had the money to come along but I really can't afford it. So it would be very nice to meet you and the gang in Belgium!
  23. Alrighty! My second TR and this time, the pictures in the right order! So we (three friends and myself) went to Phantasialand. We had a great day, the weather was just fine and the park was not crowded. So the queues were not long, the longest (Winjas Fear and frontseat Black Mamba) was 20 minutes! Ha! Anyway, you'll find more details with the pictures but first I gotta tell a little story about River Quest, the rapids. Some of you may know that you can get very wet in River Quest. The first time we did it, we were in a boat with 6 people. We came out wet, but still acceptable. A couple of hours later we went for a second ride. This time we sat in a boat with 9 people (the maximum). These 5 German boys were laughing at me because I wore a plastic poncho. I thought "you will no longer laugh when we're at the end..." And yes, faith was on my side! One boy, the one laughing the most, got really soaked! He looked like he just got out of a shower with his clothes on! Haha! Now, this is nothing spectacular, I know. But the spectacular thing happened after the last wave that soaked him completely... So our boat was running really slow at that time, as we were almost at the end. At a certain point, we almost stood still, next to a wall. And guess what the boy does?! He steps out of the boat, on the little wall, and walks along to some kind of emergency exit! WTF?! Totally insane, IMO. And totally stupid since we were almost at the end... Maybe this story isn't that spectacular, but I was stunned! Now enough bla-bla, here come the pics! Enjoy! Time to say goodbye! Annemie is all "Why do we have to wait until she's done taking her stupid photo's..." Because I have the car keys, smart pants! Liesbeth, Annemie and I are in this car. But as we're going down at light speed, you can't tell... In the middle of Wuze Town is the Tittle Tattle Tree, home of some random birds. There they go! Spinning faster and faster! Two very good rollercoasters with very good effects. I admit that I screamed "HOLY SH*T" several times! Time to go to Wuze Town to check out the Winjas! Leonoor goes for "Bench: The Ride" Since we were soaked from the log flumes, Annemie and Liesbeth decided to dry their clothes on Mystery Castle. Here's the proof of the insanity! Time for another ride on the log flumes! Four insane people in one boat... Camels! Not scary but so ugly... And that's why these have no eyes! So they don't have to see each other! Hm... Okay. A man shaving hairy spider-legs... Really scary! I wanna get out!!! Gaahh!! There he is! More frightening than ever, with that new dots-and-stripes look! A nice little harbour... Now where's that shark?! Ah! Hollywood Tour! Mister Hitchcock welcomes us! Annemie and I enjoying the ride, although it was a bit too calm for rapids! We came out dry! Time for another calm attraction: Walzertraum with drooling skull! Full speed! Here's Sinbad! And the bird Rok! They escaped from the Efteling... You do get a nice view on this Gondelbahn. You guys look way too excited for getting swallowed! Time for something calm! How about the "getting swallowed by a giant monster"-attraction? According to some faces, there must be something wrong with this pizza... In line for the pizza... Where's the theming?! This is boring as hell! Lunch time! Leonoor keeps a table for us, since there were so many people around... See?! Told ya! Watch out, guys! That Inca-dude in front of you has a bad temper... Here's the entrance to Talocan, the insane top-spin in hell! So insane that we didn't ride it, we were all too scared... In this pic, Black Mamba looks like a sightseeing tour in Africa! But we all know better... At this point, my tummy went "whoomp"! I liked it sooooo much... Black Mamba "on the rocks" Another rollercoaster and my very first B&M! Finally!!! For those about to hit the brake run: we salute you! (seriously, this pic is taken just before the brake run, how stupid...) Down it goes! Wheeee! Lots of "twist and turn" on this one! Yes, I mean it. A really good Vekoma! How come they can a only build a few good rollercoasters?! Time for a rollercoaster! It's Colorado Adventure, it's Vekoma and it's sooooo good! Another new friend! But it looks like he's feeling a bit strange with my attention... First order of the day: log flumes! Liesbeth and I go: "Row, row, row your boat!" We took a little d-tour to Berlin (notice how empty the park is!) Here I am with my new friend, crazy sort-of-dog mascotte! This is the main entrance road but it looks like not many people can find it... Here we are! Let the fun begin! Annemie is all "I'm still tired so turn that camera away from me!" Liesbeth also looks excited! On our way to Germany! That stupid smile on my face means "Yeah baby! I'm gonna ride Black Mamba within a few hours!"
  24. Thanks for the comments and the tips about the order-problem, next TR will be in the right order! I'm gonna work on my Phantasialand-TR this afternoon so stay tuned... ^yes, somebody new from Belgium! Small country but great coaster enthusiasts! Btw, the new attraction at Toverland will open this week-end! ^^the second building isn't part of the house, it's just another one. I said "not-so-small" because this was the first time that we had such a big house at a resort. Last year we went to Center Parks, and their 8 person cottages are a bit too small... So we were all stunned with this one!
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