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  1. So, not sure if SFMM is opening tomorrow...Since they closed today and its not even raining, only cloudy. But weather.com shows only AM showers so MAYBE they will
  2. Weather.com is now showing a 0% chance of rain on Sunday Hopefully will be true.
  3. I don't care about the height reqirements. Though it would be nice for little kids to get to ride another coaster in the park. Main thing to me, its a new coaster, its a new credit.
  4. I'm no pro, but I think it is the anti-roll backs. I like the noise it makes, mostly because when we went over the summer we stayed at the hotel right across the street, so I woke up to that noise in the morning. Gave me nice coaster morning wood.
  5. Go to SFMM on a weekday, Saturdays at SFMM in early June can be pretty bad. Yes I know its early June, and MOST schools are still in, but mine is out on June 3rd. But all the major schools in LA are still in (HAHA Atem) KBF you can do on any day but a Saturday, I went on a Tuesday in the summer and got MANY re-rides, such as 11 times on Montezoom and I went on a Sunday and did Xcelerator 6 times in a row (without getting off for 4 in a row) But KBF on Saturday is pretty bad, I mean Silver Bullet was like a 45 minute wait, Sierra Sidewinder was like 30, Ghostrider about 30, and so on. Go to SFMM for two days, KBF one, the others I haven't been to or not enough to really give knowledge. As for the G-Bot, don't get it on the first day, get it on the second day so you can end your SFMM trip with a BANG!!!
  6. KBF has Xcelerator listed to be closed till Febuary 28th. http://www.knotts.com/public/visit/schedule/index.cfm (scroll down towards the bottom)
  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SFMM is open on Superbowl Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last year was great on Superbowl Day, and now with Terminator it shall be better And it works out even better I won't miss a Kings or Ducks game. (wait for Atem to let me know how much hockey sucks)
  8. 1) X2 - Do I even need to explain... 2) Terminator - Fun, fast, awesome, just so easy to enjoy it. 3)Tatsu - Two Words: PRETZEL LOOP. 4) Viper - I like this ride, dispite most people not, I find it to be awesome, the hangtime on the corkscrews is awesome! 5) Riddler's Revenge - Awesome layout, my last ride on it was GREAT, until the MCBR, it braked extra hard or something that it killed the airtime on the drop after the MCBR 6) Deja Vu - Probably the ONLY Vekoma I look forward to riding, except going up the first tower the second time 7) Batman - It might be a clone, but WOW. Zero-G and the corkscrews are awesome (especially in the back rows) 8) Ninja - REALLY AWESOME at night, the only part I hate is the lift back up to the station 9)Goliath - Meh, the lift feels just as steep as the drop. But the helix is stunning. 10) Gold Rusher - A classic, night rides are soooooo much fun. 11) Colossus - Night rides are really cool on it, mostly because its dark on some parts of the ride. 12) Scream - I used to like this ride back in 2006, but now...I try to avoid it. 13) Revolution - Well if you like getting hurt, this is your ride. Stupid OTSRs...I would like it if they weren't there. 14) Superman - OMG 100 MPH IN JUST 7 SECONDS!!!!!!! WORLD CLASS RIDE!!!!!!! Nah, it doesn't even feel 50mph, driving in my mom's Jetta on the freeway is more thrilling.
  9. It was strange, it was sunny out for like 1 hour, then all of a sudden cloudy, then raining. Most rides stayed opened Viper closed at the start of the rain, but I rode it after it wasn't raining as hard. Then we spent an hour soaking people on log Jammer (Yes people were riding it in the rain, and I took two spins on it myself ) We left at like 3:30 because most rides went to one train operations, and X2 was closed
  10. http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/rides/X2.aspx (Just to give proof to the post above) Weak awww well, hopefully I can get to ride blue Batman and sex-ly painted Goliath.
  11. Does anyone know how the crowds be on Sunday? Being a holiday weekend and all...I just really want to go to get the new pass and, "break it in".
  12. Umm...La Ronde's Goliath better than X2... Not only that but 30 places in front of it! Canada must have changed the ballots
  13. Almost any terrain ride. Some terrain coasters that I like at night are, Gold Rusher, Ninja (SFMM), and Tatsu. This isn't a coaster but Log Jammer (SFMM) at night, is really fun.
  14. Don't know if you saw my question Robb, you answered like 3 other ones, but skipped mine
  15. OK, my mom regestred me last night, but she told me she left the "TPR Username" blank, it's just me going, so will this prevent me from going, because it says "You have to be a TPR or RW member to go". I assume I can still go, but I just want to be 100% sure.
  16. Woah, you got some nice shots of Kong, too bad it isn't as good on the ride as it is in the pictures. Speaking of motion sickness, I tried playing Call of Duty, and I got motion sickness from it
  17. Yet again, I haven't been on any of the top ten...Pity California.
  18. Ummmmmmmmmmmm...Interesting is a word that comes to mind. But the Batman painting made MAJOR progress in 3 days, I am impressed, I hope they finish it soon!
  19. ^^Is that why Terminator's line was so long? I rode it pretty early in the day and it was running both, but of course they were running empty trains...
  20. I think Tatsu is a little overrated. Sure, it's fun, but it's only got a few highlights. I still like the ride, but it gets a little too much love IMO.
  21. UPDATE FROM 12/20/09 Just makes me mad. Running empty trains while we are in the pre-shows! What is that I see?!??! Sorry if there is a blur. Batman is pretty hot in the new color. One loop is blue, the other gray. This is where the blue stops, it acutally looks kinda cool like that. Rode Terminator in the morning...and didn't do it again. Batman from the Sky Tower. Sorry if there is a blur, my camera doesn't zoom very well. Yummy dirt. This one is for Atem. Saw that view 9 times today.
  22. Its Six Flags Over Georgia's Batman that's getting a repaint, not SFMM's. http://www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_over_georgia.htm http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/rides/BatmanTheRide.aspx
  23. ^^Check a few pages back. The TTD train idea might work, but are TTD's trains long or short enough?
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