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  1. To my wife! Thank you, for marrying me! I know, when I go to bed right now, I will be snoring again, because I had some "After-work-beers"! Thank you for loving me nevertheless! I´m so happy that I´ve got you!
  2. ^ Is confused about fashjonable drinks! < Had tooooo many drinks right now and is happy to go to bed now! v Should give the "Betty-Ford-Clinic" a reservation-call for me!
  3. Today was very warm and sunny, 25°C, spend the whole afternoon in the park with the kids, now I´ve got a little sunburn!
  4. ^ ...a cucumber!!! HAHA! < Is on a strict broccoli-diet! ...eats everything but broccoli! v Is thinking about the weather on the moon!
  5. No, I bought a new one in February. Do you do your laundry by yourself?
  6. Just right before the Easter-holidays, when everybody hides away with his car, the price for one liter jumped from 1,19 EUR/yesterday up to 1,24 EUR/today!
  7. ^ From Rammstein, just take the A3, go south ´till you are nearly at the austrian border. You´ll just hit in "Deggendorf", and then, directly in the center of the town, inside the historic Town-hall, you´ll find my restaurant: "Ratskeller". Or you ask for the "Roma -Bar", located at the Danube-Riverfront! Gerd
  8. Q: Why do women rub their eyes in the morning? A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch.
  9. Yes, it helps me to be creative! Are you singing under the shower?
  10. "Freestyle Music Park" ....??? I´m sure they´ll be winning the 2012 "Peoples most trusted brand - Award" .... ...how will they rename "Led Zeppelin"? ...the "Loud-music-coaster-coming-out-of-a-metall-building-that-looks-like-a-long-metal-ballon"?....
  11. So, took some time, but here I´m back again with a new recipe: One of the best breads you can imagine: ORIGINAL BAVARIAN FARMER`S BREAD It´s very easy and simple to made, the only thing is that it takes a long time to rise before baking, but the smell when you put it out of the oven and the taste when you eat it is unbelievable! That´s how I serve the bread as a pre-dinner-snack at the restaurant: with Fleur de sel (a very tasty kind of sea-salt) and fresh farmers-butter! Enjoy! get the bread out of the baking tins immediately! Use a towel so you can´t burn your hands! Let the bread cool out for two hours before you cut it! after 75 minutes, the bread is ready and want´s to get out of the oven at once! Believe me, while baking, your house is filled with a mouthwatering smell!!! Bake the bread for 75 minutes at 400°F. After 3 hours, the dough has nearly doubled it´s volume and is now ready to bake. Cover the tins with a clean kitchen-towel and leave them for at least 3 hours! Part the dough in equal parts and give them into baking tins. I prever baking tins made out of silicon, they are very easy to handle, they don´t stick and have a very long live even when used every day! Now, cover the dough with flour, too, and start to knead it again! Cover your kitchen-counter with flour and give the dough on it! Time to wake up the dough with a loud "GOOOOOOD MOOOORNING!"! The next morning: Time to wake up the chef, feed him with some cans of sugar-free Red Bull! So, and now leave the dough outside overnight so that the yeast and the sour-dough can work and give taste! leave the dough for at least 20 hours!!!!! "Good night, Mr. Dough! See you tomorrow!!!" ... and cover the bowl´s surface well with foil, so that the dough can´t dry out! Cover the surface well with wheat-flour .... Now knead again until you have a fluffy, sticky piece of dough! ... and pour the rest into the chef! By the way, THAT`S the real reason why I love baking bread!!! ) When the dough is to compact, pour in some beer (it gives good taste to the bread) ... ... and start to knead very well. ... and warm water ... Pour in the Solur-dough ... ... and finally the spice-mixture. ... the salt .... ... give in the yeast .... Give the Rye- and the Wheat-flour into a real big bowl, ... ...until it is fine like powder. First, we start with the mixture of spices: Give the Anise, caraway and coriander into a mortar and crush it real good, ... Anise, grinded caraway, corianderseeds, Wheat- and rye-flour, salt, instant-yeast, warm water, the sour-dough. I just put together your shopping-list: ... Two days, before you want to bake your bread, you have to make your sour-dough. Once you made it, you can use it for 3-4 weeks, just leave it in a Tupperware-bowl and stir from time to time.
  12. That´s what I look like at 5.30 am when I leave the house!!!
  13. Nutbush City Limit (live at Amsterdam) - Tina Turner
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