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  1. Yupp, I´m posting again, sorry, I was very busy in the last few month! I Think the Panamera is a nice car, but I dont think it´s that kind of Car the world was waiting for! In my oppinion, the Mercedes CLS55 AMG is the better choice (by the price, by the style and by the engine!) if you are looking for a Coupe-styled 4 doors Sedan. The Panamera is nice, yeah, but it looks like a stretched 911, it doesn´t have it´s own face, it´s a kind of car for "after-midlife-crisis-aged" people that want to have a sports-styled, luxury-sized car with enough space for the luggage for a golf-trip!
  2. Just tell me, what´s the sense about a race-car with hybrid-technologie? Believe me, I know what I´m talking about when I say that one of the main reasons to buy a porsche is the roaring sound when you start the engine or when you speed up! ....that sound is something a hybrid-car never would be able to create!
  3. I don´t wan´t to become to religious, but I think, first of all, God made us as humans, no matter what kind of sexual orientation we are!!! Merry Christmas!!
  4. YES!!!! - Finally two hours ago!!!! Do you think, we should stop celebrating christmas?
  5. two bottles Vodka Absolut and 12 cans red bull at the gas station! - 57,37 eur - Merry Christmas everyone! First post on page 100! - YEAHHH!
  6. While it´s not very busy at the restaurant in October, a friend of me, who works for a Travel Agency invited me to a 3 Day Trip to Disneyland Paris. We took a LH flight from Munich to Paris, and while it was cold, rainy and cloudy in Munich, we landed in Paris about one Hour later with sunny and warm Autumn-weather. After picking up our Rental car, we hit the road to Marnee la Vallee, where we staid at Disneys "Sequoia Lodge" for two nights. The check in at the hotel didn´t take much time, and our rooms at the Yosemit Lodge were quite nice, too. Once, whe reached the parks, that weren´t very busy at all, the first thing we recogniced were the wonderfull halloween decorations. A bad thing were the Operators at the gates and at the rides, who did a very bad job, so lines formed really quickly. Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and Rock´n´Rollercoaster were walk-ons the whole three days, while Crushs Coaster and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad had lines of about 90 Minutes! Most of the FastPass Machines weren´t working, the only ones were those at BTMR and Flying Carpets over Agrabah. ToT was Running amazing, so were Rock´n´Roller and Space Mountain, smooth as Butter, even they are Vekomas! Monday evening we visited the Buffalo Bills Wild West Show, the Show was great, the food was Dump, the only good thing was the free and "never-out-of-stock"-Beer, but that´s an other story! Another bad thing are those extra Magic hours for Disneys Hotel-Guest, when they will let you into the Park at 8.00 am, but what will you do at a Park when the only attractions that are running are Dumbo and Lancelots Carrousel? But all in all, we had a great time at Disneyland Paris and I´m looking forward for my next visit! OK, but now on to the pics! And with a Picture of one of the French President Sarkozy´s Airbus A340 I will end this Trip report! Thanks for reading! So, the three days at "Disney" are over anf it´s now time to head back to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport! Disneys Stars´n´Cars Parade! Something new´s coming to the studios!!! "Hey Dude, you have to wait another 90 minutes until you can ride my coaster!!!" Horny Turtle and nasty roddent at "Snow White". "Jolly Roger"s backside! The "Pirates", a walk-on, too! Back to the Disneyland Park! "...too late, Too late!!!" The european tower! Time to buy some toys! The Studios are allready decorated gor holiday seasons! Time to head over to the studios! ...very lazy opperators at the gates! No one stands in line, but it will take you 15 minutes to enter, because the ops talk about their problems instead of letting guests inside the park! The next day, extra Magic hours for Disneys Hotel guests, where you can enter the park 2 hours earlier, seeing an empty Main Street and nearly no attractions running! The Country Band feat. Goofy! Buffalo Bills Wild West Pre Show, where you bay 8,- Euros for a beer, while it´s free and never out of stock and for free inside the show! The Newport Bay Hotel at night! Night over Thunder Mesa! ...Nothing but straw inside his head!!! The witches of Phantom Manor! Pots of Pumpkin Mash! Random Decorations everywhere! Pumpkinboy and Pumpkingirl and the crazy chef in the middle!!! Even the Disney Imageneers shop at "IKEA". You can buy that frame, called "Barroken" for 17, 90 Euros! ...After walking the parks the whole days, sitting down for a moment really feels good!!! Jack Skellington had Time for a Picture! The Pumpkin-Demolition-Company! "I got U, babe!" Ooooh, little Pumpkin People Babies!!! The evolution of the Pumpkin People! The Big Pumpkinhead! NASTY SHOT! Hidden (?) Mickey Frontierland was transformed into "Halloweenland"! Don´t give crime a chance!!! The Pumpkin Officer! Pretty Pumpkin Girl! Minnies Halloween Party Train in front of the castle! Casey Jr. - Le petit train du Cirque. In my oppinion, the most beautyfull powered coaster ever! ...don´t know about that fairytale, but that dragon looks gorgeous! Peter and the Wolf The little Gingerbread-House! "Le Pays des Contes de Fées" ... ...It´s a small hell after all!!! Captain Nemos Organ. Time for a "Cruise" on the "Nautilus"! The "Orbitron"! Space Mountain was running amazingly, tho only bad thing was the "On-Board-Audio", because it was broken! Her comes our "rocket"! Space Mountain Station First credit of the day: Space Moutain! ...a walk on the whole days! Trick or Treat! The Main street was covered with those Figures! Pumpkin-Baseball-League? Jack-O-Latern? ...uuupsi! Where you look: Picture spots! ...so did the "Town Square" and it´s Pavillion! Main Street Station dressed up for Halloween! Lots of Pumpkin-Sculptures! Disney Village - en Detail! The "Newport Bay Hotel" in the warm October-sun. The "Montgolfiere" at the entrance to the Disney Village. The pathway to the Spa and Pool. Our Hotel! ...what a nice sign! On the road! ...what about the Speed Limit??! After picking up our Rental, I discovered the Liscense Plate! The number of the beast! ...and about one hour later, we reached sunny and warm Paris! 5 minutes before Take Off in Munich, it´s cold and rainy outside!
  7. A pair of white "True Religion" Jeans, 299$
  8. Cigarettes, a box of honey-roasted peanuts and chewing-gum - EUR 6,59
  9. ^ Has a dragon in his avatar! < Has a coats of arms with a horse in the middle in his avatar! v Needs a new avatar!
  10. Because George Washington allready signed his contract with the $1 bill! Why is milk sold in boxes and Coke sold in cans?
  11. Yes, it´s a Breitling Navitimer World Chrono-Matic. I´t was my wife´s wedding-present for me. Do you drive an European car?
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