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  1. ...oh my god, our luch break at work today became an awful party while reading all your captions. whe asked ourself if it would be possible to book the drag-queen-gorilla for our companies christmas party! ...ah, and before i forget: voted again, ...all of us! "...please, let me jump out of the cake at your christmas party!!!"
  2. in my opinion, the worst park is the "luna-park", in alanya, turkye! they have a swing ride that has no restraints and the restraints in the pirate ship open while operating.... i think, it´s the best park to get rid of your mother in law, if you want to, just invite her for a ride on one of these death machines.... p.s.: i love my mother in law, she´s a wonderful person!
  3. last year in may, my cousin and i waited about 2 hours for "vliegende hollander" at efteling, and just when entering the boat or vehicle or however you will call this, we where asked to check out again, they closed the ride because they could not get one of the boats back onto the track again, after the watering section of the ride. the bad luck was, even when efteling is a beautiful park with awful theming and nice landscaping, the "vliegende hollander" was the only reason for our visit that day.
  4. twentysomething mor votes from bavaria! ...our whole company loves captain yeti, so do the kids!
  5. voting each morning has become a ritual for us, like the coffee in the morning! good luck from bavaria!
  6. ...voted! ......."...Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-A!...". can´t get this song out of my head since i went to work this morning.......
  7. voted today and forced EVERYBODY at the company to vote for you, ....you deserved it!!
  8. ...have to tell you a short story. my daughter watched my wife today while voting for you. when my daughter marlene (5 years) wanted to know what mommy is doing, my wife explained and told her your story. my daughter ran to her brother gerd jr. (4 years) and told him about the competition. so, when praying before dinner tonight, they both (marlene and gerd jr.) asked god to help you going to disney and the same happened when bringing them to bed. ....hey, with help from above, i think you sure will spend christmas-time at disney!
  9. got my vote and all the votes of my buddies at work (must be about 25 people) and my family. i can understand you sooo much, christmas at disney is awsome!! hope you win.
  10. nice pictures, rode it last week and i has to say that it´s my favorite vekoma mine train. lokking forward to return in august to ride again.
  11. hello everyone! i´m gerd from deggendorf, a small town 80 miles east of munich. i´m so glad, i found this site because while watching all those pictures and videos i find a little psychical hideaway from my job as chef and i get reminded that there is more in live than earning money and work from lunch ´til midnight! oh: thank´s for the great onride video of the dania beach hurricane in hollywood/fl. my friends aunt lives there down the street and everytime we give her a visit in the united states, it´s the first coaster we ride, even before we drive up to orlando!
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