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  1. ^ Intamin Yunkie! < Sugar-Yunkie! v Food-Yunkie!
  2. Just feel better - Santana feat Steven Tyler
  3. In the Moment, there´s Jamiroquai playing at the car, it´s sort of perfect music to take out the car and cruise down the hihgway, especially "Cosmic girl". ...but I listen to B-52´s, too. I love their 2008 CD: "Funplex".
  4. It´s sunny and warm, right in the moment we have 25°C and it´s supposed to be fabolous weather for tomorrows Easter Egg-hunt!
  5. ^ Shouldn´t be dissapointed, 13 is too young for dating! < Stoped dating since he´s married! v Is addicted of dating!
  6. I´ve been to a "Sizzler" once, and that one time was one time to much! The one I´ve been in Kissimee was very dirty and the food they served wasn´t even eatable (notice: I´m NOT picky!!!): all dried out, the salads looked like they´ve been at the buffet since days, the soda-fountain was only running with coke, nothing else..... I don´t know if I made the experience with a very bad "sizzler and how the "Sizzler" in down under are, but I can´t imagine that I´ll ever give them restaurants a second chance.
  7. Rosemary- and Thyme-plants for my garden, along with a 6 ft. high potted palmtree for the Terasse - all together: 135,- EUR
  8. "Nobody does it better" by Carly Simon That´s exactly what I feel when I think about my wife!
  9. EUR 17,- for a Taxi that takes me home!
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