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  1. Congrats FeeltheFORCE! I actually chose as one of mine "Shock Start" so I was close! Congratz though!
  2. A tilt coaster like mentioned before is definately "unique" and must be cool to ride! Never been on one but hope I will get to in my coaster enthusiast life! The Dells is pretty cool especially Hades and Avalanche!
  3. Great photos, I loved all off them especially of Griffon! But where was Apollo's Chariot at? Great Pics though! When you said you will get more pics later because you reached the limit. Will you get Apollo pics please? Thanks!
  4. I went (snuck) into Magic Water's indoor water pump facility thingy with my uncle. It was really cool! It felt like my arm was going to get chopped off at one point (not going to say why) but other then that it was neat! A guy with a pink shirt and flipflops walked in there caught us but only smiled then I get scared and took off! Me and my unlce still laugh about that day. Anyways the indoor pumps looked really cool!
  5. ^It does look big and It looks fun also! Lets hope it's fun though!
  6. There's a waterpark right next to my house called Magic Waters in Cherry Valley, IL and I was there when an incident happened where someone was bleeding kind of bad (not like death bleeding) and they shut down the giant wave pool for the rest of the day and it happened around 11:00 near when the park opened.
  7. This game looks cool and has better things. Sims 1 still beats Sims 2 badly if you ahve Sims 1 Complete Collection that you can but at like Target for $40.00. Sims 1 is just better than Sims2 so lets hope Sims3 beats them both good! Sims2 is more mission and objectives than building dream houses like in Sims2! Sims3 looks more realistic than the others! Cheat code for Sim1 for unlimited money: Press ctrl + c + shift at the same time and type in the cheat code box rosebud!;!;!;!;!;!;!;1;!; Sorry, I know this isn't a cheat site. Lets hope it's good though!
  8. Definately ride RRC and like AstoWorldFan1 said, make your reservation a day ahead! The restaraunts get packed quickly especially more toward the evening!
  9. Well.....not completely. Great photos and hope to ride El Toro either this year or next year when I fly down there!
  10. ^I think it maybe that same ride. Or maybe it is going to Wild Adventure, not 100% sure.
  11. Making a good site can be some hard work but can be worth it. Like my site is http://www.coasterwarriors.com but I didn't make it I'm just a co-admin. That site is actually inspired by Robb and Elissa as it says here http://coasterwarriors.com/about/staff.php under Jeff's name. Thanks to Robb and Elissa! It's hard work though getting the site up so good luck with the whole making site thing!
  12. Great pics especially of Millenium Force. People's faces on there going down the drop was halarious! Once again, I loved the pics!
  13. I think that's what they mean. They didn't understand why some parts was blurrring until you said that those were parts you haven't shared yet. Great Park and detail! 10/10!
  14. The flood looked like it went more around the park. I turned on the weather/news this morning and it said Eureka MO. (SFstl.) was getting badly flooded!
  15. ^^The coaster actually looks fun, that's if it still existed. Thanks for the pics!
  16. SFGAm! It's my home park and I think it's awesome! It could beat SFstl just about anyday!
  17. I believe this is what you mean EBL- http://www.rcdb.com/pd1697.htm It would be a great little woodie. Too bad it's gone now.
  18. What is your most favorite ride in the world? It can be a coaster, a flat, or any other kind of ride out there! Mine is..... Top Thrill Dragster!!! What's yours?
  19. Raging Bull at SFGAM. http://www.rcdb.com/ig535.htm?picture=13
  20. I just made this stupid site but it has info and pics on TDK going into SFGAm. Anyways, I am really excited for the new coaster going into SFGAm! We haven't had a new coaster since 2004! The supid site.TDK Coaster
  21. First, does anybody know how to upload parks so they can be downloaded? Second, I just finished building my park which happens to be on a big island in Hawaii. It features over 13 coasters with the highest being 420ft (about) and the smallest is just a little kiddie coaster in the kids section. I have several flats and water attractions such as a log flume and roaring rapids. There is also a waterpark that is free with admission that is a good size too. It has 3 body slides, 3 tube slides (had to use H2O bowl slides to do it right but didn't use any bowl elements), a water funnel type ride called Hurricane, a bowl slide called Typhoon Twister, 2 water coasters featuring one that launches you, and much more! It is two parks in one! Water World and Adventure Island. Screens should be up soon.
  22. I'm currently making a recreation of Kiddieland 2008 in Melrose Park, IL. It will include the two new rides coming in 2008 as well. Hope you guys are looking forward to it! Screens will be posted up at Theme Park Universe soon!
  23. I haven't been to SFKK and just looking at some things in the park doesn't want me to go. My home park is SFGAm so I'm not too far from there but I don't really want to visit it. Plus Mantis gave me a weggie so I'm guessing Chang will since it the same exact thing just a mirror design of Mantis.
  24. I've never been on a dive coaster before but I might this year when we go down towards Tampa area!
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