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  1. Year 1 Welcome to California Beach! Well,the park will be pretty crowded today! And here it is,Flying Turns! That was the parks presentation,now I will release the download! www.megaupload.com/?d=08JXF2PJ NOTE:This is an scenario,lay it in the scenario files. PS.Post trip reports! CS needed: Jcat`s Mouseworx Jcat`s Steelworx
  2. Sorry,we can`t recommend a good place for thanksgiving!
  3. South Carolina?These two parks lies in Virginia!The only main park in South Carolina is Hard Rock Park,and it`s not open yet!
  4. I count it as an credit due to that is has the regular gravity-powered style.And has coaster track!
  5. Wonder Island had an indoor spinning coaster operated from 2005 to 2007.Tt was replaced by an single dark ride.RCDB says that due to this,it may be that the ride never has been operating. Also,the Screamin Squirrel,was not reported operating in 2006.In 2007,people has seen an completed track,but an unfinished loading section.It has not been seen any activity on it recently.
  6. Wicked reminds me of Rage,due to the train likeness,the vertical lift hill (Wicked has an vertical launched hill,but who cares) and the boxy track!
  7. Indiana Beach looks pretty fun,have a great day at Six Flags Great America tomorrow!
  8. Best: 1.Walt Disney World 2.Cedar Point 3.Tivoli Gardens Worst: 1.Uncle Bernies Theme Park 2.Tosselilla
  9. Rides I want to be removed: 1.TIDAL WAVE (I hate it more than any coaster in the hole park!) 2.Kaena Point Falls (It`s an pointless ride,nearly exactly the same layout as The Falls and looks boring!) Rides I want to stay: 1.Tantalus (It owns!) 2.Zhambi Zidewinder 3.Red Zone 4.Tropicana Tower 5.Hawaiian Swings Rides I want to be in the park: 1.Water Park 2.An kiddie coaster 3.Premier Lim-launched coaster 4.Freefall Tower 5.Wild Mouse 6.Water-coaster 7.Aquatrax 8.B&M Flyer
  10. Yeah,one of the scenarios in Time Twister (expansion pack) has an mini-golf,with an 25 minute line!
  11. How long is the wait times?It must be thousands of people in the park to get a line so long!
  12. Has anyone noticed that the trip is missing "Old Man" Jeff,"Diabetic" Dan,"Weirdo" Derek and Joey?
  13. Cool pictures of Coney Island,but I can`t stay tuned all the time (Going on an trip in 1 Hours and 20 minutes from right now!)
  14. Hello?Any proof on this crap?You must show an proof before posting what you`re saying.You can`t just say that and don`t come up with any proof,and then blame us for "don`t following the news",that`s just dumb!
  15. Sweden-Full day New York-Morning Los Angeles-Late Night Hawaii-Midnight
  16. My categories of worst coaster/rides: Shakeness-RAGE (Adventure Island) Well,what should I say?It shakes so much after the loop so I get headache when my head hits the Over-The Shoulder Restraints all the time!You gotta strech the head forward so it hits the air instead,and you`re safe from an headache! Uncomfrontable-Mission:Space Okay,this is not an rollercoaster,but the ride is so uncomfrontable and it pushes me so hard that my stomach is pushed back for half an hour! Rough-Rutschebanen (Bakken) It`s not very rough,kinda okay,but I haven`t ridden as many different rollercoasters as you credit whores does,so it`s the roughest ride I experienced yet.
  17. Why has nobody said anything?
  18. ^What?I just told him to get some proof of what he means!
  19. Aren`t TPR starting the Midwest USA Trip soon?I haven`t heard much about it lately,are they even going to have an Midwest USA Trip this year?It`s only less then an month to the Japan trip!
  20. Any proof you have right on this?I looked on the so called RCCGB and didn`t found anything on the so called "Tailwind Ultracoaster"!
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