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  1. I just wonder one thing,Is Knobel`s owned by Kennywood or Hershey?The Knobel`s map have many similarites to Hersheypark`s and Kennywood`s map!
  2. Look at the construction size of the area,how the hell is Busch Gardens going to cram in an B&M Hyper-coaster in there?Plus,the construction size is just not for an new coaster,but an new area with plenty of things! Other romurs says it could be another family rollercoaster,probably an Vekoma,the park needs a coaster for the family!
  3. Rutschebanen at Bakken,the four visits between 2002-2005 was it pretty good,but in my 2007 visit it was the roughest ride I`ve been on (but it`s still fun!). Sebastian "extreme changes on the wooden rollercoaster" J├Ânsson
  4. Very soon,the park most be completed first for grand opening,but I will show an little preview of the park before grand opening!
  5. New rule! It counts with defunt parks like Pleasureland Southport.And it also counts with parks that is about to open like Hard Rock Park.But it dosn`t count with a parks old name like Six Flags Ohio,you can only choose the parks current name! Darien Lake
  6. ^What`s an cookout? When was the last time you was on an Gerstlauer Eurofighter?
  7. ^ Crazy < Likes Pikachu v Gets eaten by Sharktums
  8. Like that ever in the world would happen! Romurs says that Batman:The Ride in Six Flags New Orleans would come back to the park after reparing!
  9. This is inspired by Rollercoaster game,but this is about parks instead! Rules: I say an park ex.Alton Towers,then you shall say an park that begins on the last letter on the earlier parks name,and then it all contunies! Epcot
  10. Trip Report (No pictures): Memphis was pretty hard to find on the map,but after a nomerous hours I finally made it to the city and made it to ROCK,N,SOUL MEMPHIS!Heartbraker was overcrowded,the line covered the hole queue.So I decided to go somewhere else.Revolution was also overcrowded,so was Maat-Ka,Hustle & Flow & Zippin Pippin.It was the most crowded weekend of the year,so it was maybe not unusual.So I got to ride THE KING instead.It was pretty cool,tough. Around noon,people leaved Zippin Pippin due to the hot sun,and many was flocking to Mighty Mississipi instead.So I got to ride Zippin Pippin,it was fun with pops of airtime,but the seat could be really hot in the sun.Revolution was also not overcrowded,so I headed it directly after Zippin Pippin.It was my first flying coaster,and it was AWESOME!Heartbraker had an short line too,Mighty Mississipi had an line over two hours,half of todays geusts were heading towards the ride.Heartbraker was the most AWESOME ride of the day,it went through the station so fast that I couldn`t get an good photo of it passing.Maat-Ka was also very fun,espacieally Maat.It was awesome to duel through the most twisty course I ever experienced.Hustle & Flow was next,but it was pretty boring,not much fun,and there were bad operations today.When I had rode all the coasters in the park,and it became evening,I took a last ride on Mighty Mississipi,becuse people came back to the coasters.It was splashy,and very fun.Then I leaved the park,goodbye ROCK,N,SOUL MEMPHIS!
  11. From 'UK RIDES' There is also a list of rides on site at the moment on 'wikipedia' en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Pleasureland This is fantastic news, it'll never match the original pleasureland's reputation but its a good replacement. EDIT: Theres also some pictures on UK RIDES website ??? An new pleasureland?Why has nobody told us?
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