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  1. I'm not too familiar with the International Program, but I was a cast member apart of the College Program. I know you'd be housed at the Commons, which is near the College Program places. Actually, most Cast Members (especially those starting) either get higher part of $6 or lower $7. None really start out at $8. College Program currently make $6.40. There is one guest relations (or more I don't know) that are from each country usually at Epcot. I was friends with the one from some country, which escapes my head, but maybe even Germany. If you want to work for Disney full-time, part-time, etc after your International Program, you'd have to get a Visa to live over here and find your own housing. They will only provide housing on the programs.
  2. At the theaters at Universal Studios City Walk in Orlando, they do Rocky Horror every 2nd and 4th Friday and Saturday of the month! They are mostly college kids from UCF. When I went, it was quite hilarious. I definitely participated. I didn't know the shout-outs or the show really, since I never seen the movie. We did start the show with the "Virgin Initiation." I wasn't planning on going, BUT, my friend called myself and another friend out. While down there, we went through some spiel. Then they choose three Virgins to stay longer. Well, the host walked past me and said "You're cute, stay." Of course they'd make me stay. I was less than thrilled. So, three of us had to vocalize an orgasm on the mic for everyone. I didn't win, sadly, but it was good times. After that, I wasn't shy no more. I enjoyed it very much and plan to attend again sometime! Great TR. Reminded me of my first adveture to a Rocky Horror show!
  3. Skydiving is an amazing experience indeed. I got to do it while I was working at Walt Disney World this past July. The prices for Cast Members was $120 and it was at 15,000 feet. It was easily the most intense experience of my life. It was awesome! People ask how it was, and I simply tell them if you think you know what it feels like, you really don't. And its cold. Good on ya, mate!
  4. The first picture is what Disney Cast Members do when they find stray strollers after closing. The second is when my friend visited me at work at Busch Gardens Williamsburg! Katy and myself as Jack of the Lanterns in Ireland at BGW! Carrie and I leaving EPCOT after my last shift - The Living Seas would never be the same after we left.
  5. Yay! That sounds like a great foundation and a great way to raise some money! I'd attend if I was in the area, I love Survivor and Amazing Race! Nice photos as well as update on Ray and Deena! Gooood stuff!
  6. I remember seeing one of these when I was watching Conan awhile ago. I think I remember some little kid falling and dying. It was played in slow motion and was quite histerical. Conan is a god.
  7. Yes, I am famous now! I'm in a TPR photo TR! If you'd like an autograph, please private message. Prices vary: Just an autograph: 9.95 Autograph ON the picture, 19.95 ACT NOW and I'll throw in a free straw and MAYBE a dixie cup. An offer like this should not be passed up. Great TR. I was saddened to be moved to Soarin, especially when you came looking for me at the Living Seas. Well, next time we'll get it straight!
  8. I understand that the Hippo is Hungry. But upon closer examination, it reads "Feed Me Your Rubber." I realize the game of Hungry Hungry Hippos is where the hippos eat the ball, but I never thought someone would take it literally!
  9. If you plan on going to Busch Gardens, I could meet you there earlier in the day. I'll have to work around 4 or 4:45 depending on the day. But I'll gladly hang out until I've got to work, which I work there at BGW.
  10. I definitely go to Christopher Newport University, not William and Mary. Either way, still visit me as Jack of the Lanterns at Busch! Volcano is a very enjoyable ride, especially in the front and back. Front you can, which is lovely. The back is great for coming out of the top of the Volcano. I prefer the back.
  11. My home park is also Kings Dominion, when I'm actually at home. Otherwise at college is BGW. The rides at Kings Dominion aren't that bad. Sure, some of them are lacking in maintance, but they still aren't horrible. The Grizzly is easily the best coaster in the park, in my opinion. The setting is perfect. There is plenty of airtime no matter which of the extremes of the train you sit. I don't ride in the middle, so I don't know about there. Flight of Fear is the next best, having the most fulfilling layout. The launch is smooth and without the head restraints, the ride is that much more enjoyable. Volcano is an enjoyable ride. Sometimes, I don't feel as if its worth it with such a wait time. But, if its short, I'm all up for a quick ride! I don't think Anaconda is that bad. I can ride is many times without problem. The best part is the hanging corkscrews. Both Rebel Yell and Hurler could use some maintance. I wouldn't ride RY on a wheel seat ever. The back seat of forwards is just brutal. The back seat on backwards is delightful though. Backwards is definitely the way to go on this ride! Hurler has airtime on the first few hills, but other than that, you just sit there and wait for it to end. Shockwave is pretty bad. Its painful on the ribs and head, especially if you don't know how to prevent. The first way would be to actually place your head in the blue arch headrest. Yeah, it actually helps. Or, if you don't feel comfortable with that, stick your chest out. That'll prevent you bobbling around as well. If the train was sitdown with lapbars, you'd get some nice airtime! Drop Zone and Firefall are most welcome additions. Both rides make me giggle like a school girl. Firefall is just a blast, spinning head over heels. I don't want to judge Italian Job before I ride it. I hear its fun but not worth a long wait. Not is it extreme, so probably not too re-ridable, but it'll be a nice addition for the park. I don't know if I'm going to get a season pass next year. I don't think I'll be home for the summer, so probably not. I'd rather get one at Busch Gardens since my college is here. Oh wait, I get one after working Howl-O-Screams, sweet deal Ally McBeal!
  12. Here are some updated pictures of meeee.... My bestest friend Mickey and I.
  13. I'm glad to hear you had a good time at the park. I, personally, am not a fan of DarKastle. No, I didn't wait 3 hours, I waited 10 minutes. I found the story lacking. It was well done until we were "lifted" up. The simulated fall made me wonder "Did we fall?" I've yet to do the mazes, since I'm working Howl-O-Scream myself. Sadly, you didn't get me! I stand right infront of the ACEr Pumpkin for photos!
  14. Hello! The best part of Howl-O-Screams is ME in Ireland. Thats right, you best come take pictures with the Photo Op Jack of the Lanterns and post them on here for everyone to see! The only scare zone that I've seen on the paths is Banbury Cross, which is the path from Ireland to New France. There may be others, but I walk that one to work each day!
  15. I agree that they should NOT change the height limit. The death of the child is indeed say, but is by no fault of Disney. The child met the height requirements and it was up to the better judgement of the parents to allow the child onto the ride. But I still give my props up to the Space crew, because I know it was hard to deal with over at the Living Seas since guests would keep bringing it up after the inncident. So I'm sure they heard more than enough about it the next day.
  16. I've worked at Walt Disney World and currently at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Disney World has housing, but its only for the college program. You have to interview through your college and to get a spot and its for a semester of school. You can't just do it for the summer. After you complete one program, you can then just go down for a summer, but not until you complete the first program. As for Busch Gardens, I think they only provide housing for their international cast members. Working at Disney is different from Cedar Point or Six Flags for example. At those parks, you just check restraints and maybe get a spiel. At Disney, you'll always have some sort of spiel and plus you have time to play with kids! They are very organized about one's day at work. You'll get scheduled breaks and assignments. At Busch Gardens, I'm working for Howl-O-Scream, so I'm entertainment, so I've never done tradition park work.
  17. I discovered Steak and Shake while I was working at Disney World and it is GLORIOUS. Its open 24 hours, usually. One night we went around 1 AM and it was closed. I was sad. We usually went after Epcot's Extra Magic Hours around 1 AM when we got off! I love the Steak and Shake Combo...Double Burger...Two Sides of Fries...SHAKE.
  18. Well, being a former Living Seas CM, I can tell you the Seacabs ARE coming back. They tore out the old cabs and are going to install new ones. Most likely with doors for safety.
  19. Hey, that is not the only thing he'll miss out on! The Living Seas is closed until Nov 23ish. They are rehabing the entire pavilion. Turtle Talk is the number one show on property, so he WILL miss out.
  20. Sadness. I hope no one does that to me at Busch! I'm Photo Op Jack (pic in the "Picture of Me" thread). Yesterday was the first day and these two kids called me George W Bush. I scared them away. I think its silly to beat up a costumed character, what could they have done to you. They took a picture with you? Did they put their arm around your girlfriend? OH NO.
  21. Jack is Back! Jack of the Lanterns - Ireland - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  22. I'm currently attending Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. Its an okay campus, nothing special. I'm a Communications major with focus in Public Relations. This could change over time though, but so far so good. I want to transfer to University of Central Florida though. They have a great Comm school and I can work for Disney. Two benefits, what could be better?!
  23. While at SeaWorld, for my Birthday, my friend and I did a backstage tour which ended on us getting to touch a penguin. She HAD to know she was about to get her picture taken with the penguin, why didn't see smile?! Yay for SeaWorld though!
  24. Woah SFMM Freak! How much did you have to pay to get all those girls to play with you in the mud? Do they accept Debit?
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