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  1. The shows are concurrent. They are at 10 AM and go till 7 PM, every 20 minutes. So 10:20, 40, 11:00, 11:20, etc.
  2. If you are headed to Epcot tomorrow, come visit at Turtle Talk or just the Seas between 10:45 - 7:30, thats my shift. I'll be there, or on break. Just ask for Jeremy and they'll call for me if I'm on break, if they know.
  3. Heh, I never noticed a Single Rider line either, but they have to fill in all those seats or they have to explain why it wasn't filled. So....being the slow kid that I am, I looked at my schedule, which read 9 - 17:45. I was totally thinking I got off at 7:45 when I actually get off at 5:45, so I can TOTALLY make the dinner! PLUS, I could hang out after work too! So, count me in for DINNER!
  4. There is a Nickelodeon hotel on 536 (a rode that leads to Disney). Its near a place called the World Gateway. Its very strange, its right next to Disney. There are pictures of Nick characters along the buildings and a big Nickelodeon sign at the Lobby. Very odd placed.
  5. Even if I can't make dinner (still working on it), be sure to stop by the Living Seas and say hi to Jeremy! The only day off I have next is Wednesday! I can hopefully host Turtle Talk, which you kids will love! - Jeremy "I talk to a Turtle on a daily basis" Davis
  6. I thought the video was enjoyable. I think it should be extended to fill the music, but there isn't too much to tape either. Great video! The on-ride video was great!
  7. I've never heard of this, so I doubt it's going to be applied for awhile, so don't get too excited. It does sound okay I guess. Then again I didn't find any flaws in the old system. I'll just get the passes that let 3 people in fastpass anyway! Or I'll get unlimited by hitting the magical button on the back! Muhahaha.
  8. If my schedule remains the same, I won't be able to make a 7:30 dinner since they have me working until 7:45. I'm going to try to get an approved early release of 7:15, giving me time to bolt over to Japan. I'll keep ya posted!
  9. ^ Meh, it really depends on who you get. Some people won't care how many keys you've got, as long as you show one. Some might want to see one from each person. You'd just have to go and try it. If it doesn't work, go to the next station. I'm sure they'd understand. They aren't TOO uptight usually, unless a manager or coordinator is there.
  10. Extra Magic Hours works this way (I work at Epcot, I know): After the park closes (meaning you won't get kicked out), the rides are open 3 hours extra to those guests that are staying at the resorts. Meaning, if the park closes at 11, then from 11-2 will be the parks Extra Magic Hours. The Early Magic Hours work the same way, but just an hour before the park opens. You won't get kicked out of the park ever. You just can't ride anything unless you've got a wristband. There are set stations around the park where they will give you a wristband. All you've gotta do is show them a room key.
  11. What is this...Katamari game. I see your pictures but that tell me nothing. I see a big balls of junk. EXPLAIN why it is greatness.
  12. I'm SO going to do it. I'm not restricted at all! SWEET. I want to know how to get "casted" when you go too! I'd have SO much fun doing that! OMG, SO going there 10 times just to do it once.
  13. Well, my schedule didn't have the day on it, so I've gotta wait until next Sunday to get the official word. I'm gonna put the day off in tomorrow when I get to Epcot. If not, you can come to Turtle Talk while I work and I'll host it for all you! It'd be like I was there, but not! Huzzah.
  14. I'm hoping I can go but I've got to see my schedule for the 30th. I'll know on Sunday, so I'll let ya know then!
  15. I can do anything that day, just lemme know for sure thats the day and I'll try to get it off. I can't guarantee I'll get off work though. I seem to get Mondays off alot, but they might give me Wednesday instead. So, just lemme know what day for sure. I work at Epcot, but I'll go there. I haven't been to Typhoon Lagoon, Wet-n-Wild, SeaWorld or any of the other choices. I'm goin with Typhoon and Sea World.
  16. I'm interning at Disney World right now. From January 12th till Augusth 5th. I'm working at the Living Seas in Epcot! I LOVE Disney World. I wish I could work here forever.
  17. I'm very picky when I buy CDs, I've gotta REALLY love the artist. The Killers. Everyone has heard "Somebody Told Me" but the whole CD is great! Its a must have if you enjoy the sounds of "Somebody Told Me." Britney Spears Greatest Hits. I don't know when it was released but if you love Britney, there ya go. Has all her singles that shes released. I love it when I'm in need of a Britney fix and I'm not afraid to admit it!
  18. Turtle Talk is amazing! People come out with the best reactions! It is something magical for kids, to talk to a cartoon character. Kids and Parents enjoy it equally. I think sometimes the parents enjoy the jokes more because they get it more than the kids. It was the number 1 attraction at Epcot but I'm sure Soarin' is going to take over, sadly. It is just like the Stitch thing at Innoventions, except to a crowd of 150. The key to the show is to have questions for him. Especially if one of you do, have the rest of your group point towards the person, then Crush will be more likely to pick on ya! When you come to visit Epcot Elissa, I'll host a show for ya!
  19. I happen to love Soarin'. I think its a GREAT attraction. The line is quite awesome too. Fastpasses are up and running now, no worries. People seem to love that ride. I ask people in Turtle Talk how they liked it, and Soarin' is a popular answer as of lately. Yesterday we had a big celebration for it. It was SO much fun. There were celebrities and booze. Not for me of course. I stood outside of Living Seas for the most part and got to see people. I only saw Ashanti and the Soarin' Pre-show guy. I saw Carlton from Fresh Prince today at the Grand Floridian. Sweet.
  20. Resurrects old topic instead of starting a new one... Soooo....any plans YET on coming to Disney World?! You've definitely gotta let me know, then I'll either host Turtle Talk for ya, or Living with the Land (if I get trained there). Or I could even meet ya at a park! Yahoo. Plus, I get discounts! I'm here until August 5th. Jeremy "We shall call it "Alvey's Happiest Celebration on Earth" Davis
  21. I just saw Amityville Horror last night and I thought it was great! Very scary and kept me on the edge of my seat for the longest time. Excellent movie, must see for horror movie fans. Especially if you enjoyed the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacare.
  22. I've never heard of Muai Jim Sunglasses. I've only heard of the ones Elisa said. Then again, I don't look at Sunglasses since I have to wear glasses. I want a pair of perscription sunglasses but I think they are too expensive for me to afford. =(
  23. I'm currently on internship down here at Disney World. I'm at the Living Seas in Epcot. Yes, I get to talk to Crush and its awesome. So, if you come by, hunt down Jeremy!!! I'm hoping to transfer to UCF and stay down here. I'm really enjoying my job and the area, so I'd love to stay!
  24. I'd SO do that! I've always wanted to do something different like that, SIGN ME UP. So going to Universal to do that. Sweet!
  25. Since when were they considering removing Hypersonic? Pft, I think they'd remove Shockwave before Hypersonic. And no, Shockwave is NOT for sale. I don't know why PKD wouldn't stay open until 10. They used to do it every night! I hope its wrong, I love the night Grizzly Rides!!!
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