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  1. A bottle of extra strength Tylenol A four pack of Monster Energy Drink (nectar of the gods!) Stargate: The Ark of Truth DVD Justice League: The New Frontier on Blu-ray
  2. Just watched Justice League: The New Frontier movie last night. Animated movie direct to DVD from Warner. It was actually pretty good. It impressed me. Plus it was the style that I really like, nice clean lines, appealing character designs and a bit of depth that you don't see in the animated series.
  3. OMG. Just watched the POV. Wonder how fast, and what it feels like, going through those twists right after the first camel back hill. Thinking it would be quite intense. Seems like a long ride too. Looks like a blast... and I love the salut from the attendant at the end re-entering the station.
  4. El Toro made me a fan of Intamin woodies. This one looks great also! I really like the uniforms, very clever.
  5. Anyone catch Diary of the Dead in it's limited release a couple weeks ago? I might have to wait until it is out on DVD. But anyone see it? Any TPR reviews or comments for it?
  6. PS3: I am playing Half Life 2. Can't remember the name of the level but I am in a tunnel with toxic goo with no apparent way to get across other than slowly positioning huge cable spindles so I can walk on them... crab heads keep attacking me and I fry though. PSP: I just got WipEout Pulse... I am on the fourth grid and racing some flash levels... already I am thinking this game is sick. I can't imagine the intensity of Phantom class at this point. Controls are pure liquid. Awesome game so far.
  7. Canada's Wonderland (just an hour away) Cedar Point Six Flags Great Adventure Hershey Park maybe try and add some others once i really get thinking about jumping in the car and going. That's the plan anyway... limited ability to break free from work... I'll see how I do this year. Last year I had my Coaster Adventure and was able to hit: Darien Lake Canada's Wonderland Cedar Point Six Flags Magic Mountain Disney's Californication Adventure Knott's Six Flags New England Six Flags Great Adventure Alot of planning, but it was a great year.
  8. It's exciting to think that there will be a big B&M just an hour away from me... hope they don't notice my frequent pattern of calling in sick at work once Behemoth opens.
  9. ^ I just saw Saw IV the other night too... laughed out loud during the forensic impromptu skewer scene (I think it was meant to be shocking but I found it some good funny). I also saw White Noise 2. Thought it was rather good. I must have been in a mood because I think I jumped about 3 times during the course of the movie.. or the director was able to set up some good scares. Much better than the first White Noise IMO.
  10. I saw Cloverfield opening weekend... twice. First time I was anxious to see it so I grabbed a friend to take along. Thought it was pretty good. The approach was really good with the first perspective camera work. However, the next day I got a call from another set of friends who wanted to see it... I tagged along since they were heading out for dinner afterwards and I was hungry... anyway... It was strange. The second time I saw it I found it a bit unwatchable. It might have been different equipment between the two theatres but the second time the picture was so blurred. I just found it annoying. One of my friends had to leave the theatre and the other said they had to keep looking at the floor throughout the movie. Despite the major blur my second screening... I liked the concept of the movie as a whole. It provided a good amount of excitement. Thought they could have done a bit beter with the scene setups though. It seemed they just went from one scene to the next. The didn't use the little critters again (outside of the one small cameo) once their big scene was over. Vicious they were...
  11. Tomb Raider: Anniversary for my PS2 $29.99 (At the moment Lara keeps getting eaten by a T-Rex)
  12. Wow, bad choice for a "bad movie"... although I did notice that you put that heading in quotes. I agree Dead Alive rocks and is completley over the top zombie fun. Another movie that surprised me and ended up being really entertaining was Undead. Maybe you could put that one on your list to screen.
  13. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. I like the picture of Amy the bridesmaid stepping out of the limo at the reception hall "Yeah! I'm here let the party... be...gin." Congratulations!
  14. Dleo

    X in Your Opinion

    Just got back from SFMM, visited last week. Didn't find X too rough that it was unbearable... rode it two times. Once on the outside and then once on the inside. But I did however find that it seemed a tad bit more turbulent when riding on the outside seat. My friend agreed as we switched places each ride. I much preferred Tatsu... X had a bit too much not knowing which way is up and "what the hey direction am I headed now?!?" Though I definitely wouldn't swear off riding it again. Each ride has it's own merits and experience.
  15. I gave 28 Weeks Later a second go the other day. Actually enjoyed it a bit more the second time. I'd give it a 8/10. Really like the characters.
  16. I quite liked The Ring when I saw it in theatres. With a packed room there were so many screaming people during the final sequence. I think that and The Grudge sent me on a very big J-horror kick, since then I have added a few to my home collection. If anything my favourites are for specific moments. Like in The Ring when the little boy realized Rachel helped Samara... "Don't you get it?... She never sleeps!" Chills down my spine. Original Ju-On series is good also for general creepiness. Loved the crawl down the stairs. I agree with comments on Signs. The home video footage and the alien thing standing in the dark watching through the window... major chills. I also liked the original Pulse (Kairo). Mostly for the concept and foreboding nature of it... no outright scares though and very mellow (perhaps slow) film. Carpenter's The Fog is a favourite classic. I was looking forward to the remake, but unfortunately it was massacred. It would have been very effective done "grudge/J-horror style" style I think.
  17. Don't really avoid coasters if I know that the parks maintains them well... I trust most parks do. I would tend to avoid any ride at a parking lot carnival. Thought twice about riding Goliath at SFMM though... after the whole greying out "I'm losin' my vision... my eyes! My eyiiies!" helix finale though. Totally agree with the drop towers... sitting and waiting for your heart to fly up in your throat when you finally drop... makes me yell every time. But the anticipation and final plummet is what does it for me on them.
  18. Tatsu!!!! On Thursday May 31, 2007. Last ride of the day before saying goodbye. I miss it.... My first flyer and first visit to SFMM (well first visit to california... third visit to SFMM on the trip) My attempt at artistic... section of Tatsu's twisty track.
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