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  1. And, my own entry... Blue Lazer (Wooden Twister).nltrack
  2. Actually, they can and then direct you to the water fountains.
  3. Deadline is up, but I only see one track file posted in the thread. Anyone wishing to enter has an extension until Monday 6/8.
  4. It's rare that I ride a coaster WITHOUT glasses of some sort, policy against it or not, flyers being the sole exception. There's been times where I've had to reach up and hold them in place a couple of times, namely rough wooden coasters that bounce you around. Glasses will not randomly come flying off from wind (unless you ride with your head tilted to the sky and the air catches underneath) or physics.
  5. Since my last post in this thread, three of the projects have been finished. The Arrow interlocking-loop shuttle became Flashback '88: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44584&start=10&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= The B&M Hyper became Category 2: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49719&highlight= And the wooden twister became Devil's Highway: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=48000&highlight= The Schwarzkopf and Intamin haven't seen any progress, but I just recently completed a lot of support work on the B&M LIM-launched. Still a bunch of work to go, but here's some pictures. The color scheme is just temporary to make it easier to see how supports come together...welcoming ideas. Overview of the south end. Yes, that's an inclined-loop you see. Overview of the north end. That loop is 275 feet tall, and the tophat is 285 feet. Detail of the Cobra Roll/Fishbowl supports.
  6. That's fine, just like how supports can go outside the blue line so long as it doesn't cross into the purple box area.
  7. Hey, quick question for those that've been to the park in recent years: I haven't been there since '95, and am going on Friday. Do they still allow loose articles in the stations or do they have a lame locker policy like Six Flags?
  8. 1. Nowhere did I say that this park is anywhere near the caliber of BGE. I merely said that on paper, they have a similar amount of rides...both coasters and flats. Yes, BGE has shows too, but we don't have any idea what kind of show line up this park may or may not have this season. 2. As for "$40 for a bunch of coasters and nothing else"...I say, SFGA charges $50+ for a bunch of coasters (that you can't even ride all of which on a normal summer day without spending more for the FastPass due to operations) and rides for little kids with almost nothing in between and gets away with it. Again, I am NOT saying this park is on par with SFGA or other major parks, just that they wouldn't be the first to "overcharge" for what you get. MOST IMPORTANTLY 3. For all we know, $40 may be the bare minimum the park can charge and still turn a profit, considering utility costs, property taxes, average wages, average income of a family in the area, and a variety of other factors that no one ever really thinks of, specific to the region. This can have a large affect on things like ticket prices...look at how Cedar Point is less expensive than SFGA when they have MORE rides (and thus more staff to pay and utility usage). Yes, $40 may be a lot for what the park has to offer in comparison to other parks, but perhaps if they were to charge $30 they'd be operating at a loss, which is certainly not a way for any business to be successful in any measurement of "success." Yes, the park may be destined to failure because of its location, lineup, or what have you. I don't think it'll make it beyond this season, either. But, from the company's perspective, they got themselves in a situation (that I'm sure they haven't fully realized yet) and are doing what they can to turn a buck. FPC at least gets some respect for me for that. Of course, I'm going to be lambasted because I go against the will of the almighty Alvey.
  9. They've got just about as many rides as BGE, and that's $60. I think $40 is reasonable for the lineup they have. Price is just as much a result of local economies/cost-of-living as it is quantity/quality of rides.
  10. Yeah, looks fine. A support node can be ON the line if needed.
  11. To make it simple, the node will be the judgment point. Remember that supports CAN go outside the blue box on the other three sides, but not enter into the purple box. Coastb2 - Your image is too small for me to see what you're talking about.
  12. Objective: Simply create a coaster to replace Dorney Park's Laser, removed at the end of the 2008 season. Four Entries: Kumba830's "Atropos" (Page 4) thelegendarymatthew's "Sky Dungeon" (Page 4) coastb2's "Sky Flipper" (Page 3) Mike240SX's "Blue Lazer" (Page 4) As Obama's camp would say, "Vote early and vote often!" And the winner is... Kumba830's "Atropos" Thanks for playing. Laser Footprint.nltrack
  13. Is it just me or does it appear the Big Wheel has NO lights on the wheel itself whatsoever? I'd think it would've been easier to install the supposed new LED strips while the parts were still on the ground...
  14. If it's anything like any other themeing at the park, it'll be nice for a month tops, before the delinquents that frequent the park and/or reluctance to fix things ruin it. Not that I personally care. A fancy station or whatever does not make or break a ride to me. Some of my all-time favorites have regular old brick/steel buildings with no "theme" whatsoever. Hooray for a long needed paint job and some maybe cool "effects," but it's not enough to get me to spend money at that park this year. Of course, maybe six seasons of employment there has left me bitter.
  15. Superman can certainly be skipped especially if you've been on any B&M flyer before. It gets long lines and really isn't that good. I also wouldn't wait more than 10 minutes for The Dark Knight.
  16. Sounds more like a hardware problem. Try running the editor in Software Rendering Mode (separate icon in the start menu folder) and see if that works. If it does, it means the GPU in your computer isn't up to the task.
  17. "Category 2" Manufacturer: B&M Model: Giga-Coaster Backstory: Upset with seeing comments on various forums that they have lost any sense of innovation or originality, B&M released information on their first-ever Gigacoaster. Category 2 delivers all the force of a hurricane with speeds nearing 100 miles per hour, two forceful helixes, diving and climbing turns, and 6 hills full of airtime, and a drop that nearly turns you upside down! Statistics: -Maximum Speed: 96 mph -Peak Height: 375 ft -First Drop: 271 ft, 100* -Length: 9110 ft (~1.7 miles) -Lift Hil : 57* LIM-powered at 40 mph -Max Negative Gs: -1.9 in back row, on first hill. -Features: --700* and 540* helixes --6 airtime hills --270* climbing turn --270* dive-and-climb turn --50mph, 2.5g boost launch into lift hill. World Records: -Longest -Fastest (traditional drop) -Tallest (traditional drop) (100% trackwork by hand - no prefabbed elements or tools used; 99% supports by hand - everything except the brakerun and pre-lift). Video coming maybe eventually. Category 2 (B&M Giga).nltrack
  18. What's the problem with necroposting this up? The OP obviously got no responses initially, and it makes it findable for people who weren't "awesome enough" to be on this site back then. Pending the OP sees this...I liked it, but it didn't feel very B&M at all. The overbank turns and spiralling dive felt much more Intamin, so I did a little 5 second edit job to see what it would be like. Feels better to me, I think. Orion_intamin.nltrack
  19. They shouldn't look like prefabbed elements, because they're not. Update: YouTube video in first post.
  20. BUMP! Final Version (and updated story!) in first post.
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