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  1. What an awesome coaster skyline. A sea of green and white and then that awesome Intamin wooden coaster in the background! I've got to get to Heide Park one day.
  2. What an announcement! I haven't been this excited about Kings Dominion for a long time. I've heard stories about how the park used to be. Both of my parents have pictures of Kings Dominion from the 70s and 80s that look nothing like the Kings Dominion I have known. It's just so cool that they are trying to make the park more charming, family friendly, and old-school. Not to say that the park will ever be the way it was pre-Paramount, but a little charm goes a long way in making a great park. That's why parks like Kennywood and Hershey are so much better than parks like KD. They get plenty of new world-class rides, but they don't forget the past and keep plenty of charm. As far as Anaconda, I've always thought King Kobra must have been a better attraction, at least in the minds of enthusiasts. I've ridden just one Schwarzkopf shuttle loop and it was MUCH better than Anaconda. So the best thing they could do is tear it down and build a shuttle-loop to stick with the retro theme . For what it's worth I've always thought the ride looks good where it is on the lake and it has a decent unique color scheme when its been recently painted. Any improvements would be welcome. This will make me come back, at least once. I haven't been to the park since I305's opening year.
  3. You know I'm not nearly as into coasters as I was a few years ago, but SDC is still one of those parks that I would travel long and far to visit. This Rocky Mountain coaster just puts it over the top.
  4. What great news! I'm probably one of the few people who were fans of both SFKK and bluegrass music, so this makes me very happy. It was a shame to see such a decently run Six Flags park suffer the fate SFKK did. I've never been to Holiday World, but their management seems to be one of the best in the industry. I wish this park the best.
  5. Such sad news. I've wanted to go to this park for many years, and I think this may be the one park that I regret not visiting sooner.
  6. For years my favorite show was the Office but now with Michael and Jo gone and that Spader guy or whoever on it, it's unwatchable. Season 6 was the last fairly good season. Season 2 and 3 are still the best ever. Ever since TBBT has been syndicated I've been becoming more and more addicted to it. I can't believe it took me 5 seasons to start watching it. I've been following Boardwalk Empire since the start of season 2. Last night's episode I thought was one of the best yet.
  7. Doing the Marine corps marathon in DC on Sunday....can't wait to get done with it!
  8. Maybe the best beer I've ever had out of a can...the can itself was definitely the best can I have ever had the pleasure of drinking out of. I think it might be my third favorite pale ale, behind Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas Dog New Dogtown. It's effing good!
  9. Simply incredible stuff. The attic has got to be one of the most amazing threads on TPR ever.
  10. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)- Jimi Henrix Experience
  11. Had some Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat on tap at a bar on Saturday while watching the WVU-UMD game. I hate regular Shock Top, and most A-B products in general, but tried some per bartender's recomendation. I thoght it was amazing! I've never had any other Pumpkin beers, but she recomended me try Dogfish Punkin. Anyone have any other recomendation for other good pumpkin beers now that they're in season? I've seen Saranac Pumpkin and Schlafly Pumpkin available in this area.
  12. The one number that really jumps out at me is 66% of voters said Schlitterbahn was the best waterpark. Schlitterbahn is, by far, my favorite waterpark, but I like it in a Knoebels kind of way. It's cute, traditional, and one-of-a-kind. And I'm an old school, Knoebels, Schlitterbahn, Kennywood, Lake Compounce type person. But 66% of voters picked Schlitterbahn?! I know those well-themed water parks in Florida have TONS of fans...what about the Wet N Wilds, or those crazy looking waterparks in Italy and Spain? Your telling me 2/3 of voters prefer Schlitterbahn to all of those parks?! I mean Cedar Point, the darling baby of the Golden Ticket's only got 23% of voters. Crazy numbers like that make me lose confidence in this poll. Trying not to rant to much, but I had to just a little
  13. If it's a weekend in October, it could be fairly crowded. I've always found KD is one of the easier big parks to get all the credits in on one day for some reason. When I was a "KD local" I would usually watch football for a few hours at the theater in Old VA during October...Personally I think October is one of the best time because it's not so hot and KDs haunts are usually pretty decent for a corporate park.
  14. This. And the coaster it is replacing was more or less a family coaster. I'm kind of glad they went in this direction, considering their last three major coasters were extreme thrill rides. By no means do I believe thrill seekers will not enjoy this ride however. And the uniqueness of it! Zierer launch coaster! I think this LOOKS like a perfect addition so far. I still think BGE is a great park...maybe it's not as good as it used to be after taking out BBW, Brewmasters Club, and other cool A-B things, but times change and parks evolve. I think this park is in much better hands than many other parks whose ownership has changed hands recently.
  15. Mountain coaster at Wisp resort in August. My first mountain coaster, and I don't care what anyone says, ITS A CREDIT!
  16. Really this is sad, IB is probably the number one park in America on my wish list...I can only hope they bounce back!
  17. ^Anyone that says B&Ms aren't intense needs to get on a few old school inverts and sit down coasters.
  18. Holiday lights look pretty cool. I would love to ride Kangaroo in December! I mean, I've been on coasters and flat rides at the park during October in the snow and I couldn't imagine how cold it would be in December! Operating big coasters and flat rides don't seem like much of an option, but a few flats and kiddie rides make it a solid family event. On another note, I will be sad if Pitt Fall leaves. I've only ridden it a few times, but I have great memories of the first time I rode it. It was about 2 A.M. during Phantom Fright Nights, and having no idea how tall it was the drop surprised the heck out of me. A great night cap to a great night at the park. It's still one of my favorite Intamin towers and has a great name!
  19. My two all-time favorites are Zac Brown Band and Sublime. Funny thing is I am not at all a California dude or a Good Ole Boy, but I simply can't stop listening to these bands. Since everyone's listing about 20, here are some of my other current faves: Brad Paisley- as amazing of a song writer as he is a guitar player Lynyrd Skynyrd- they are a cliche for a reason The Rolling Stones- My favorite British band. So catchy and bluesy The Jimi Henrix Experience- See the Brad Paisley note Bob Dylan John Denver Old Crow Medicine Show .357 String Band Weezer- A fan of both old and new Weezer Counting Crows Grace Potter and the Nocturnals- amazing throwback. Bluesy, Awesome voice, talented band. I know lots of people say the music I listen to is poppy, simple, cliche, etc. Maybe I'm just a simple guy, but these bands just inspire me. I've tried listening to indie, hard core, jazz, metal, electro, house, hip/hop, and lots of other styles, but never really kept listening to other stuff. I love threads like this though to see all the unique stuff people listen to, as almost all the music I listen to now a friend recommended to me first.
  20. Many rounds of Natty Boh's from the land of pleasant living.
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