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  1. All of the Park Index photo issues should now be resolved.
  2. Yes, exactly. I think mainly because the photo section of the old forum was a mod that we later added and then had re-written. This one is fully integrated. Also, as far as photo size goes, I chose 2,400 on purpose. Figured that would be a good size. But your original photo should be uploaded to an unlimited size if you click on it. I thought that would be super handy for people uploading higher res pictures.
  3. Here are two different ways to add a photo and write a caption. It's so insanely easy. Anyone who can't figure it out has to be overthinking it... how to make a caption.mp4 From your desktop, you can literally just drag in a photo into your post, and then write a caption under or above it. Or from your mobile phone or from your desktop folders, you just "choose file...", upload it, and then click the little + to add it to the post, and write your caption where you want it to go. This is such a HUGE upgrade from the old forum. Sorry, but I just cannot imagine anyone complaining or having trouble with this... or missing that old, awful, confusing way to upload and post photos.
  4. You just drag the photo and an add a caption. Like this.... Hi. I'm a photo that was dragged in and I'm a caption that was written. This isn't rocket science.
  5. Wow. Thanks. I only spent the past six months working on this with the exact attention to detail of making this update **NOT** be "change for the sake of change" and having all the changes be purposeful and useful. You mean that pointless and redundant title that kept repeating over and over again like as though to remind people what thread they clicked on because they were too stupid to remember? Honestly, if your one complaint about the new forum is "I miss the redundant repeating title that shows up over and over and over again on each post" then I guess we can pat ourselves on the back with JOB WELL DONE!
  6. Also, I would probably not choose "Deflection" as that is a theme I was messing around with and it will most likely go away. I want to stick to just a "light" and "dark" theme because anything change I do to one theme, I have to do to the other, and I don't want to have to keep updating multiple themes.
  7. Also, I just went back and looked at the old forum, and there wasn't any difference in text at all between a read and unread topic. It was just the icon next to them. I've now changed the color of the star or circle to make it stand out a bit more. Other than that, I'm not sure what else I can do...
  8. Remember that there are now multiple theme options you can choose from. The "light" theme seems to have the option you're looking for:
  9. The threads with new activity also have the stars or circles to the left of the title highlighted...
  10. Ahhh! You probably caught it in the couple of minutes I was making changes. Sorry!
  11. Not at all! Anything broken in the park index should be fixed very soon!
  12. Click either the star or the circle icon to the left of the topic title.
  13. Yep, that's exactly what happened. I just edited some empty space out of your profile and now it doesn't show up anymore...
  14. I'm not sure why it's showing up for you as it's not showing up for anyone else. Could it possibly be that you have some empty text in there? Like did you hit space or something and then click submit so it thinks there is some data in that field?
  15. Yeah, I think the word filter basically just didn't really take private messages into consideration. Honestly, I'd just ignore anything written in the PM boxes prior to the changeover.
  16. Yeah, I'm messing with a few things. Looks like "Location" and "Gender" didn't carry over, so I'm going to force everyone to add that to their profile. Everything else will just be optional.
  17. Yep! Just click the users name, and then when you get to the profile, click "See Their Activity." And then I think this is what you're looking for...
  18. On the desktop, go to "Account Settings" from the menu in the upper right.... And then choose "Signature." It's basically in the same place on the mobile app as well.
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