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  1. I also just want to put it out there that, at the moment, California's death rate due to COVID is .043% of the population. That's right, the state is making absolutely ridiculous decisions based on point ZERO four three percent. At this point, you still have a much much HIGHER chance of getting into TWO car accidents on the way to Disneyland than you do dying from COVID because you went to Disneyland. It makes no sense at all. And just to be clear, I am **NOT** one of those batshit crazy "Anti-Mask" "Plandemic" people. But I 100% appreciate the businesses that have opened, and I follow the rules, wear my mask everywhere I go, and I keep my distance from people. (I mean, i can't stand people anyway so why would i want to be anywhere near them???). I don't understand why this is so damn difficult for many people. Actually, I do know the answer, 51% of Americans are stupid. And that is just the sad reality of where we are at. Also, have you seen this? It's perfect!
  2. Yes, we have. To be honest, though, we weren't impressed with Energylandia...
  3. It's also making more sense to me why Hulk got re-built and Dragons got the axe. I mean, if Universal was able to get a good deal on buying two of the same coasters at the same time for Dragons I'm sure we would have seen a very different fate for that ride... *sigh*
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure what to do.... those three photos above were: 1. Normal camera phone held correctly. 2. Normal camera phone held upside down 3. Selfie camera. I'm using an iPhone 11 Pro. I can't seem to reproduce the photo orientation incorrectly problem. I wish I could do more about this, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
  5. Are there any roller coasters that you're GLAD are gone? That's how we feel about White Canyon at Yomiuriland!
  6. Whoever it was asking for the Topic subtitle with the "link" feature, that feature has now been added to the new forum!
  7. Let's be honest... that place was sketchy as hell and probably needs to be gone forever.
  8. @Taylor Finn Yeah, so I even went back to raw photos from 2014 and I can't get it to happen either. Sorry! Not sure what I can do at this point!
  9. So unfortunately, I can't seem to re-produce the problem. I uploaded photos directly from my iPhone, one portrait and one landscaped, raw pics without any processing or any changes at all, and then I did the same with two photos from my desktop and they both worked fine. I did some searching around and this seemed to have been an issue on the Invision forums in 2015 or so (about the same time when we had the issue on our old forum and there was a fix for it) but I haven't seen it be an issue lately. So I'm not sure how to fix it at the moment.
  10. Huh. Weird. Not that I’m aware of. But I can most certainly look into that. What kind of device are you uploading from?
  11. So no.... not really. The editor will save your text if you browse away and then come back, like if you accidentally hit the "back" button or something. But to do a proper "draft" you should probably edit in another program and then copy/paste into here. The fact that it is much less tedious to insert and move around photos in this editor probably makes the post draft feature a little more redundant with this software. I think it would be pretty easy to paste in text that is formatted for where you want to insert the photos, and then just drag them in.
  12. Ahh, I found it. Yes, that must have changed when I changed the @robbalvey button color. I made another change to make poll results AND username tags a bit easier to read!
  13. @DarWorking on this now... let's see if this new color is at least a little better?
  14. Best part of Busch Gardens Tampa's Howl-O-Scream? Getting to ride all the coasters at night!!!
  15. It really still depends a lot on the coaster. The newer GoPros do much better in low light, but here still needs to be "some" light. Take a look at our Steel Dragon 2000 Night POV for a great example of how I wish all coasters were lit up at night to film on!
  16. A lot of people have also been asking about ways to see "latest posts" in a thread. Here's another interesting feature added to the forum.... If you hover your pointer over the topic title, a box will appear that gives you a preview of the latest post. Obviously this is desktop only but it works great! If you find other interesting features of the forum that you really like, please post them in here!
  17. Great report! I've shared this on our other social media platforms as well!
  18. There's honestly a ton of "little features" like that all over the place that I love with the new forum. It's overall just a more "professional" piece of software and it shows!
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