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  1. Ever since the TTD breakdown, I make sure the coaster goes through the circuit a few times. Yes, I like rollbacks, but I mean getting stuck on the lifthill, the launch breaking down, or some other bizzare incident. After all, strange things against me always happen to me! .
  2. Spain is really a beautiful country. Not to be picky but the the correct form is vivo.(I have a test on that Tuesday ). Personally,nearby Andorra, if there was no language barrier.
  3. Well here in New Jersey it's also no fun. We got US 1 here which is impossible to drive at times. Traffic is awful for a 8 mile stretch through Mercer County. Simply awful.
  4. Well, the two countries I would definately live in I didn't live in this greedy country would be Canada(Far North) or South Africa. You might be surprised why South Africa. The countryside is very beautiful, South Africa is also a diverse country, I hear great food, plus I get the rarest of credits in Gold Reef City and Ratanga Junction . If I live in Canada(Far North) my closest credit would be Mindbender(Still not a bad deal!).
  5. Well I speak okay Spanish. Ser and Estar drive me nuts! Well, let's see. If only I went on the CoasterZombie trip... My Spanish would be fixed.
  6. Blazen, if memory serves me correctly they are no longer ACE members so how can they go to Winterfest? Besides Texas is far from California. Hmm, Nevada, let's see Area 51?
  7. What a great new coaster site! The videos are really cool. I would like to see more.
  8. /\ Newbies this is called Spam! It is not good. I got banned from 13 sites because of it. Rant Over. People, the UK really needs a good speed coaster. Stealth looks like a good layout and 128Km(80 MPH) would in fact make it Europe's fastest rollercoaster for those record people. . But more important looks fun. (BTW,a worse Stealth is the movie).
  9. Well, I personally believe maybe they will add another coaster, keep milking it for five years to get money for another coaster at another CF park and then close it.
  10. Well nice to meet someone so close! I am from southern Middlesex County,NJ! Anyway,take it from a 3 time CPer that May and October are the best months. July is the absolute worst month.
  11. Usually people help out people who will eventually help them more. How I despise human nature. (100th Post ,how great )
  12. Well the point is that is an interactive advirtisement for Hershey Foods. I personally think since HP has very little for coasters and since the Turbulence screwup they are wary of coasters. But Hershey,if it get's a coaster, it will most likely be a hyper(isn't that what they need?). But the catch is that hypers take up a lot of space.
  13. Right now it's 27 degrees and tommorrow it will be 39. How typical of New Jersey.
  14. Personally, people started to complain because of lack of coasters. Well, I think they need more family rides. Besides, HP already has 64 rides and 11 rollercoasters so there is plenty of good rides there already.
  15. Oh,let's see. Comet@GE- Most overrated wooden coaster. Where's the airtime and laterals which every ride disappears more and more. Viper@SFGAdv- This TOGO sucks! I don't know why Japanese TOGOs are good.
  16. Well the average reviews for the best coasters fall for Intamin....... So,well it's Intamin by that measure.
  17. Well, I am surprised nobody included Moreys and Clementon! True,I never been to either, but those parks deserve a visit! How about a half day to Williams Grove or if you have time,on the way back stop at Knoebels.
  18. Remember,in the Northeast and odd thing is,there is a lot of smaller parks which are a better deal for your money then the big corporate ones. It's odd because it's much cheaper for a better experince and the whole theme park mentality thing of SFNE and SFGAdv is annoying very quickly. Places like Canobie,Lake Compounce, Lakemont,Kennywood,Conneaut Lake, Waldameer, and Martin's Fantasy Island are some smaller underlooked parks. However,they can be easily be highlights.
  19. In my opinion, Hershey has enough rollercoasters vs the rest of the rides. Many people see Hershey as an up-and coming CP. Well, what Hershey desperatly needs are dark rides and more flat rides. I am surprised they are only adding a dark ride. Besides,Hersheypark has expanded with coasters too rapidly in the 90s and 2000s.
  20. Well,I am biased toward the East, because the farthest park I went to besides Castles N' Coasters was Cedar Point. With that said, I think a trip consting of SFNE,Lake Compounce,and SFGAdv,CP will be the best choice. Oh,yes, Canobie too.
  21. Well,my school's food is crap too. We got old rotting sandwiches,french fries with no taste and now thanks to Acting Governor Dick Codey(of New Jersey) the school can't sell food with more than 8 grams of sugar starting in 2007. !
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