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  1. Here is some more crazy names that the bureaucrats in Washington wouldn't like. Nemesis: Why would Alton Towers keep an enemy in the park? Oblivion: This ones obvious Bullet: Bullets kill people Pepsi Max Big One: Might give Pepsi extra marketing advantage and we know this is why people are fat Raptor: Raptors are dangerous Rock N' Roller Coaster: Might freak out little kids, them thinking it will derail Boogie Woogie Space Coaster: If you boogie woogie in space you might get hit by comets, asteriods or get sucked into a black hole Black Hole: For reasons above Lazer: Firstly it's misspelled and secondly lasers are dangerous. Ever see Goldfinger? Orphan Rocker: Orphans are sad people and if you rock them they might die. And finally...... Megafobia: If it's a big fear, isn't it scary enough?
  2. Here is a "borrowed" thread from CB. It's where you say a name of a coaster and see how politically incorrect it is. An example is Tsunami because Tsunamis are deadly and can drown people. Here is some more Mantis Mantises can fly into the light and be killed and no one wants that to happen to CP's guests. Mindbender(either one) Who wants to ride a coaster which will pyscologically damage your brain? Volcano:the Blast Coaster Might propogate the thrill of volcanic eruptions which we all know are deadly. Shaft of Terror: Gold Reef City will rename this as not to give the guests pyscological trauma after they leave the park (j/k)
  3. Well, life isn't all about coasters. I wanted to go to Charlotte for Carowinds, obviously but my parents wouldn't take me 600 miles away so I ended up going to Shenandoah NP in Virginia. Great place and it's nice to see Zion. That place looks cool. And if you want to come to the Midatlantic to do something other then coasters, Shenandoah is a very cool place. (Except for the fat people in neighboring towns, Front Royal is awful in particular).
  4. Matrix Lord of the Rings(all) Lawrence of Arabia Goodbye Lenin
  5. Alright, I am from New Jersey but I just got online and noticed this article which, I know is very gloom and doom but it is very important for Californians to read for stated reasons in the article. Here is the link to it. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7348344/
  6. How about getting back on topic. It's great to hear Carowinds is such a great park. After all I am going there(MARCH 25) so if anyone wants to come, it will be great. (I don't know how on topic that was )
  7. You misunderstood me. I know how to open a park inRCT3 ) I can't upload the park to my cd.
  8. I guess I feel like I have a strong stomach. I watched Hotel Rwanda yesterday. It's among the most saddest movies of the 2000s along with Black Hawk Down. I think Hotel Rwanda is a more humanistic approach to war and it should be. Great acting though, i most say Don Cheadle was perfect as Paul Rusesenbingda.
  9. Great Escape and SFNE both are completely overrated. The Comet is a fun coaster but nowhere near as good as my other woodies have ridden(Boulderdash, Wildcat@HP, Lightining Racer, Skyliner). SFNE has Superman but what else??? And don't tell me Batman:Knight Flight is a great floorless I have Medusa here in GAdv(and possibly MW as well) which are better. And their woodies bore me. It insults New England's great wooden coasters both active and defunct.
  10. If you are going to GAdv the best time to vist is mid early season sometime in April or May(Excluding Memorial Day). Saturday is the lighest day in terms of crowds. Hit Kinda Ka first since it naturally will have the longest line and Nitro next because of geographical convience. Then take the skyway(if it's open;half of last season it wasn't ) and ride Medusa and work your way to the middle. Well GAdv dosen't deserve the title of world's largest amusement park, half of the rides are kiddies. However the collection of B&Ms are a great rare find. Nitro is a great hypercoaster however it lacks laternals which you would want due to it's layout. Medusa I must warn you gets rougher and rougher each day though it's still a great floorless. Superman is fun the first time,maybe up to the fifth but after that it's nothing special even as a B&M Flyer. Food in the park is very limited. Wok and Roll, I haven't checked in awhile(I hate Chinese food) has been closed for 2 seasons now. As for Kingda Ka, naturally, it's still up in the air how the ride will be like. Parks in the area include Morey's Piers, Dorney, Hershey, Rye Playland and if possible Lake Compounce, Clementon If you are planning on going to those parks the iternary should be like this Day 1 Morey's Day 1 or 2(Depending on lines at Morey's highly unpredictable park), GAdv, Clementon Day 2 or 3 Hershey Day 3 or 4 Dorney Day 4 or 5 Rye Playland Day 5 or 6 Lake Compounce This iternary is geographically speaking the easiest way to hit the parks.
  11. The Q-bots cost 10-15 dollars and yes other parks due that though for free. CP you get your hand stamped for rides like Magnum(i don't know why you will need it ), MF, WT, TTD and Raptor. These handstamps show the time you can get to ride the ride with less or no wait at all. (They have a seperate quene for those so called Freeway which might merge with the regular quene). Diseny offers Fastpass and you might be aware which is a ticket like thing which tells you the times you get into a special waiting quene for such. As we know Fastpass goes by really quickly. To be honest, I have never tried the Q-bots possibly because my last SF park was SFA in 2003 and since GAdv is my homepark I have all the time in the world.
  12. See, this follows my philosophy of the chain parks never neglected their flagships but always neglect their small parks. Now if you went to SFEG, as an example it will be a different story.
  13. Awesome, you're into geography? I know every country's capitol even Krygyzstan and Vanuatu(Bishkek, and Port-Villa). Anyway how do you plan your trips when you cross time zones.? VERY offtopic: Uhhh... Are you by any chance the Milleniumguy that I knew at RCT Lodge? :S And what in all the world is Krygyzstan? Yes, I am the millenniumguy of RCT Lodge and a million other coaster sites! And sorry about the offtopic ramble. Kyrgyzstan is a central Asian ex-Soviet republic
  14. I've noticed that those chain parks only care about their BIG Parks like CF obviously CP SF, SFMM SFGAdv and I could go on. The point is the smaller parks in chain always get neglected.
  15. Awesome, you're into geography? I know every country's capitol even Krygyzstan and Vanuatu(Bishkek, and Port-Villa). Anyway how do you plan your trips when you cross time zones.?
  16. My first coaster was in 1996, BTMR in MK. But I was in a coaster slump till 2001 when I slowly grew up from coasters in GAdv. Now I have been on 94 coasters in 23 parks in 17 states. You can say I am a fast growing coaster enthusiast. 8)
  17. I was lucky enough to get stuck on TTD. Yeah, TTD. I pulled up to the go thingy then 200 Feet later the coaster got stuck. Then we went back to the station [/b]Ssssslllllooowwwy My favorite quote from that day "We got one mile an hour backward Luckily 30 seconds later I got to ride TTD(after 5 1/2 hours). And here's another story of the ultimate Cedar Point fan's Cedar Point curses. Back in the good old days of 2002, I was in Soak City when the electricity went out! I was on a lazy river ride. Just as soon as a water fountain was about to squirt me with it's juicy essence the electricity went out. (FOR TWO HOURS!!). At least CP kept the park open till midnight.
  18. Here's a list of major parks 3 hours or less from me GAdv 20 min Morey's 2 hours Dorney 11/2 Lake Compounce 3 hours Hershey 2 1/2 hours Yeah, I'm spoiled(on second thought I'm not I live in New Jersey, home of corrupt and gay politicians 8)!
  19. /\/\ Don't trust him Robb. He just dosen't want you to have any publicity!
  20. The twin terrors of GAdv, Rolling Thunder and Viper. Ouch. (Hey at least they knew it was painful so they put them next to each other in the back of the park)
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