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  1. I've seen the building of this ship on Discovery Channel. It's great to see some of your pictures en recognize the stuff that had been added with some reasons like the carrousel. I'm sure looking forward to see the rest of your pleasure trip in the next day's. Enjoy
  2. Good trip and great pictures. I'm only a bit confused by how Fluch von Novgorod had its layout. It's more like: station, small drop, launch outside with the bunny and other outdoor part, brake, back inside on the vertical drop, inside part until bump up and station.
  3. Don't know, but i like it a lot. The ship also swings higher then normal ships do
  4. That's a great idea. I posted them just a few minutes ago. Hope they'll like them
  5. No doubt, with the arab text on the background and burger. It must be Dubai. Looking forward for some nice Ferrari pictures
  6. Toverland in the Netherlands is a park the most would recognize thanks to Troy, a GCII coaster. The park is open year round so it gives me the time to take pictures during winter period. I'm sure you would like to see some during these day's, when most parks are closed. Hope you'll like them Edit: uploaded them to TPR Enjoy On top of the lifthill. Taken with permission of the park On top of the lifthill. Taken with permission of the park The new ride; Scorpios. With the onboard audio and riding in the top its a great ride. Almost Christmas. I'm going back in a few weeks for the indoor pictures they requested.
  7. The most know the park of Troy, a GCI woody build a few years ago. It's still expanding each year and i think it will be a bigger park in just a few years away. They also had Halloween this year with some scary people walking around (guests from wisconsin perhaps ? ). No trails or scare zone's because of the younger kids in the park. Perhaps they will do that in the future ? Anyway, not to much to report but still some pictures to share. Enjoy The owner was making hot dogs outside. Respect One of the new attractions this year was a swinging ship with onboard audio. It sure gives some nice airtime on top.
  8. Studio 100, a Belgian based entertainment company that owns the Plopsa theme parks has bought Holiday Park in Germany. Plopsa will invest 25.000.000 Euros into the park to make it in the line of the other Plopsa parks. Here is the Press Release: PLOPSA NEEMT DUITS PRETPARK HOLIDAY PARK OVER! Vandaag heeft Plopsa, de themaparkendivisie van Studio 100, het Duitse outdoor pretpark Holiday Park overgenomen. Daarmee wordt 3 november 2010 een historische mijlpaal in de Plopsa-geschiedenis. Sinds 2008 bezit Studio 100 figuren als Wickie de Viking, Maja de Bij, Heidi en Pippi Langkous, die enorm populair zijn in Duitsland. “Een eigen pretpark in Duitsland, waarin we de Studio 100-figuren een eeuwig leven kunnen geven, is een logisch strategisch gevolg”, aldus Steve Van den Kerkhof, Algemeen Directeur van Plopsa. Hiermee wordt het succesvolle Belgisch model, waarbij elk Studio 100-figuur zijn eigen stek krijgt in een Plopsa-themapark, uitgebreid naar Duitsland. De Plopsa-groep beheert op dit moment 4 parken: 3 parken in België en sinds april jl. één in Nederland. Gert Verhulst en Hans Bourlon, oprichters van Studio 100: “Wij zijn ongelooflijk blij en trots met deze overname”. Holiday Park is gelegen in het Zuidwesten van Duitsland, nabij Mannheim in de deelstaat Rijnland-Palts. Het park was tot vandaag eigendom van de familie Schneider. Laatstgenoemde kocht in 1971 het Marchenwald Haßloch, om het park vervolgens in 1973 om te dopen tot het huidige Holiday Park. Daarmee viert Holiday Park volgend jaar zijn 40-jarig bestaan. “Ik ben blij dat ik het park kan overdragen aan een professionele organisatie als Plopsa die alles in het werk zal stellen om het park nog te laten groeien,” benadrukt de 62-jarige Wolfgang Schneider, vroegere Managing Director van Holiday Park. Holiday Park beslaat een oppervlakte van 40 ha en biedt een 30-tal attracties. Een van de topattracties is de achtbaan Expedition GeForce, die al enkele keren is verkozen tot de beste achtbaan van Europa. Plopsa zal het bestaande park verder uitbouwen en zal binnen een termijn van 4 jaar 25 mio euro investeren in het park. Daarmee ambieert de groep zich tot de Top 5 Beste Attractieparken in Duitsland te rekenen. Op dit moment is Holiday Park het 7de grootste park in Duitsland. Holiday Park stelt 85 vaste werknemers te werk, 250 seizoensmedewerkers en 350 tijdelijke werknemers. Het entertainmentbedrijf heeft haar eigen afdeling in München, met een 40-tal mensen in dienst. De serie Das Haus Anubis, gespeeld door Duitse acteurs, is nu al zijn 2de seizoen zeer succesvol op de zender Nickelodeon. Studio 100 heeft in Duitsland haar eigen zender Junior TV met 2,5 miljoen abonnees op het Sky-platform en een outputdeal met ZDF. Op het animatievlak produceert Studio 100 in zijn studio's in Parijs en Sydney nieuwe 3D-series van Maja de Bij, Wickie de Viking en Heidi. Major points translated into English: There are 3 Plopsa theme parks in Belgium and one in Netherlands Studio 100 wants a German theme park to expand in Germany. The current owner of Holiday Park, Wolfgang Schneider, is very happy that the park will be in the hands of a good company. Plopsa will invest 25 million Euros into the park over the next 4 years. At 40 acres, Holiday is currently the 7th largest theme park in Germany.
  9. Ah weissbeer ... i mis Erdinger.... Hansapark is one of those better parks in the north of Germany. I really like the park. Thanks for the report and pictures.
  10. @ de Efteling: New theatershow called Ravelijn source: http://www.vijfzintuigen.nl/Forum/index.php?topic=7224.0 (dutch) @ Europapark: 2 new rides in the Italian section and re-theming of their fairy tales source: http://www.epfans.info/?id=3112&lang=& (german)
  11. For me: EGF (holidaypark) Colossos (heidepark) Coaster (Playland) it's a damn scary ride I forgot the rest since i rode 300+ coasters.....
  12. Hmmm octopus sushi Hup Holland hup, we're going to win
  13. Screw Paul, we've got something else that makes us win. http://www.zie.nl/video/wk-2010/Nederland-wint-aldus-Mannie-de-parkiet/m1azwvef7vkp
  14. I know what you mean Thuur. I'm also only watching this since its a World Cup. But damn it was a hit in their last match and so it will be on sunday. Looking forward to it, even if they don't win.
  15. You do realize that not everyone in this group is from America, right? In fact, I think we have 13 different countries represented with this tour group. --Robb Off-course i do, but the "roots" from TPR is still the USA. But 13 is a lot. What country's are these ? USA, Holland, Germany, UK, and ? --Anton "hoping you'll enjoy the Efteling" van den Akker
  16. Now thats a big suprise for me seeing a bunch of Americans doing a German fair Never expected that TPR would visit one during there trips. Looks like you had some great fun. In a few weeks the fair in Dusseldorf starts which i'm visiting each year. Looks pretty the same only a bit bigger but without Olympia looping. A well, a ride on Alphina Bahn is also Ok. Looking forward on what you'll think of Joris en de Draak in the Efteling. And it's great to see Kristen enjoying the trip like the others in the group. I'm hoping my girl grows up fast so she can ride a coaster with daddy
  17. I don't blame them Disney Paris sucks when compared to Europapark when it comes to attractions and atmosphere Nice pictures from one of the best parks out there (its on my nr1 position including Epcot)
  18. The park is a family park since almost 60 years. It's normal to build some thrill rides but the park is well known with it's dark rides and not there coasters. The theming, scenery and memory's that stay's within the Dutch people can not be blown away with just a simple coaster. They already are building 2 coasters now so why build another one within 2 years ? Thats stupid. Since i'm a dad myself i got more and more against thrill rides in a park like this. You can't describe the feeling of seeing your young daughter sitting in a ride like the Droomvlucht / Carnaval festival and watching the puppets. Believe me, that group is a larger visiting group then the thrill seekers. The park will never be like walibi or something near that. Sure, one day they will replace the Pyton but that is still some years away. Till then, i'm happy with a nice dark ride since these aren't build that much anymore. Edit: Larrygator get's the whole point When your younger you just hoping more on thrill but these don't fill there new vacation area called Bosrijk. In a few years these younger one's will understand how it works
  19. Thats kinda great to see. Pulling against a elephant rulez Great report so far anyway.
  20. Great to read that the most of you like it also. I think you can compare it a bit to BGE
  21. He no problem and great to see that you love my shots. I'm alway's using autofucus but i use L lenses witch focus really fast with their USM in it. You should take more pictures with your kids, they will love them when they get older After that, i alway's shoot in raw and sharpen up the pictures in photoshop. Thanks for al the other reactions. Its still a great park like some mentioned. Ow, and yes the seats are great without any problems.
  22. All pictures still have there exif info. But have a look under the last picture it was already there. Thanks so far
  23. With a longer single riders lane we would have 2 problems: 1: with light crowds it wouldn't be fare against other waiting people 2: with larger crowds the queue will be used by non single riders what makes the line useless. I taught the same but no, its fine like this i suppose
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