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  1. Will be there @ the 27e, 29e en 1e july so just say hi
  2. I've met you before in that park last year but this year will be a problem. I'll be there with the first riders (parkcrew) on the 27e but also the 29e en the 1e july. A POV should sure be possible to make you warm up for it
  3. Another update from coasterchi from www.toverland.info enjoy:
  4. New incredible pics on www.troytoverland.nl what sure make you wants to come over here
  5. According to the park they will arrive in Toverland within 2 weeks from now. They are shipped if i'm correct. They also told me that they start testing @ 15th june but regarding to what still must be done i'm a bit afraid that they will be a bit delayed.
  6. Puppy ????? Its the highest en biggest GCII ever build
  7. Next sunday its time for me to visit Holiday world. It will be a long trip from the Netherlands but it should be worth it. Do you think there will be any crowds that day ? P.s. nice trip and good pics thx
  8. Great trip Next saturday i'll be finaly in KI all the way from the Netherlands... We need to buy a season pass first so we make sure to get there early. Is there any way to get more out of our day ? We really would love to do all the coasters Can you give us perhaps a list of coasters with what to start to beat some crowds ? And will it be crowded next saturday ?
  9. Is it really that expensive for you in the USA ? I know we pay € 500 for our next trip to Cleveland in 2 weeks from now. This will result in about $ 650 with the current rates.
  10. I live next to Eindhoven in a small place called Best. Its with a car something like 30 minutes driving and easy to do. The pics on the official page looks more then good and there should be more straight of the last piece at the end of the week I'm really looking forward to it when the ERT will be with a lot of fans what should result in a great event
  11. Nice and good pictures geert It seems the park really does had a great changing. That the new kiddy is smooth should be logic since most of the vekoma kiddys ride well. I hope to see trains like this on a slc someday so you wouldn't smash you head against the restaints. Speaking about that... how was the slc this day ? What i do fear is that the halloween would be less then other years since its so open in the park right now. I think i will check that out my self this year including the new parts. Its still a shame they destroyed a great coaster but they had there reasons
  12. Nice report exept one thing.... De vliegende hollander isn't on tires but is using a chain that pulls it trough the water.
  13. The pics on your intern webspace are the same from toverland.info I suppose they are from him Any more of the troy cars yet ?
  14. Sounds a lot better then the other KI report i saw here. I'll be there in about 3 weeks from now so i hope everything will work out better at that time. Thx for your great pics
  15. Now thats something to look out for Only the tunnel is one part i think that should need some more theming.
  16. Looks like somebody gets the point Its all about over reacting about something. If there was a problem CP would has contacted the staff here so whats the big deal. I'm looking forward to get some new pics and a vid from CP but thill then stuff like this is fine by me.
  17. Say's the person who's got a maverick logo as an avatar without any © asked from the park. I mean who cares that it's illegal ? We finally got something to see and then you start complaining ? I'm happy with it to see something more then a view from a funcam. I was hoping on a good view these day's of how its running trough the course but CP still did not give us something more.... So if anyone is going over there to makes some views then its fine by me. Thx for the vid
  18. Only 3 weeks to for my first time to PKI. I sure hope they can make our season pass in a quick way so we can enjoy the park fast. Some parks just can't do it in a fast way..... But thx for placing the report ... it makes me wants to get over there more and more each day.
  19. Fata Morgana at the Efteling still holds my number one. A good number 2 is Soarin at Epcot. Number 3 would be Droomvlucht at the Efteling. Fata Morgana can't be explaned since its a huge ride that takes more then 8 minutes to ride. You just need to see and even smell it since there are some good effects in it that makes you a part of the ride. Fata Morgana http://www.rides.nl/attractie/showmultimedia/122 Droomvlucht http://www.rides.nl/attractie/showmultimedia/631
  20. Airtime is a sensation based on forces felt by the riders, not actual movement in the seat. I'm fairly certain the goal for most designs of lapbars is to have direct contact with the rider. And i think you need to ride colossos or EGF here in Europe before saying something like that. I'm sure the lapbars and seatbelts are suppose to let you staying in your seat but thats something that will not happen on these two
  21. What i don't get is that nobody who is speaking about the trains. This will have the first "themed" millenium flyer trains ever and thats also something special. Then also include the great theming in the front that is being build right now and you've got a real special GCI.
  22. Indeed they are going really fast at the moment and new legs are already under construction. Next week there is a new construction tour so more pictures from onsite should be added then. With a bit of luck the drop should be done by then so i'm looking forward to that since i'm also invited. Troy also will get a piece of theming in front and next to it what will be displayed to us next weekend. And GCII also needs to construct the trains soon since its only a few months away now before it opens.
  23. They got to the highest point a few minutes ago: www.troytoverland.nl and then check webcam Its a good hight and there is already a new construction tour for the fans on 14e april. That its a bit changed makes it more fun and suprising for us to follow Looking forward to the construction of the trains.
  24. Toverland has no season and is open year round. Next to that troy will open (hopefully) on the end of june.
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