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  1. I thought it was a cool concept to have a floorless hyper coaster, the ride was really pumpy, so make sure to make your rides a little smoother, good job though.
  2. Ya it makes it kind of hard to make a huge out and back.
  3. Is there a way to make the area where you build a coaster bigger, if yes please tell me, sorry for the stupid question.
  4. Thanks to the two people who commented, although I think I can use a few more comments.
  5. Heres an unnamed wooden shuttle coaster I made quite a while ago, it only took me like an hour to make, so don't expect much, comments and critisism welcome. Heres some pics. Up the spike! A look from the station. Nice. Wood Shuttle.nltrack Heres the download
  6. I wish I can comment on it but as said before the pics aren't showing up.
  7. Looks like someone got some inspiration from Solar Flare at HHE.
  8. Wow, you are amazing at making scenery, I cannot wait to download this.
  9. Wow, thats a lot of slides, I'm horrible at making slides, you are really good at making them.
  10. Can you post some pics, I can't download it because my computer with no limits is broken at the moment.
  11. I want to be a Walt Disney Imagineer specializing in mechanical engineering. I know its a lot of schooling and I have been working really hard in school, when I go to college I'll probly work at Disneyland, which will hopefully help. I know a former Imagineer so maybe he will help me out.
  12. I agree with everything you just said, but the best way to recreate a coaster is to use No Limits Coaster.
  13. I think you should use custom scenery, its really easy to use, and can make a park look a lot better, but thats just me, do whatever you want, because the park looks good anyway.
  14. ^Idk because I saw spinning cars on the steel coaster which had inversions. Yeah I saw the Virginia Reel too though so idk.
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