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  1. Oh, okay then. ^_^ i shall keep things the way they are then. Thanks you guys C:
  2. Thank you very much C: Comments and critiques are always appreciated! Shot0076.bmp here is my go karts. I might have to change the tunnels...they seem to not fit somehow. Any thoughts? Shot0079.bmp Shot0081.bmp ''Jungle Rush''
  3. I think more pictures would help... sounds like it's going in the right direction?
  4. As usual, thank you for all of your comments ^_^ Monorail with 3 stations added to the park! Shot0075.bmp As you can see, I have a lot of open space left to build more rides. Shot0074.bmp
  5. Wow. Just wow. I've looked at this park from page one until now and there's just crazy good expansion going on. I really love how you do the buildings and scenery. Simply amazing.
  6. Well what I tried doing is making a couple of hills... Shot0073.bmp I'll probably tinker with them more today... Shot0072.bmp the hills seem not rounded enough. Kinda sharp, which I'm not too fond of.
  7. Thanks so much for your comments guys! I made a few new rides, not much has changed since last... Shot0071.bmp I don't know...looks like it needs more. Any suggestions? Shot0070.bmp Shot0069.bmp
  8. Really really? I'll keep that name then C: On to making more rides
  9. Coaster redone. Still need a name for it though. Nature's forces somehow doesn't fly with me. Shot0064.bmp Bam. Shot0067.bmp Shazam. Shot0063.bmp Remember nature's forces? Well say hello to it again. Scenery and new painting job. I also need to think of a new name
  10. Why thank you! Shot0061.bmp It's called 'Nature's Forces' though I might call it something else. The coasters are synced but they tie in the end...I fixed the turns at the end and made them banked. Um...yeah I'll add scenery and all of that when I'm not tired haha. And I still need a name for my park! Any suggestions?
  11. I don't know if this thread is even close to being revivable or not but I'll try anyways. C: Updates (not many, i totally forgot about it since i was grounded forEVER =( ) Shot0058.bmp overview of my park so far Shot0056.bmp the NEW Twisted Bark Shot0055.bmp station for Twisted bark (the bobsled coaster) Shot0054.bmp i added dodgems
  12. Oh I'm excited to see what else will be built ^_^ Fantastic work so far!
  13. Oh i love the trees and fence, it looks very...jurassic-y lol. Can't wait for another update
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