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  1. Not entirley sure about this one, however, the Intamin Drop Tower which was at Wonderland Sydney http://www.defunction.net/?page=parks&parks=view&park=Wonderland%20Sydney (Now Defunct). Now if you take a look here: http://www.defunction.net/forums/showthread.php?t=98 you will see photographs of Wonderland Sydney being pretty much pulled down to the ground. There are also some images of the Space Probe (Intamin Giant Drop) being pulled down also. Hope this helps.
  2. The Hydrolics in the Zodiac used to seize up alot, (well not seize up, but yeah) with the liquids evening out, meaning till the recent work has started, the ride was level with the ground, but it is up-straight now, meaning work must be going on at the place.
  3. Here is a quote from Defunction.net in regards to what is happening with the Space Probe. Pretty much there have been rumors of Adventure World eying the 2 rides left at Wonderland (Zodiac, and Probe) but another rumor comes up from a while back that the rides haven't been sold, but will operate again. Pretty much will move to one of Sunways other parks. If you guys need any questions answered, please don't hesitate.
  4. Hello everyone. We here at Defunction would like to invite you to a party. What kindof party you say? The team here at Defunction are about to launch the new "Defunction 2" service, and we would like you to help us celebrate. The festivities start at 9:00PM on the 5th of August, 2005. Your all invited. We will be having some fun in the new arcade, along with chatting to other members. For the first time since the launch, we will be firing up the radio system. For requests, msn or e-mail us at webmaster@defunction.net. So from 9:00 PM we are starting the festivities, with a launch of the long awaited Defunction 2 at 9:45. The festivities will be still going on after the launch. So don't miss out. For a direct radio link, please click here: http://www.coastermaster.info:8002/listen.pls Whats Defunction 2 you ask? Defunction 2 is a completely re-vised version of the already popular website. "Well whats so different" you may be asking? We have re-vised all entries in our park & ride database, added some awsome new features which we know you will love, an awsome newly re-vised site design which just looks spectacular. The team have been working non stop to bring you all this newly re-vised site. So we hope you enjoy it. If any members & guests need some help in joining in on the fun tomorrow night, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at webmaster@defunction.net We hope you all can join in on the festivities, but some people have their reasons. And that is quite acceptable. Anyway, the most important links you'll need are: www.defunction.net http://www.coastermaster.info:8002/listen.pls (radio) Ok, Every one of us here at Defunction hope to see you soon. Whether it is at the party, or sometime later. Regards Paul Hollibone Defunction.net (P.S.all times in GMT+10)
  5. How about "Stoneland"? Or "Blackland"? Note: the above comments are not intended to be of the racist type.
  6. Here is the current deal with Wonderland. Bush Beast is going under servailance in terms of a "Local Heritage Order" which will restrain it from going anywhere. Beastie is still there, Which I doubt will go anywhere. I believe it will get knocked down. No Doubts about that one. Probe last I heard about the Probe was that there hasn't been much interest in it, so a British Company which deals with the sales of used rides will be looking after it. This is however a rumor. If you are ever going to talk about Wonderland on the forums, let it be good. If it is not good, like how crap the place was, take it somewhere else. I am sick and tired of people making fun of the land. Makes me really upset and angry.
  7. You don't have Photoshop? How big are they at the moment? It always helps saving them as .jpg, instead of .bmp
  8. So Mr Six, AKA Clown dude, Your S: TE is more like our Dreamworld Tower of Terror. Any news on any pictures mate?
  9. Clint clint clint. Your ways are perfectly alright. I have nothing against it. I was born in Sydney, and have lived in Sydney most of my life. And I prefer Canberra, not only because of Less Pollution, but it's slower than sydney. Not as fast paced if you know what I mean. If you want to go Traveling, you have to know what you want to see. And what you want to do. But it's your trip, you can do what you really want. I'm just suggesting some nice places to go.
  10. Wow. Looks interesting. Must be a good ride which I will download when I get a chance.
  11. I am Paul, and 17 this year (August). My first coaster ever was Beastie at Wonderland Sydney (Or Australia's Wonderland Back Then). Here is Beastie for those who don't know. http://dpa.coastermaster.info/?page=rides&rides=view&ride=Beastie My first ever looping Coaster was Thunderbolt at Dreamworld in Australia. Another Defunct Ride.
  12. Can you put your DVD's in say a Region 4, in Pal for Aussie Purchases, or are they only avaliable in the American Region?
  13. Mates, it's called the "Widow Maker" Why would you want to skip Canberra clint? Just because no parks are currently open, it has a great atmosphere, and is much better than Sydney let me tell you.
  14. I don't. Thats what RCT3 is for. The main idea for this "program" is to have basically a No Limits Coaster, based on Flat rides. Thats all there is too it. Something Acurate so Mad Dog can compete with Atari.
  15. If you do come to Australia, here is the 2005 outrun. At the end of 2005, a Superman Rocket Coaster is bound for Movie World, the claw opened at Dreamworld in 2004, marking Australia's first Gyro Swing. Wonderland Closed in 2004, making 26th of April, a sad day to remember. Listen, if you do come to Australia, don't just come here for the parks. Come here for the Great atmosphere, and do a whole Aussie tour, not just a Queensland tour. Visit Canberra, the Nations capital. (where i live). Vist melbourne, Australia's home to the Trams. Don't also visit the big cities, why not also go to some of the little country towns. Because the land we aussies are in, is the best. And even though we do not have any decent parks to American Standards, they are still pretty good. And What we miss out on in our parks, we compensate in our spirits, and our luckyness to be here in Australia.
  16. Mailboomer, for more info on Wonderland Sydney, here are some handy sites: www.defunction.coastermaster.info , www.wonderlandhistory.com Wonderland History.com is still under construction, and Defunction has Australia's Most WLS comprehensive Database in Australia yet. With ride descriptions and never before seen pictures. This is Paul "Needs to finish Watermarking Images" Hollibone
  17. Hey you guys, i seriously love your site, and in-depth trip reports. Anyway, when's your next trip away? Just to let you know, i am an aussie member, so it's interesting to see all the overseas parks through the eye's of the guests.
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