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  1. That sonic boom looks very interesting. Not quite as tall as our Giant Drop here in Australia (393ft) but looks like a very interesting and different ride experience.
  2. Hi everyone, paul from Australia. As you may or may not know, our only Intamin drop ride (The Giant Drop) at Dreamworld has not closed due to this incident, and the park has since come under fire from the nationa media for this. However I have noticed that since the accident that the lift upto the top of the tower has been slowed down quite considerably. Just thought I would give you guys a lowdown of what the situation is down under.
  3. Daniel, some might even say ours was "World History Making". Well I certainly would.
  4. I have had one of those moments, it was on the Ranger, a Huss ranger ride at Luna Park Sydney. The lap bar restraint was so loose that when I was stuck upside down, my head was literally supporting my body, and you could feel the gap inbetween my but and the seat. I was shitting myself really. And fudge my neck hurt after that experience. I was pretty worried for my health during that ride I can tell you now, but even so, it was still a fun ride. A picture gallery for the ride can be seen here: http://www.thrillhistory.com/gallery.php?act=view&galid=45
  5. You can actually see in one of my video's how high the Tower of Terror Goes, and that was shot last year. Link: http://www.thrillhistory.com/forums/showthread.php?t=124 It was actually going way higher than I was originally anticipating. And according to the little sign in the Station, the ride was launching at 158KM's (which is pretty close to what it was designed to do). So In conclusion, I believe the Tower Of Terror is shooting riders at an acceptable level, and I don't have any problems with it. (P.S) For the video, you need to be a member to download the video.
  6. Good to see you got the chance to ride some great ex aussie coasters!
  7. Mate, for someone who's dream it is to goto Disneyland, you have just ruined it for me Nah, I really enjoyed the Splash Mountain one. And this also does show me that our theme parks in Australia are really bad in the themeing department. Again, Top Job mate. A real high quality production, and was just a pleasure to watch.
  8. Another Canberran. Nice to see there is a demand in beautiful Canberra for some serious thrills.
  9. Well I can see this happening somewhere (in a country which most of the prototype vekoma's go, IE Australia, Japan, and so on) and you will never see much of it again. Same idea like what happened to the Tilt Coaster.
  10. Flowrider, apparently June of this year. Waterpark due to open December of this year.
  11. Jeeze, and people complain about the state of the Themeing at Dreamworld Australia. I mean, the themeing and queue's are bad, but not that bad!
  12. El-Toro looks like it's way too good to be true. This question may already be in the forums somewhere, but because I am incompetent I am going to ask when is the ride expected to be completed?
  13. You are correct Gutterflower. The Suspended Vekoma Coaster, and the Indoor Space Mountain vekoma coaster were both Australian Citizens. In that, I am saying they used to be aussie coasters. They originated (along with now what is Zoomerang at Visionland) at the 1988 World Expo Space Park in Brisbane. That park closed about a year after the world expo closed, and those 2 rides went over to Dreamworld in Thailand, and the Titan (Vekoma Boomerang) went to Wonderland as Demon, and is now Zoomerang at Visionland. Just some knowledge for you!
  14. Looks like a nice park, all things considered. Was the "360" degree intamin pirate ship there? Oh nice pics by the way.
  15. Space Mountain at Some Jap Park called Dream World. http://www.rcdb.com/ig1436.htm?picture=1 Take a look at the rest of those pics. Funny though, this ride was originally once a good Australian Ride at the 1988 Expo 88 at Brisbane.
  16. Hello everyone, and welcome to Defun...Oops, I meant ThrillHistory.com. Yes ThrillHistory.com is now the new Defunction, with alot more to come. We all have a big change to try and cope with, and for me, it is not going to be easy. We are indeed coming back, but not as Defunction. We are indeed ThrillHistory.com, and your all invited to come and take a look around of what we have (or will soon enough) to offer everyone for no cost to the consumer. The site will feature the latest in the Australian Theme Park News, along with International News which affects us in the Australian Communities IE Intamin to sack 500 staff members. The site will feature a full Australian Theme Park, Rollercoaster, and Ride Database, and will have as much history incorporated into it as we can possibly jam in. Along with all mentioned, you will also have your general Image Galleries, and Video Galleries Section aswell, which will also have a broader range of videos & photo's to view. Now for those who were regular Defunction Forum users, one of the main features you probably loved and missed for a while there was the Arcade, well I am pleased to announce that the Arcade is now back open to Forum members. So I am sure you will be happy with that. And I hope you are aswell, as I had to goto great lengths to get that arcade for us. But we have it now, and please don't hesitate for any changes/ suggestions to the forums/ arcade as they stand. So I hope you are as happy as I am. Now the best way to keep in touch, or send us a message is via the forums here, and around 24 hours before the site is launched, we will send out an e-mail outlining everything which is needed to be done. But also, for the latest info on everything + lots of community discussion, be sure to check back at the forums reguarly at www.thrillhistory.com/forums Thats all I have got to say, apart from Welcome back. And I do hope your stay is an enjoyable one. Tell your friends about us, and the story behind us. Regards Paul
  17. The only way I voted for myself was by my own name, as said above. All of those votes above are not mine, and if an Admin would like to compare the IP addresses, to just prove it was not me, well feel free before accusing me of VOTING FOR MYSELF. Which I did not. Those votes made by Hurricane and party princess something I am asking for them to be deleted, as it clearly has been a joke, of some sort, which is indeed affecting me.
  18. Not sure robb what you think, but I only voted once. If you want to check the IP, please go ahead.
  19. WOW, I have 1 vote. Thanks, I wasn't expecting that at all, considering it was made in Paint. Can I vote for myself? If so, I vote for myself!
  20. Just an update on things. A message sent to all members. Due to the unfortunate events that some users may or may not know about, the doors of Defunction are closing permanantly. However this doesn't mean that the concept in any way is dead, but rather, the life of this website was past its metaphorical expiry date. But like a wise man once said, "when one door closes, another one opens" and with that, a brand new, refocussed website will be hitting our shores very soon. Until then, thanks to the thousands that have watched our site day in and day out, and rest assured, a new generation of site will be arriving shortly. Paul Hollibone, Defunction.net Very sad to click the Close Button.
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