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  1. Well, it is a pretty simple concept of a ride. You go up, then you come down. It's pretty funny though, the park where the ride is located issued a press release about the documentary today, saying how the US will see the Giant Drop in the Extreme Terror Rides show, and it goes on to say how they are at the Forefront of Thrill/ Terror Rides, but it seriously made me laugh, the last "Record Breaking ride" they installed is over 10 years old now (the Giant Drop). All the rest have been, well fun (the Claw, the Motocoaster, whilst being great rides, there is nothing "Record" breaking or "Terror-ising" about them).
  2. I'm intrigued, what did they have to say about The Giant Drop? Was it given much of the spotlight, or was it left to hide under our US Cousins?
  3. How awesome was the wildlife at the park? Seriously the best I have EVER seen (especially at a Theme Park). Yeah, I might have whinged about you 2 credit whores getting the apple worm "credit", but on the other hand I was happy you guys did, gave me plenty of time to checkout the scenery and wildlife the park had to offer. Good times.
  4. You don't know about the Oompa Loompa's? Off you go to the Sin Bin hans to learn your lesson. Well atleast you know a out Fawlty Towers, that's something. "Oompa Loompa Doompity Dee".
  5. I must say it is a very nice park for what it's worth. Oh yeah, something I forgot to add, when we were at the Jelly Belly factory (and this is a true story) I did ask the nice lady at the desk After the tour what hours the Oompa Loompa's were rostered on this week, but she couldn't find the roster sheets. (Ok, the last part wasn't quite true, but I don't think I've ever laughed (or made anybody else around me) laugh so hard before in my entire life. It was a very funny moment.
  6. When walking to the park (as seen in picture 9) I remember thinking "Geeze you guys are slow walkers, there's coasters waiting for us!" I don't know if anyone else heard this, but when I was looking at the Croc (or are they aligators?) I overheard some kids talking about how that was So not real. They got quite a shock when it moved! And how awesome were the blue parrots? So cool looking. Once again some great photo's there Josh.
  7. Yay for Murphy. He (or she?) actually looks like the dragon from Shrek (but hey, it's a dragon right? Surly Dreamworks can't "own" the rights of the dragon! It's a shame I didn't get to see fantasmic with the Dragon, but Fantasmic has to be the best ever show I have ever seen, and I just love it, so I am not too fussed. Yay for Fantasmic! It's Fantasmagorical!
  8. That Monster Drink, OMG, don't get me started on the Portion sizes, i'll be going on forever! Very Good josh, i'm looking forward to the rest of this one. So lets see, this TR in it's first post contains 1 Mega Shark and 1 Mega Octopus. This one already deserves an award!
  9. I actually didn't mind Roar, but it certainly wasn't 2nd or 1st best woodie on the West Coast. If it was up to me though, it would go like this. 1 - Terminator Salvation (duh) 2 - Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz Beach 3 - Colossus (MM) 4 - Giant Dipper (San Diego) 5 - Roar 6 - Grizzly 7 - Ghostrider I was really surprised how awesome the Giant Dipper at SCBB was, I do know 1 person that really does not like that ride though. I was also suprised at how good Grizzly at CGA was. The only reason it's reasonably low on the list though is mainly because there are so many woodies on the WC which are just better, but yeah, I really enjoyed Grizzly.
  10. Be-Jebuz, TPR must be cursed. Thats the second ride something major has happened on it shortly after we rode on it on WCT.
  11. If only the invertigo breakdown happened whilst we were on the ride. That would have been great! CGA though whilst I'm at it, was in my opinion a really nice park (I especially loved the stereotypical "Boomerang Bay", that made my day. Just a couple of quick q's re CGA, am I going crazy, or are there 2 tunnels after the 2 loops on The Demon? Anyone know what the "unused by the coaster" tunnel is used for? And secondly, the old fashioned car ride underneath Grizzly, we were going to ride the Cars to get some unique footage of Grizzly, but we noticed there was a sign at the entrance to the ride which said that the ride had a "No Photography of any kind" policy (not the exact wording however). Is this type of policy a normal Cedar Fair policy for such tame rides like the cars, or is this just a weird CGA policy?
  12. Looks like it was a nice trip. Makes me certainly look forward to the West Coast trip in August!
  13. Corkscrews a pretty good ride (I particuarly love the suprise Monorail track headchopper effect in the corkscrews. There's talk that the ride will be getting a major refurb by the end of the year, with some new trains, and a new name (it's not known if the ride will be getting a "theme" though. Nice photos aussienetman. You've captured the park well.
  14. So the tour included VIP treatment on the Jungle Cruise and the Railway? Awesome. I've heard that the Railroad ride is usually conducted in the Lilly Belle, is this what you experienced? So I'm guessing the tour is conducted in the morning, do you remember what time your tour started? That segway tour in DCA does look rather coolish, but at 90 usd a go, i'd have to give it a little more consideration. Has anyone else been on any of these 2 tours?
  15. Hi everyone. I am over in your part of the world come this August, and amongst all the other things I'll be doing over there, I'll be having something like 6 days at Disneyland resort. Now, I consider myself somewhat Disney savvy, but was just wondering if anyone thinks the "Walk in Walts footsteps" tour is worth the extra 60 bucks it costs to do it? Has anyone here done the tour? What were your thoughts? It's certainly something I'm interested in, but was just wondering if it's actually worth it, or if it's just a "tourist con"?
  16. Looking for Alibrandi (not sure if it made over to the states, but the full movie is on Youtube) had a scene shot from an apartment block which looks onto Sydney harbour) which showed at the time the top of the lift hill for the then SBNO Big Dipper, which is now at Dreamworld as the Cyclone. There was also an episode of Smallville in Series 3 where the episode starts off in a Carnival, but has a permanent Arrow looking rollercoaster in the background.
  17. Well going to Australia via NZ isn't as crazy as it sounds. But judging from the clue's, I have no reservations in saying I don't think its anywhere near the land of oz.
  18. Hey Rob. Shazam tells me the song is "Primetime SexCrime" by the Earphones. Here's a Youtube link - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=782SY2-Hmlo
  19. At Dreamworld in Australia. http://rcdb.com/id3950.htm Marketed as a major kick arse thrill ride, when in reality it's just an awsome family ride, which has a crappy queue line system.
  20. Sunway Lagoon looks like a really nice park, it's a shame the owners didn't give Wonderland (the Defunct Aussie Park) the same treatment they give their Asian park. Did you see or ride Pirates Revenge (the Intamin Looping Starship ride) when you were at Sunway Lagoon?
  21. The one at Luna Park in Sydney still goes backwards. It's a fun ride, but painfull if your legs are in the wrong position.
  22. Oh how lucky, I bet your defiantly pleased Xmeister. Cancer isn't a Disease I would ever wish on anyone, no matter how badly I disliked them. It is not nice at all.
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