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  1. You forgetting something? What about the Tracks, Nails and whatnot? Don't tell me they are wooden also. LMAO!
  2. I know exactly how you guys feel like, as this Astroworld Closure being the Biggest Closure since my once home park closed down in 2004. Wonderland Sydney is what I am talking about. It was indeed hard to get over, but once you visit another park, one which is way better than what WLS was, Ok maybe WLS had it's good points, and Dreamworld has it's bad points, in reality, Dreamworld is much better. Get yourself out to another park, which is operating, and adding a new attraction every year, and you'll see what I mean.
  3. Your Correct Pete, it WAS Australia's MOST EXTENSIVE Database website for AUSTRALIA'S Defunct Rides & Parks, which included photos and videos. It was also the worlds most visited website soley about Defuct Parks in General. Sorry if anyone owns www.defunctparks.com , but that site is long gone. One of my other aims was to beat that site, and so far, I have (Or did).
  4. Yeah, I don't host it personally, however I do know my server is very much tightly secured. It's funny, the only backup I have of the DB was with no data in it, and I was just about to do a backup of the over sized database, so I could split the Forums from the site data. Owell, looks like that won't be happening anytime soon as planned. Well, I have already done that, but you get the drift.
  5. But it is not just the forums, the forums I can live with if they were gone. It's the fact that the park & ride Database are gone is what angers me. At this point in time, I just feel like giving up everything, and collapsing in a graveyard.
  6. Hey Everyone. Defunction has just experience an awfull attack, which compromised our Database full of information as such. We have lost everything, and have to re-build our community unfortunatly. This also means you will have to re-sign up to the forums, and un-fortunatly start posting again in a fresh forum installation. This has indeed angered me aswell as I am sure it has yourself, however if you could just understand the situation we are in at the moment, I am sure you will understand. This also means our Park & Ride Directory has also gone, and we will need some time to re-input the information into it. And just when you thought it was bad, it gets worse. The image Galleries are also gone. I hope you can understand the pain we are dealing with here, and I do expect the total re-build of the site to take alot of time, however if you can show your support by re-signing up to the forums, and start to re-post, it will get us motivated. Come and support the team through this very difficult time, which we are trying to deal with. Thanks again. Regards Paul Defunction.net
  7. Well at the moment, this is my "OFFICIAL" entry, unless I can make myself a new better one with photoshop (Highly Likely).
  8. Can we submit more than one entry? As at the time of this entry, I did not have access to anything better than MS Paint, however in a couple of hours I may do a better one. Not sure if i'd win anyway. Mr & MRS ALVEY wouldn't want to send out one of their DVD's out to Australia for free. This dude lost the car keys to the TPR Van!
  9. These issues don't excist. It seems to be that you like to spread rumors about Dreamworld, your so crazy it's not funny, and this is getting beyond a joke. GET OVER YOURSELF! For 1, not only is it giving you a bad name in the community, but it is also giving our beloved parks a bad name. For crying out loud.
  10. Holy CRAP, that is bloody huge! So huge to say that I had to use my Frank Barone Voice.
  11. Can I just add, that when the Image is loading, and you have the Image Loading Image, If I copy that location it is trying to grab the image from, such as for the top banner: http://www.themeparkreview.net/forum/topbanner.gif Then put it in my address bar, it does not load up, giving me a connection refused error.
  12. Yeah Robb, it's all Attachment Photographs, and it is always the Header Image, things like Avatars, Gradient Images, and Emoticons are alright, just those 2 types of images it does not like. Even images/ attachments I have previously viewed cannot be seen anymore, such as the ones in the Knex Thread.
  13. Nothing is fixing it for me. Maybe some advice from the administrators. Paul "Robb get your Arse Over Here Now" Hollibone
  14. I have cleared my cache, & even tried playing around with some firewall settings, and this is what I get. (I hope you can see the attached image).
  15. Nah it's just the top header & attachment which are not working for me, and I have tried in both IE & FF. Oh and after the browser gives up on trying to get them, the area which the image is meant to be is replaced by the alt text.
  16. Hey all, just a little question. I am not having any main images on the forums showing, such as attachments, or the main site header/ logo. I just want to know if that is me, or there is actually a problem with the site.
  17. The version on RCT3 looks much more interesting than that.
  18. I bought the Screamin Serpant one a couple of years back, I had around 1 days play with it, and gave up. I just couldn't get this one support right, and so I gave up, leaving it back/ packed up in the box. I'm mean ain't I?
  19. That is bloody insane! Certainly not something I have the patience to do! Good Job!
  20. My first looping coaster was Thunderbolt at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. A ride which is now long gone.
  21. So I am guessing that it is no longer "Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay"?
  22. Hi everyone. It appears that I have a question for you US dudes! I know Magic Mountain was originally called just plain Magic Mountain, and as far as I know has been for a very long time. If that is the case, what is the deal with this sign? http://www.rcdb.com/ig3305.htm?picture=1 It states Six Flags CALIFORNIA, what is the deal with that? Am I missing something, or am I just plain stupid? I have also noticed on some photographs, that on the main entry to Magic Mountain, it states "Six Flags California". Whats the deal with it?
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