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  1. Here's my list based on the coaster's I've ridden. 1. Phoenix - so much FUN, which is what a coaster is all about. 2. Apollo's Chariot 3. Cornball Express 4. Mindbender (SFoG) 5. Raven 6. Twister (Knoebels) 7. Legend 8. Great American Scream Machine (SF0G) when I was a kid that lift hill looked like it was a mile high. 9. Lightning Racer (Hershey Park) 10.The Mummy (Orlando)
  2. We went to the old World of Coke...were not really impressed....we paid money to look at advertising....we did not drink enough free Coke to make it worthwhile. My kids aren't really into coasters yet...but mom and dad are...and dad want's him some Voyage.
  3. Last time I went to SFoG, I just kept thinking to myself what a great park this would be if they would just "sweat the details", as it really is a nice looking park...it's just the little things....things that really stand out compared with Disney. The I'm bored out of my mind attitude by the employees was a bit of a turn-off....but I'm guessing that's what you get when you hire seasonal employees...but I shouldn't be that way....management is ultimately to blame. We've been to Atlanta many times and have done all the touristy things. After Six Flags took over WhiteWater, this park seemed to go downhill a bit, but last time we were there, things seemed to be much better. We're hoping to escape the heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast by heading north....maybe we should just head on up to Knoebels and Indiana Beach...Love these two parks.
  4. Have got time for only one trip this summer. Going in mid July. Me, wife two kids, 12 and 11. Where should we go....Holiday World or Six Flags over Georgia. I've been to both, but kids have not been to SFoG. Do we go with the family friendly Holiday World with it's awesome water park, or to SFoG, which has nice rides but employees with a "could care less" attitude"?
  5. That's funny you mention it. There were actually two distinct thoughts I had while riding. 1) These kind of chair lifts always make me feel somewhat uneasy. 2) It's really not that high up. It'd be kind of cool to jump from here into the lake. So instead of thinking about anything else, I just kept taking pictures. I'm sure part of my feelings were due to the fact that I was in one chair with our young son (at the time) and my wife in another chair with our young daughter. I recall that I had him bunched up right next to me...with a good handful of his shirt in my grip. my thoughts were, if we fell out...no way is that water going to be deep enough to do any good. but to stay on topic, we LOVED Lake Winnie. while gathering info for our trip, I emailed LW. The guy who responded was the owner/manager (the big guy) of the park. We exchanged e'mails several times with him suggesting other things to see in the Chattanooga area. When we visited LW, we got there a little before opening, and as we're waiting in line for them to open the gates, this older guy comes out and goes down the line greeting each person, and welcoming them to the park...taking his time....chatting about this and that....he had on a name-tag, it was the guy I'd been emailing....so we talked for a few minutes....greeted all our kids....(did not get us in free or anthing though ). It's the experiences like that that really make the classic, family owned amusement parks something special.
  6. We went to LW several years ago....had a great time. Free Parking...almost Free entry....good food.....Cannonball rides with one train wait... What was really nice was that my family of five was able to enjoy Lake Winnie for about the same price as ONE Disney ticket. Did anyone else feel the slightest bit uncomfortable riding the chair lift over the lake....?
  7. I wish SFoG would take down the sky-coaster swing thing which sits in front of The Great American Scream Machine. It really ruins what used to be a very pretty view of a great coaster.
  8. I was about to post the same thing....If you're coming from Tell City heading to Holiday World, you hit a stretch of bunny hop hills which really have quite a coaster "feel" to them. My kids BEGGED me to turn around and "go again"....which I was only too happy to oblige...
  9. Great pics....demonstrates how photos of people are so much better than just photos of "things".
  10. The Parachute Drop Ride at SFOG....when you get to the top....and you sit there.....waiting to drop.....and the only restraint is a piece of chain across your lap....and it feels like the seat is tilted a little forward....and the wind is blowing you around....and you think about the little cable holding you up.....but at least there is that pad on the bottom of the seat to cushion the blow if the machine should fail. Double Ferris Wheels....when the wheel that you're in is stuck rotating up top while they are loading the other wheel. You have plenty of time to look at all the rusty hardware, the worn out bias ply tire "driving" the wheel...not to mention the genius with two teeth running the ride.....but it is fun when the whole double ferris wheel is in motion.
  11. Them bowling shoes sure is purty..... nothing like "renting" an article of clothing that's still warm from the last person that wore them.....
  12. So sad to see the Starliner (the first coaster I ever road) just sitting in the grass rotting away....wish Knoebels, Lake Winnie, or someone like that could have gotten hold of it.
  13. couple of comments: 1. I feel like I should alert the authorities..... 2. Your parents must be so proud.....your kids too.... 3. I double checked...I am on the Theme Parks, Roller Coasters & Donkeys Board and not the Jail Bait, skanka-rama Trip Report Board. 4. I'm reminded why people pay a premium price to go to Walt Disney World. 5. I again wonder if people realize that when they post a photo on the web, it's pretty much there forever....every person that see's the photo can copy it, e'mail it, post it on my-space, etc. Not the same as taking a photo with a Kodak, having it developed, and kept in a shoe box under the bed.
  14. Took the family up to Atlanta for a last hurrah before school starts back. Visited Six Flags WhiteWater Water park last Thursday. On a previous visit two years ago, I was not very impressed with how the attraction were "run" since Six Flags took over WhiteWater....employees had developed the infamous "I'm 16, this is just a summer job, I'm bored and don't give a rip" attitude. I found this to be much improved, except for some of the food service employees. This is a great waterpark. I really love the slides which run through the trees. Also, it's hard to beat tree-shaded cue lines. Loved Loved Loved the Tornado (the big funnel). The drop into the funnel is as good as any drop on a coaster. Only thing wrong with the Tornado is the short ride. The lines actually moved pretty good for this ride. The line for the Bahama Bob family ride moved really slow....I think the hold up for this ride is getting people out of the raft's at the bottom...if they could come up with a way to get the raft out of the way quicker, they could send rafts out more quickly. Likes: TORNADO Gulf Screamer Racer slides Lizard Tale slide Ragin' Rapid slide Pretty terrain for a water park. Dislikes: $8 to park ("Does this include washing and waxing my car? $3.48 for a 20 ounce Coke. It must really be difficult to ship in the soft drinks to such an out of the way locale as ATLANTA! $4.45 for a teeny-tiny bowl of Dippin Dots! $10 for a locker, but they do give you a dollar back (wow) when you turn in your key. I thought about just keeping the key, just so they have to make a new one. This is a really nice park....they just need to spend a little $$ on paint and general upkeep...need to sweat the details a little more.
  15. I found those pictures to be depressing...in a funny sort of way.
  16. That's one of the things I remembered....The ride was set up to be loading on one side while dispatching the other....but they had one person up there, running one side, with a raft arriving about once a minute.....the conveyor should be full of rafts! I suspect that the unloading of the rafts at the bottom is the real holdup, as quite a few people seem to have trouble getting out of those things. You've got to love the waterslides through the woods though.
  17. We're headed to WhiteWater next week....how were the employees. We visited WW several times before Six Flags took over and really enjoyed ourselves. We went post Six Flags takeover, and found that the employees had developed the typical this is just a summer job I don't give a rip I'm only 15 attitude often seen in other six flags parks. It appeared that some of the rides (slides) were not placed into "operation" until enough bodies were in the park....and some of the big family tube rides were loading really really slow due to the fact that they had to wait and wait and wait for the conveyor to bring up the next tube....we had the feeling they were really trying to pinch pennies there. Please tell me the park has gotten better.
  18. http://www.knoebels.com/flood.htm for photos. Sure hate to see this.
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