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  1. ^ Be sure to watch out for the impending helicopter chase if you try this, those blades can be nasty.
  2. Just finished Blasphemy by Douglass Preston. Great read, unexpected ending. I loved how irritating the evangelical pastors were. Next up will be The Color of Magic.[/u]
  3. How will the atmosphere be affected in themed areas in parks with the new Six Flags Radio? An area playing themed music, like the Congos in the Golden Kingdom, or even scary music during Fright Fest, is greatly enhanced by the matching music, and that could be ruined with advertisements being blared over the loudspeakers. Also, have you been inspired to make any specific additions from the trip to Europa Park.n(Better theming, possibly a hotel, etc. etc.)
  4. ^Especially if you heard the audio played backwards after the credits.
  5. Awesome movie, intense, funny, dramatic, and the style of shooting really makes you feel like you're part of the movie. SPOILER
  6. I suppose it depends mostly on what movies you want to watch. As previously stated, the quality is almost exactly the same. Many people, including myself, are waiting to see which format comes out on top before buying. You don't want to waste money, and you already have a blu-ray player. I would suggest waiting for a while before purchasing another hi def player.
  7. ^Yeah, but wouldn't it be more economical to just hit guests on the head with a hammer as they enter the park?
  8. Will these trains work with the Scorpion track flipped upsidedown? Or, can you use these trains in a custom layout?
  9. ^They're replacing the lift hill chain.
  10. If they were two totally separate coasters, Ice would get my vote. But, I enjoy Fire's near miss moments much more, so it's my favorite.
  11. Wow, that snake sure is dusty! This might be the best TR I've read. Not sure why, but I really like it.
  12. Wow....it's pretty interesting to see the differences in people's details of Beastly Kingdom. (or Beastlie Kingdomme, from what I understand. Something about medieval spelling.) From what I've heard, the land was supposed to be divided in two, good and evil, as previously stated. The Quest for the Unicorn maze was to be the star attraction of the "good" side, whereas Dragon's Tower, an inverted coaster, would dominate the "evil" side. The storyline I remember for Dragon's Tower was that you were going to help the bats take the treasure from the dragon who guarded it. The train seats would look like melted cauldrons, and bats would be above, carrying you. During the ride you would come face to face with a large, jewel wearing dragon, and launch out. After which you would go through typical roller coaster elements, of course with theming.
  13. Yeti Ball in lady's underwear? Robb in a questionable pose? Someone call Lou! Official entry #1
  14. My family is going to LA president's day weekend, and I figure the parks will be very crowded. What would be the best days to go to each park out of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday?
  15. hmmmmm....I think ice is a better coaster by itself. But fire has better interaction with ice. My favorite is still ice though.
  16. ummmmmmmm...so, where is it? sorry if it sounded rude.
  17. How about a DARK RIDE!!! And not a crappy one either. One with theming...lots of theming...ridiculous amounts of theming...so much theming your head will explode. ^I know that. It just sounded like you thought they would never pay it off. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh. Are we cool? sorry, I'm new here. Still having trouble editing posts.
  18. But they are making money off flashpass, food, drinks, and souveneirs.
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