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Game-The Guy Above Me

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^ Posting from my bedroom in massachusetts, but you were close


< Is craving S:ROS SFNE badly right now...


V Will not post before 1:30 PM of TPR's interpratation of GMT - 5 Hours Time (Where I am it's an hour later, TPR must not take into account daylight savings time or something

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^ I'm guessing that's some kind of chilli or pepper. In which case, I think I could, having always been good at handling the spicy food. Mum's major craving when pregnant with me was chilli and I was having Thai food since in a high chair.

< Wants to be on the Midwest Trip. Right now

v Hey batter batter bing...batter batter

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^ Yes I do and You make some kick @$$ cartoons so Kudos to you my friend. btw I think the point to possting someone for the guy/gal below is to say something random/weird and see their response. In some cases it happens to be true.

< Is disappointed. (see my sig for the reason)

V Thinks I need to try harder.

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