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Anything To Do Up Around Cedar Point?


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Sadly, not much.


Unless you want to ride more coasters, from CP Geauga Lake is only an hour away. I make a one hour drive to CP there and back (2 hour total) on Friday nights after work. And thats only for 3-4 hours of play time.


You could visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as well in cleveland if you didnt want to go to Geauga or spend the money, though GL is pretty cheap.

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I just wish there were places to eat open after 10pm in Sandusky .. ran into that during CoasterMania and our Halloween visit last year .. ended up at this ghetto looking pizza place, which was quite good and they had this hot girl working there .. which in turned got me slapped and other strange looks.

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I highly recommend the awesome SANDUSKY MALL!!!!


If you want a killer flashback to the 1970's or want to feel like you're in some low budget horror movie, go here!!!


Elissa "does it even count as a 'mall'?" Alvey

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Go on a cruise in the bay.


Catch a ferry to Pelee Island in Canada.


Go to the party islands in lake erie- which are more like alcoholic theme parks.


Ride Mean Streak which should induce unconsiousness for a couple of hours.

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If you are in to a party atmosphere by night and a peaceful island by day take the boat to Put in Bay. It leaves from the waterfront in downtown Sandusky. You can rent a golf cart during the day and ride around the island and then have a dinner/libation in the town square.

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Put in Bay and the other islands up there are a big deal, and there are two resorts now (one is CPs and the other is called Bear Lodge or Wolf Lodge or Moose Lodge... some woodsy creature) that have indoor water parks. I should think that during the season that most of the restaurants along the main roads into Cedar Point should be open late.


Shari "We usually stop at McDonald's" Shoufler

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Last two trips to CP were in September and October .. so maybe that's why nothing was open, plus we don't eat at McDonalds, scary considering it was across the street from us at Breaker's Express ... one night we ended up eating at the gas station down the street where you turn onto Cleveland Rd.

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Cleveland guy here:

Stuff to do in Cleveland:

MetroParks Z00, Cleveland Museum of Art, Rock & Roll hall of fame (never been there...) about a billion places to eat and shop.

Natural History Museum. Inventure Place: Akron.

Someone told me there is a COSI near Toledo, but i'm not sure.

I'm drawing a blank on other things to do here but i'll add more over time.

If you need any directions to places in Cleveland, let me know and I'll have them for you.

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