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Discovery Documentary Update!

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Finally I have some air dates for the Discovery Channel documentary on wood coasters. Only UK and Canada at the moment, but USA dates will follow...


Discovery Canada airs "Building the Biggest: Coasters” March 23 at 9pm

Discovery UK airs "Building the Biggest: Coasters" March 29 at 10pm.



Thanks to everyone at TPR! Particularly those who came to our press conference shoot at Beech Bend Park and everyone who posted comments and opinions on this forum, which helped us hugely at the development stage.






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Uh Oh Kenshinmac needs a Tivo but so do I.


Ya finally a new coaster show up here. I have been waiting for the Megastructures one with the construction of Kingda Ka on I think it was Discovery Civilization and so I got mad because they played half way through the 2005 season for it then stopped showing them so...


Oh and I would but its just that I don't have anything with S-video that I can put by my TV to hook up to my PC and I also don't want to get another e-mail from my ISP about seeding

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Wow Discovery Canada is running a new coaster show?


Canada tends to get left out on the coaster shows.


And OMG OMG OMG - it's airing on my BIRTHDAY!!!!!



Way to go, twist of wonderful fate.


MAJOR EDIT : Just went to the Discovery Link. It shows March 23rd for the Canada airing...... um..... please advise???

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Just reconfirming what I found at the Discovery site:


Building the Biggest - Rollercoasters

Thurs., March 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Ever since the American Rosenthal brothers built the Cyclone in 1926, roller coasters have held a terrifying fascination for generations of thrill seekers. The Cyclone quickly became a Brooklyn icon, but in the 1950s families began to abandon the city for the suburbs and the demise of Coney Island mirrored the move from wood to steel in the search for the ultimate gravity defying roller coaster ride. Until now - 50 years later, the wooden coaster is being reborn. "Woodies" offer a very different quality of ride that’s enhanced by a physiological induction of fear. This episode joins the race to build the most terrifying ride, travelling to Indiana, Kentucky and New Jersey where three of the biggest, fastest and tallest wooden roller coasters are under construction. Watch as engineers calculate the winning formula to enthrall, thrill and terrify.


So - this is what's there. Please confirm, LizTV?

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Hi Nrthwnd,


Yes! Discovery Canada have just changed the air date and brought the episode forward in the series, which is good news.


So just to confirm Discovery Canada will air Building the Biggest: Coasters on 23 March at 9pm


Glad you are all looking forward to it!

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Any idea when the US version will air? I've been wanting to see this ever since it was announced here... Any chances of it becoming annual?


Again, any chance that someone can record it in CA so I can watch it without having to wait for the US Discovery to get over their Motor Tweaking and Survival everything... Seriously they just killed Monster House last night and I don't watch anything but Mythbusters and the occassional Coaster show on Discovery these days... Sigh... I remember when it was a really great network, now it is just trying to follow every mainstream trend. It is almost like a semi-educational MTV.

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So just to confirm Discovery Canada will air Building the Biggest: Coasters on 23 March at 9pm


Ah well. For a while it was truly bizarre and interesting in my life. A brand-new coaster program on my birthday...day, heh heh.


But - shall watch it on the 23rd, then. Thanks for re-confirming the new date of televising.


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  • 4 weeks later...



Just watched show on Discovery Canada Channel, earlier tonight!


It was pretty good, especially the editting and mixing of information, visuals and 'even coverage' of the three coasters profiled.


And after what I just saw? I'm sort of rootin' fer the Rumbler, heh heh.



Good show. You'll enjoy it (I hope) when it airs in the States & UK. Would be interesting to see how they would handle three steel coasters going for the GP's attention and $.


Any suggestions here, on which three...hmmm?



(EDIT: BIG Oops. How could I forget! Go JULIE Go! You little "Rumbler Rouser," you! )

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