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Shapiro visits SFKK

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It sounds as though Snyder is finally going to get the "little" things done and forgo the giant coasters and such till things are running smoothly. It's sort of like your own personal finances---you don't go out and buy a 60-inch plasma TV when you owe a lot of $$$ on credit cards. If you can't afford it, you don't get it. You save up. When you have extra is when you buy "extras."


In other words, what Six Flags should have been doing all along.




Yeah, that's how I feel. For people who think some of these things aren't good ideas, remember, these guys have a huge mess (financially and in the parks) to clean up. It's such a problem that the solutions have to be harsh and brutal until things clear up.


BTW....have they painted t2 recently? It really needed one in 2003. Heck, they should spend the money on removing it instead of re-painting it.


-Bryan "Give these guys a few years, heck, most of these parks haven't even opened for the season yet" Wood

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The reason parks like that very rarely get new rides is their popularity. No one goes to the parks. The parks like SFOG, SFMM, SFGAdv, and SFGAm all have high attendance. The parks you listed are mainly out in the middle of nowhere. Another one is the Great Escape, I used to live up in New York and that was the only park near me, it was out in the middle of nowhere, thus them getting no good rides. It makes sense to only put the expensive rides where they will be used the most.


Where they will be used the most, HA HA HA HA, what a joke. Parks cannot grow without the installment of Certain Coasters or Flat Rides and really on the coaster side. My home park SF St. Louis, is one of two original Six Flag Parks left out of 3 that started it all, and the love has not been good to STL over the years, Yes we have a new Waterpark. At least nothing was removed except for a section of parking lot, people movers would be nice to put back on the shopping list! The river ride similar to Disney jungle river cruise, a great family ride kids love the jokes, was lost to Thunder River and Mr. Freeze in the middle of the Island, the list could go on and on! We have undeveloped property that new attractions should of been put in, instead of destroying park history. I like Shapiros ideas of themed attractions like Disney has and was once like our park was hope they turn more of our park, I believe in Change, but with so much land undeveloped here, this park would compete with Great America which was a Marriot Park originally and not SF and was a nice purchase by Premier Parks, then the attention started to fall away from the original dream to sculpted parks already in existence.


Six Flags Should concentrate on making more of the parks equal on ride formats but not copys or the same ride of something else they have in their parks ride list of all parks. We can only have too many Goliaths!


The idea should be based as going to this park because they have "different Coasters", Flats are pretty well the same in the park, themeing different, But Coasters are unique, no 2 woodies are alike, there is something unique about them.


I just hope he works on the marks in the Midwest in bringing them up to the same amount of coasters as MM and Great America, Please!!!!

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and St. Louis was also Walt Disney's first choice for the location of Walt Disney World. I don't think it would have been as successful as Orlando


I think their was a couple of choices in MO, but I remember as a Kid that the one was south of Rolla, MO in the middle of the State.


And at one point the SF over Mid America now STL, was a lot like Disney. At least some of the attractions.

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My home park SF St. Louis, is one of two original Six Flag Parks left out of 3 that started it all...


Weren't the 3 original 6 Flags parks SFOT, SFOG, and SFoMA?


Yes that are the oriiginal SF theme parks. I was wrong in thinking 2 left, I was thinking Astroworld, wihich was the first constructed park Six Flags bought already in operation in 1975.


Over Texas and Georgia and Mid America now St. Louis are still alive St. Louis needs some catching up to do in the Coaster Department! No excuse for one of the mother parks for SF to have less attractions than the first three!



St. Louis has lots of room to expand to the east of the park, and hopefully we will see

a new section coming in the future instead of the land being sold!

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