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Hi friends, I haven't been a member of a coaster club since the late 80s when I joined ACE for one year. Now I plan to join a club, largely to attend Holiwood Nights. I'm looking for feedback regarding which club to join. Any advice? The clubs I'm considering include:


American Coaster Enthusiasts

CoasterBuzz Club

Coaster Crew

Coaster Zombies

Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts

European Coaster Club

Florida Coaster Club

Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club

National Amusement Park Historical Association


Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain

Western New York Coaster Club


I would just rejoin ACE, but fee is $60 and I probably won't attend any of their events.

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For cost, you can't go wrong with Rideworld. I think they're the cheapest one out there. I really don't know anything else about the organization, though. The people that run it seem cool, and I know they plan various trips throughout the year.


The ECC has a kick-ass magazine. So if you really like reading about and looking at coaster pics, that might be the way to go. The rest of them I either don't know anything about, or will just refrain from commenting upon.


I'm not much of an "official" group type person, so I don't belong to any organizations. And I've gotten to the point where if there's a group event at a park, I'll attend another day. But that's just me...



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I have been a member of ECC for 3 1/2 years now and like others have already mentioned, First Drop magazine is fantastic with lots of great articles and ride reports as well as many excellent pictures. Its also fairly cheap so I would say that the magazine alone is worth the costs of being a member.


Cant comment on any of the other clubs as ECC is the only one Im a member of.

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Im a proud ACEr, while some people in ACE are quite egotistical or ACE-holes doesn't mean everyone is...I've never been to an "ace" event but I went to Coastermania and IJ:ST media day at PKI, Saved half price on admission when I went to PKD and saved about 20 bucks when I went to Holiday World...While the ACErness thing is true, I stopped caring people can think of me as they like and Ill just keep on riding coasters, eating and wearing my fannie pack and one of the best advantages of ACE is really seeing the people you can make fun of the most

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