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Favorite Word in the Urban Dictionary!


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My friend got this yesterday and I haven't laughed that hard in weeks.


Basically it is a dictionary filled with slang terms. Here's some really funny ones: (not meant to be racist related)


Term created by inner city youth expressing obvious agreemet, but eradicated from use once it was adopted by mainstream America as a parody of inner city youths.


White Guy: "I sure could use a beer"

Whiter Guy: "f'shizzle my n'izzle"

Non-white Guy: Rolls eyes


Huge items which are worn by gangstas as jewelry to show how wealthy they are. Items range from diamond earrings so big their heads are permanently cast to one side, chains so heavy that the individual suffers from chronic neck pains, and rings which take two fingers to wear. Usually made of platinum and laced with diamonds, those who purchase this type of jewelry find themselves in heavy debt and thus cannot afford to pay for the other necessities in life, like a comb, toothbrush, soap, washing power, or tissue. Though one who has an excessive amount of ice ends up sacrificing their personal hygiene, they believe they are still superior to the rest of humanity because of all the jewelry they possess. However, in most cases, individuals end up purchasing fake jewelry either because they can not afford the real thing or because they do not know any better.

~v. –ed, –ing, –es. To drench oneself in jewelry to a point where there is no reason to wear any clothes because the jewelry covers every inch of their body.


1.I am so iced out

2. I have so much ice.


Post your favorites!

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Ahh, the random words...


1. poopsock


1. A sock that is used as a temporary contained for faecal matter.

2. A vital part of any dedicated EverQuest player's equipment. A poopsock eliminates the need to go all the way to the bathroom, which wastes valuable levelling time.

3. An insult used to refer to an obsessive MMORPG player who gains an unusually high number of levels in one day.


ex.: SpawnSlayer13 is such a poopsock. He got from level 1 to 60 in the space of a day.

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"I say this be changed to the "favorite word in the Urban Dictionary" Thread!


gay cancer


Before much was known about AIDS/HIV, "gay cancer" was sometimes used to describe this strange infection that effected mostly homosexual males in the US.


ex: Fag caught a case of gay cancer." -Bicoastalkid


Wow, could you have used a more macabre example from the slang dictionary??? Someone's disturbed...

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1. ringtone DJ


this is what you call a person who is shuffling through all their fudging ringtones one after another. You yell at them but they don't stop they are like DJ's except they control ringtones not music.

Jordan: Aye ringtone DJ i don't wanna hear your tones...stop showwing off you turd.

Ringtone DJ: Do you like this one??

Jordan: ARRrrrrrrggggg


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This is by far the, the best "NEW WORD FOR ME OF 2005". I love it. The link in this post to the dictionary tends to relate it to depressed teens... There were over 600 definitions! Too many to post.


It is quickly making it into the slang of the 21st century yuppy... I will personally see to this! There are MANY emo 20 somethings and 30 somethings. I think I know half of them!

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Ever since that Chapelle's show episode, I was always wondering what that was. Goes to show you how "clever" some people think they are with their birth control...totally stupid.


BTW, I hit the random button and I got "Gimmel."

Never knew there was an actual word for that.

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I thought the term "wicked" was coined in England...I guess I just be ignunt is all...


Yeah, it is also used in England to express something cool, but when we use Wicked in New England, it's kicked up a notch..


US ---> really,very, extremely

UK ---> cool, good, great, funky

France ---> (as 'terrible') great


Haha, in one of the definitions for wicked it has a disclaimer for residents who are not from/live in New England


"*Dont say it if your not from New England b/c you'll sound like a dumbass and people will make fun of you."

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