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Connyland is adding two new attractions

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There will be two "new" attractions this year.


Voodoo Island re-theming


Last December Connyland announced that they will build a "big" and "scary" mountain over their splash battle, called Voodoo Island. They put this Video online:

Unfortunately this Video is in german, but they´re just saying that they´re building a big mountain, where the riders will enter and that there will be ghosts inside.


Last week, they published another Video where they showed how far the construction went.

In this Video they said that they want to thank for their community and that someone (me ) asked what is happening at Voodoo Island. Then they said that there´s still a lot to do till Season opening, but they can do that. Finally they said that they will Keep us up to date.


The next new attraction is the


4D Cinema


Yes! Connyland get´s a 4D Cinema. It will go in the Chateau Theatre, where they had some shows before. They will be playing the film: Happy Feet 4D-Experience

They announced the new Cinema in one of their Videos, where they installed the Cinema screen.

Here they didn´t mentioned which film they will be played. This came out later, when Parkerlebnis.de published an article about it.



Connyland has released a teasing image:

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New Parrot Stage & Show


In mid of January, Connyland also announced that they're building a new parrot stage and a new show called Birdy.

This was announced in this video:




This sunday they showed the new stage. The parrots are calling the stage "Conny Ei Land" (Conny Egg Land)


How the new stage looks finished:




IMO: this looks very good and it is a great upgrade for the park too, because the old parrot stage was just a white table...


PS: they will be showing an update of VooDoo Island next week

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Last Sunday I've been at Connyland and so I have new photos of VooDoo Island. It wasn't operating doe the pump is broken since a week, so I don't know if it has ever opened in the 2016 season.


One more new thing:


Dino Attack get's a new front Gate


When it will be finished is not known, but the Dark ride is still operating, because there is a small path next to it where people can get to the entrance.


A few photos:


VooDoo Island's tunnel


From the inside


And the new gate for Dino Attack

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New for 2017: Kiddy Racer


Connyland announced to open a new coaster this summer. According to the teasing pictures, it will be a Gerstlauer Kiddy Racer.

Source: Connyland


New for 2017: Laser Tempel


They also announced a new attraction called "Laser Tempel" for this summer. While there isn't any information on their website, you can find a teaser on their 2017 park map.


IMG_3782.thumb.JPG.2fc01f7d8db142fa2ea252ff1ccf5031.JPG Source: Connyland park map 2017


Update: Dino Attack Gate


During the 2016 season Connyland renewed the gate for the "Dino Attack" dark ride. This is how it looks now:


IMG_3298.thumb.JPG.965f09016c8f83b497c034fb456d3d92.JPG Source: my photo


And last but not least:


New Theming for the Log Flume and the Park Railroad


During this offseason Connyland re-themed the tunnel of the park railroad and the hill of the log flume next to it. They also used the opportunity to renew the electronics of the log flume. While the log flume got themed after the Grand Canyon, the railroad tunnel got a new bird wedding. (The animatronic show they play in the tunnel)

Here is the last construction update video they posted:




Both rides are back open now, but when I visited on April 8th, just the log flume was already open.



Quite a lot of news for such a small park, but that shows they want to expand their portfolio, which is IMO a good decision. I'm already looking forward to what they will be doing in the near future.

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Connyland builds a 56m tall Catapult Tower


According to an interview with St. Galler Tagblatt the managing Director Erich Bran­denberger said, Connyland will be adding a 56m (184ft) tall catapult tower. They already have the building permit and construction will start soon. It is scheduled to have the foundations done until the end of the year. So they´re planning on being finished for their season opening in Easter. It will be powered with compressed air.


Mr. Brandenberger also said, they are happy to report the great season they had, with up to 4000 guests on "Auffahrt" (publich holiday) and on average 2500 to 3000 guests on a sunny sunday. The new additions are well accepted from the visitors, especially the new laser parcours, Lasertempel.

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Space Shot Tower now open


Two weeks ago Connyland finally opened theis new S&S Shot'n'Drop called Space Shot Tower. I visited Connyland last Saturday and made a few photos and an offride Video.





New vertical Darkride to open in 2020


During the Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam, the owner of Connyland Robert Gasser announced a new vertical darkride from the swiss manufacturer Ride Engineers Switzerland. It will cost around 2 million swiss francs and should open in the 2020 season.


Source: Parkerlebnis



Dino Attack Upgrade


The interactive darkride Dino Attack got an upgraded electronic system, so the counting of the guns is back working. They also finished the front gate of this attraction, which now has two dinosaur animatronics.









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Flashback of the 2020 Season 

The 2020 season started a bit more than 2 months late on June 6th. Right on the opening day, you got to experience the new train for Cobra, built by german manufacturer Sunkid-Heege. Those new trains feature 3 2x2 cars, where the riders face each other. The front and back row are both facing forwards. The restraint consists of a lapbar with some straps over the shoulders and around your waist. 


My Opinion: The new train improves the ride experience a lot, but it still felly a bit rattly. I like that you cane ride Cobra now backwards and watch your friends during the ride. 


Winter Season 2020

Since the owners of Connyland couldn't run their famous winter circus "Zirkus Conelli", they had the idea to make a winter season in 2020, the "Weihnachtszauber". This Started in the mid of November and got stopped in beginning of December, due to new covid-regulations from the government.


New Ride for 2020 delayed

The new for 2020 ride by swiss manufacturer RES got delayed (before covid hit) and construction has started this winter. It is an indoor tower ride from RES, with the name Crazy Professor". I visited the park last weekend to check out the work progress. As of then, the old dolphin lagoon now completely got removed and some ground works are in progress, but no footers or anything of the new ride was visible from the parking lot. 


The park itself looks good from the outside. The S&S Tower fits well next to Cobra. 


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