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Fantawild Expands To Iran

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In something of an unexpected move Fantawild have built their first park outside of China. It appears the new Dreamland park is already complete in Iran.


The Iranian IMNA news agency recently released a whole load of pictures taken at the park near Isfahan. The park has a whole number of Fantawild staples such as the Dino Attack 3D ride as well as a number of the smaller Chinese built coasters. (no SLC or Mine Train here I'm afraid)


Take a look at the pictures below which show off a number of views from the new park.


It's a pity the park follows the phase 1 format because the newer Fantawild parks are much much better and have really stepped up their ride technology. However I imagine rides like Dino Attack are still miles better than anything else currently in Iran.


It will be interesting to see where Fantawild expand next.



















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I'm happy to hear that Iran is building any sort of theme park at all. Hope that it does well.


But yeah, even if I was whorish enough to go to Iran for this, it's very clear that Iran doesn't want me there.

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Heh...I was talking with a friend just this week and we're like "Man, we should go to Tehran. It looks awesome!" Admittedly, none of that had anything to do with mechanical rides for kids, but I have to admit that the idea of riding bootleg Chinese built coasters and dark rides for an afternoon out there sounds kinda entertaining. Sorta the perfect thing to cap a totally absurd trip like visiting there.

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