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Boy critical after falling 30 feet from Castles N’ Coasters

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I'm also concerned it could lead to no single rider policies on log flumes. I know Morey's Piers already does that. It could end up like ferris wheels where it seems like you can't find any that allow single riders anymore.


He was with another rider. How would this lead to no single riders?

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He was with another rider. How would this lead to no single riders?

It doesn't make much sense, but I would not be surprised. I was not allowed to ride the Enterprise at our local fair because I was a single rider, and that makes no sense either. Any extra rules that they put in place just might keep them from getting sued in a certain situation, so why not? Even if this had nothing to do with single riders... it would not surprise me.

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I remember at California Great America (when I was 13-15) I was scared of the log ride and still am due to there being no safety restraints at all. However, I know it's safe given everyone comes off the ride just fine. The drop isn't too steep and you won't fall out unless you cause yourself to.


I can understand why the kid felt unsafe though if it's anything like the one at CGA. but if that was the case, he shouldn't of gone on. Just as I don't do any waterside higher then maybe 20-30 feet.

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