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Photo TR: First time to Florida!

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Hi Guys


The last 3 weeks I've been on vacation in Florida. We didn't visited that many theme parks, but the ones we visited, were Awesome! (4 Theme Parks and 2 Water Parks) the rest of the time we were in the Keys, Everglades, Miami & co.



Here are the days 1 & 2 (7/10 & 7/11)


Arrival & Everglades


Day 1: Arrival


At 10am we left our house and went to the Airport Zürich, Switzerland by train. At 2pm our plane left the Airport and after an 11 hour flight we landed at 7pm in Miami. We've picked up our rental car and went to our hotel in Key Largo. That's it for day one, sadly I didn't made any photos in the plane!


Day 2: The Everglades


After a short breakfast at Starbucks, we took our car and went to the everglades, more exactly to Flamingo.

Here are some photos:


View from our Hotel room in Key Largo


Lake in the everglades


Funny looking tree




Hi Gator!


Funky tree










And a parrot on a stick (better than a selfie stick! ;)


The following days I will post soon...


Tired alligator


Ohh look at him, he's sad! :(


Baby Gators


On the way back, we stopped on a gator farm and saw baby gators, big gators and other animals. We also took an airboat ride, which was cool and very wet (especially when you sit in the front row!)


So cute

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So here are days 3 - 6 (7/12 - 7/15)


The Keys


Day 3: Glass Bottom Boat tour in Key Largo


We got up in the morning and had a good waffle in the waffle house. After that we went to the beach of our Hotel. In the afternoon went on a glass bottom boat tour. The coral reef and the fishes were nice, but it nearly took my breath when I saw all that trash near the harbor on the bottom of the sea!


Day 4: Traveling to Key West with a few stops


We went down the keys and stopped at the dolphin research center in Marathon. After that we continued to travel and made a few photo stops.

When we arrived in Key West, we went to the Southernmost point of the USA and after that we went dining at the Banana Cafe, which was good!


Day 5 & 6: Key West


Well, on these two days we went to the beach, walked into the town and we got a sunburn!


Here are the photos:


Sunset from our Hotel room


Old railway bridge, which is now a footbridge


Pelican on a big stick


7 mile bridge


Few small islands in the ocean


Southernmost point of the USA. How long does it take to swim 90Miles to Cuba?


This guy was in the middle of a food area in a state park, where we made the glass bottom boat tour!


Sushi! Yummy:D


The following days will come soon...


Whaat? Flooded roads after the rain? I've never saw that in Switzerland!


End of Highway nr. 1 (Mile 0)


This was hilarious and horrible at the same time!


Sunset in Key West


Little Switzerland, sadly they only selled swiss wathes and not swiss chocolate or cheese! :(


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Days 7 - 10 (7/16 - 7/19)


The Everglades and Naples


Day 7: from Key West to Naples


We got up early and went up the keys, we stopped in Key Largo to eat a fabulous breakfast at Mrs. Mac's Kitchen! Yummy, I love waffles!

We took the Tamiami Trail to Naples and stopped at an Indian reserve, where was a little but nice alligator show and after it, we could hold the baby gators! It kinda was like holding a raw piece of fillet! After that we went on a 25 mile long ring road thru the "jungle" where we saw many wild gators swimming in small rivers! Finally we arrived in Naples and checked in in our Hotel.


Day 8: Everglades City & 10'000 Islands


We went to Everglades City and took a 2 hour boat tour out to the 10'000 Islands! And we saw wild manetees and dolpins! After that we ate lunch and took another Airboat ride. I took my GoPro on it, but sadly the camera shut down after about 20 minutes of recording, but I don't know why! (The battery level was at 70% when I swithed it on after the ride!) So no Airboat POV!

In the evening we ate at a small, but great Restaurant near our Hotel, it's called Buzz's Lighthouse.


Day 9: Naples and Beach


We visited the old market and the pier, but the pier was closed for renorvations. The rest of the day we were on the beach and cooled us down in the Gulf of Mexico. In the evening we ate again at Buzz's Lighthouse.


Day 10: Sanibal Island and arriving in Tampa!


We went to Sanibal Island and ate breakfast in the Lighthouse Cafe, where we had to wait about 20 minutes for a free table (it was sunday), luckily there were two gift shops next to it, where we could spend some time! After the breakfast we went to the beach and my sister and my father's girlfriend were looking for some seashells. We continued our yourney and stopped at the Mote Marine Aquarium. After that we went to Tampa and checked in in our Hotel. Later we went to KFC and ate dinner.


Be excited, because tomorrow I'll show you the first Theme Park of our Trip!

Which one will it be??


Here are some photos:


Naples pier, which was closed! :(


Wild Gators


Say Hi


On rivers like these we saw them.


Big Boss


That's how I feel at the end of the week...


Will there be any Airtime on this bridge?


Small Alligator show


Baby gators


...and more Islands!


...more Islands...


Sunset from the 14th floor


Our Hotel room


What a view..


Another Beach, but I don't know it's name


Sanibal Island


10'000 Island Boat Tour...


It seems like the gators don't like japanese stuff...


Airboat ride, but the first one was way better!


Huge bride in Tampa!


Get ready, because tomorrow you'll see the first theme park photos! :D

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Day 11 (7/20)


Busch Gardens Tampa!


We got up at 7:30am, ate breakfast and went to BGT. BGT is about 20 min from our Hotel away, but it took us about 40 minutes because of a traffic jam before and on the Highway! So we arrived after opening!

Finally we were in the park ant went directly to Pantopia, but this part opened at 10am, so we waited a couple of minutes. When it opened I directly went on Falcon's Fury, after that on Sand Serpent. Scorpion was sadly closed because of maintenance service. Luckily we had a 2nd day free on our tickets and on the next day Scorpion was running!

We continued with Kumba and Kongo River Rapids and we got soaked! I went on the Log Flume and wanted to go on Sheikra, but just when I wanted to enter the q-line, the ride got shut down because of lightning in the area, and it soon startet to rain. When the weather got better, I rode the kiddie coaster and we then took the Serengeti Railway to Nairobi and ate lunch next to Cheetah Hunt. After the lunch I went to Sheikra and it was running, so I rode it! Awesome Dive Coaster! We were just dry and we then went onto the Tidal Wave! We wanted to take the skyride to Cheetah Hunt, but it was closed, so we walked. I entered the Queue and I was in the line for the front row, only a few people in front of me and then came this announcement:

Due inclement weather in the area, this ride will be temporarily shut down.

But after about 20 minutes it re-opened!

After Cheetah Hunt I went on Montu.

30 minutes before the park closed, we entered Sheikra's Queue and we got to ride it 20 min later in the dark!

After that ride, we went back to our Hotel and ate dinner at Mc Donald's.


I made POV's of all coasters and of some rides and I made a Video TR, which you can watch here:





But I also have made some photos, here they are:


I can see Sheikra and Falcon's Fury!!! :D




First Sheikra


Next Cheetah Hunt


This ride will soak you!






Awesome Intamin Drop Tower!


Awesome Intamin Multi Launch Coaster!




Best coaster in the park!


Uhm, I'll ride you later...


Gwazi is SBNO


I never had the chance to ride these two coasters


Then a ride on Monto (no line, but it said 15 minutes wait time!)


Sheikra at night


The following day will come tomorrow...




And it's getting dark...




Fun coaster, but it was on our first day closed due maintenance service :(


But luckily it was open on the next day :)


Ohh, the next lightning is comming, oh noo!


Waiting to get my bag checked


Serengeti Railway


Hi Sheikra


Other train




Some animals, but I sadly didn't saw any donkeys! :(

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Day 12 (7/21)


BGT & Fun Spot America


We got up the same time as on the day before, ate breakfast and went to BGT and departed a bit earlier and took another route, so we were about 15 min before the park opened there. My parents droped us off at the park and they went to Ybor City. When it opened, we went straight to Cheetah Hunt, but because the bill changer (for the locker) wasn't working and the madam in the shop didn't wanted to hurry, we had to wait 10 minutes in line to ride Cheetah Hunt instead of a few! After that we went to Pantopia and rode Falcon's Fury, Sand Serpent and finally Scorpion. Then we wanted to ride Sheikra, but lightning showed up and it rained! When it got better, it had a 35min q-line and we went on Kumba, which was a 15min wait! We tried again Sheikra, but the next dark cloud came! When it got better, It's wait time was still long, so we took the train, but had to exit at the most back station due lightning! Because our parents arrived to catch us up, we had to walk all the way thru the rain! We were soaked...

After an hour driving, we arrived in our Hotel. After changing the wet clothes, we went to Fun Spot America, which was a HUGE fun! I spent a few hours there while my sister & parents went to several gift shops. I rode one Go-Kart track, the Quad Helix (yellow), but I wasn't that excited. (Roller coasters are more fun! ) My personal favourite was absolutely White Lightning! It's even my favorite Woodie I've ridden! I left in when it was dark and I had my first ride on a Skycoaster, ever! And it was in the dark! man, that's awesome! Before I left, I bought a bucket with caramel popcorn.


Here are the Photos:


Rain, when we wanted to ride Sheikra


Station of this Awesome GCI Woodie!


Best coaster in the park


White Lightning




We had to run more than a half Mile thru this rain!!


I can see coasters


Arriving at Fun Spot America


Freedom Flyer was an allright ride


Rip Curl. Come to our Fun Fair, ride Disco Express (40 year old version of Rip Curl) and you won't like Rip Curl anymore!


Bye Fun Spot


After a Theme Park, a bucket of Popcorn is always good...


Bye my favourite Woodie


Bye Freedom Flyer


Skycoaster, awesome & indescribable


Kiddie count


Go Karts

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Day 13 (7/22)


Aquatica & Wet'n'Wild


I got up while the rest of the family was sleeping. I ate breakfast and left at 9 am to take the bus to Aquatica. By a few seconds I missed the I ride trolley, but the Lynx 8 came just one minute later. The problem was: I thought the Lynx Bus 8 and the I ride trolley have the same routes and I thought that the Lynx Bus also stops at Aquatica, but after a few stations away from Seaworld, I realised, I missed my bus stop! So I had to take the next bus back.

At 9:40am I finally arrived at Aquatica. There were a lot of people. After I stowed my bag in a locker, I went on the tube slides near the entrance. Than I headed to Ihu's Breakaway Falls. I had to wait about 15-20min, but it was worth. I also rode the purple one, which had nearly no wait! I couldn't do all slides, because the lines were too long and lightning showed up in the sky. I rode the racing slide, the slide with the big rafts over the tripple down and also Dolphin Plunge. For Dolpins Plunge, I had to wait about 45 minutes! Oh, and the sun was burning on my red shoulders! Ouch!

I left Aquatica at 2:30pm and I took the I ride trolley to Wet'n'Wild. When I arrived, I ate at a small Fast Food restaurant near Wet'n'Wild. Then I entered, while it was raining and everything was shut down! So I took a locker and walked around.

When it opened, first I took a ride on the Surge. Then I went on Mach 5 and afterwards on The Flyer and The Blast. I went to the other side of the park and made a Drag race on the Aqua Drag racer. I was the 2nd fastest. Then it was time for the very big one, the Bomb Bay. Compared with the other slides, It's q-line was a baby. There were only 2 people in front of me! The same next to it at Der Stucka! I rode both! I went over to The Black Hole, which had a really short line, but I had to wait, because I was a single rider! but after a few minutes a group of 3 came and I could slide with one of them. After that I went on Disco H2O, which had the longest line in the Park. After it, I rode Mach 5 again, 2 times, because no one was In line. Then again on Bomb Bay and Der Stucka and I took my first ride on the Brain Wash. I could slide with two girls from Orlando, but one girl jumped out of the tube, just before we droped down into the "wash machine "! It was a fun ride. Then I took a ride on theStorm, where was no line. After some more rides on the slides, I chilled out in the Wave Pool, because I was too weak to walk all those stairs up! (After a whole day running up the stairs!) Anyway, it was just a few minutes before 9pm, where the park closes. After some "Dude, here come the waves", I took my bag and left. After a dinner at KFC I went on the Bus back to the Hotel.


If it takes you wonder which park I like more, I can tell it to you. It is definitely Wet'n'Wild for me.

Reason: well, Wet'n'Wild has that flair, that Aquatica just doesn't gives to me. Even if Aquatica decorates everything well and plays Tropical Music, I prefer a classical water park, where you hear charts...

Wet'n'Wild is old, but Gold!


I made some photos, but not very much, because I'm never carrying my mobile phone around inside Waterparks. But here are the Photos I made:


Goodbye Wet'n'Wild, you are an Awesome Waterpark!


Tomorrow I'll show you the Universal Orlando Resort!


Good night all you Waterslides


Aquatica, I'm comming


Tube slides


Wet'n'Wild, I can see you!

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Day 14 (7/23)


Universal Orlando Resort!


We got up at 6:30am. After a short breakfast, we left our Hotel at 7:30am. After we parked our car, we went to the Universal Studios, but most of the people went to Islands of Adventures, which was good for us. After we've taken our tickets & fast passes, we went to Diagon alley and rode Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts first. We had to wait about 10min. We went to Men in Black, Simpsons, watched some shows and we've taken a ride on a cycle with ET, but we hadn't to push the pedals! I made the kiddie count and then we went to a diner to eat lunch. After Lunch, we went to the Minions, Transformers, Twister, Revenge of the Mummy and Rip Ride Rockit. While the Mummy was a great coaster, Rip Ride Rockit was kinda rough! But I like it's many MCBR, because of 2 reasons: 1. Capacity, 2. Airtime!

It was time to head over to Islands of Adventures, so we took the Hogwarts Express on platform 9 3/4 at the King's Cross Station. After a 45 min wait, we were sitting in the train, which is made in Switzerland!*

We arrived at Islands of Adventures and we went on the family coaster, Flight of the Hippogriff. We went over and wanted to ride Jurassic Park, but lightning showed up in the sky! So we went over to Spiderman and rode it. When we came out, the lightning was over and I went on Dr. Doom's Fear Fall and on Hulk! We went back and rode all 3 water rides in a row and we were soaked! We went over to the Hogwarts Castle and rode the Forbidden Journey with a wait time of 30min. Afterwards we ate diner and I went on the Dragon Challenge. I first rode the Chinese Fireball. When it left the station, it was only a few meters behind the Hungarian Horntail, so I was excited that they're kinda doing a duell, but half way up, our lift slowed down, to get enough distance! after I rode both sides, I went down to Hulk and rode it again. We left at 9:30pm and I was very happy, that there is a conveyor belt to the parking lot, because my legs were so lazy after that day!

It was a very cool day, but sadly, this was our last theme park we visited in the USA on this trip!


*little quiz: Tell me the manufacturer of the Hogwarts Express?


So here are the photos:


I can see the Universal Orlando Resort!


Looks so good...


Ahh, now you're awake!


This is how a dragon says good morning!


Next was MIB


It is so well themed!


Is the dragon sleeping? I can't see fire!


Universal Studios


Sunshine! At 8am!


The Wheasley's crazy store!


Diagon Alley




Minions! Luckily I hadn't a banana with me...


And the Hogwarts Castle


Very Wet water ride


Very wet Log Flume!


Spiderman, can you please tell the spiders in our basement not to place their nets there?


Family coaster


Hogwarts Express


Awesome Indoor coaster


Next train to Hogsmeade on platform 9 3/4


Here it is


Welcome to Hogsmeade


Dragon Challenge at night!


Hulk at night!



Well, at the end of the day, everyone has to go thru the exit...


Bye Islands of Adventures!


One question: what is TPR always telling about this tower?


Tomorrow, you'll see Naples and the Kennedy Space Center.

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Days 15 & 16 (7/24 & 7/25)


Bye Orlando & Space Center


Day 15


It was time to say goode bye to Orlando! Next destination was the Kennedy Space Center. We've gave our Satnav the Adress and it got it, but we ended up somewhere about 50 miles north of it! So we decided to visit it on the next day and we continued our journey. We stopped at Daytona Beach. Later we went to St. Augustine. We walked around in the old town and ate an Ice Cream on a waffle, but the waffle was open at the bottom!! In the evening we ate a pizza. After our stomach was full, we went back to the Hotel. After playing with cards, we went to bed.


Day 16


We got up, ate breakfast and left the Hotel. After some driving we arrived at the Space Center. It was arround lunch time when we arrived and we were hungry, so we looked for a restaurant inside the space center, but all had LONG lines! After a 20 min wait, we got our lunch. After that we took the bus to the launch pads. Then the bus dropped us off at a visitor complex, where a lifesize Apollo rocket was. Well, that rocket is really HUGE! After spending an hour there, we took the bus back to the main complex. After looking at the Space Shuttle Atlantis and watching an IMAX film, we left the Space Center at 6pm. After a long drive with a dinner stop at Wendy's, we finally arrived in our next Hotel in Palm Beach at about 10pm. We went to bed soon.


I didn't made any photos at Daytona Beach or in St. Augustine, but I have some of the Space center.

Here they are:




You enter the building and you see this giant end of the rocket!

How many TPR Members need to fart at the same time to launch this rocket??? ;)


In fact of heights, Kingda Ka could fit into it! (Without the Launch & Airtime Hill) ;)


The rocket assembly building is ginat


Kennedy Space Center


Well to know


Moon capsule


Tomorrow you'll see some photos from Miami


Ah, here it is.


Back to earth capsule


Space Shuttle rockets, but where's the space shuttle?

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Days 16 - 21 (7/26 - 7/31)


Miami Beach and flight Home


Day 16


After the night in Palm Beach, we went to a nearby shopping mall, where was a cinema. There we watched the Minions, which was very funny! After the movie we've picked our car and went down to Miami Beach to our Hotel, which was directly connected with the Beach! After dinner and an Ice Cream, we went back to our hotel to sleep.


Day 17


We've picked our car and went to Miami. After viewing the city, we went out to some islands. The last Island was a national park with a lighthouse, which was closed! Later we went back to Miami Beach, ate Dinner and we went on an unofficially observation "tower". Well, it was a 7 stories tall parking lot! After some Ice cream, we went back to the Hotel and went to bed.


Day 18


Beach Time! So, we spent the whole day on the Beach! We got a bit sunburn. After some Italian food and a small dessert, we went back to the Hotel.


Day 19


We went shopping in Fort Lauderdale and I got a new pair of shoes, some clothes and other small stuff. In the evening we went back and we ate in a good steakhouse our dinner.


Day 20


Well, on this day we hadn't done that much. I can't remember what we've done in the morning, but in the afternoon, we went to the beach. This day was kinda the "nothing to do day" (I rather spent one more day in Orlando!


Day 21


After breakfast, we checked out and went to the Miami Seaquarium. It had an killer whale show, dolphin show and sealion show. They also had small sharks. Also, they had some birds and tortoises. The weather was hot and sunny. We took our car and on the way to the Airport, it begun to rain heavily and there were lightning everywhere. We stopped at Arby's for a lunch, so we had to run from the parking lot to the entrance thru that rain! Once we were inside, we got the message: "cash only", but we just had about 3$ in cash!! So we waited and several times the light went short off. After a while my dad went to ask for the next ATM, but then the payment system was back working, so we could order and pay it. Just after we sat down, the energy went off again for a second an a cashier shouted: "cash only". After we were finished and the weather got better, we went to the Airport. Because of the lightning, no planes could start for 2 hours! After spending about 4-5 hours at the Airport, our plane was ready and it was time to say goodbye to Florida!


Here are the photos I made in Miami, Miami Beach and out of the plane:




Miami Skyline


Beach on one of these small Islands



What a view


...parking garage!


Minecraft Stuff


That's it for this Photo TR. I hope you enjoyed watching the photos and reading the texts.

Also thank you all for reading my TR's and if you have any questions about this trip, you can ask me.



Yummy, I'm eating the food I'm standing in!




Miami Seaquarium






Miami & Miami Beach at night


Mango's Tropical Cafe, but not the one in Orlando.


From the 7th floor of a...

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Cool TR!!! You sure got a lot done and 3 weeks is a very long vacation. Nice that not every day was spent rushing from place to place so you had time to relax too. Do you have plans to come back to the USA for another vacation in the future?

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^thank you. Yes 3 weeks are long, but if you think of the price of the flight, you need to go there at least 2 Weeks, that it's worth it!

I would love to go back to the USA to see some other theme parks, but nothing planned yet!

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The Lighthouse is on Key Biscayne. You have to go till the end of the road and you'll have to enter a state Park. It is in this state Park.

The parking Lot is in Miami Beach where the Alton Rd and the Lincoln Rd are crossing each other. The Car entry is on the Alton Rd, the foot-entry on the Lincoln Rd.

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