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Flip Coaster

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Bigger loop and longer layout? Please let them give it some speed, then. YOLOcoaster is fun and all and the hangtime is wicked but it loses so much speed on the uphill into the twisting dive.

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I read somewhere that the loop of that YOLO is even bigger and it has longer layout.


This is YOLOer Coaster.

I know the loop is/would be bigger but I didn't know about the layout. Or is the length difference just because of the increased height?

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Any more info on this coaster? I tried Googling around and all I found was this (translated with Google):

"Inverted roller coaster located in Hefei City theme park Wanda, we used two cars relative sliding, two vehicles collided passengers the illusion. At the highest car segment, by flipping the track segment flip, flip the body 90 °, vertical drop after the passengers are facing the ground. Features of the roller coaster is: two vehicles collided simulation, rail train carrying Flip 90 °, vertical drop. Where two vehicles collided simulation, rail train carrying flipped by 90 ° vertical drop are domestic initiative. At present, the project is progressing well, the program has been completed."

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Needles to say I am watching this park like a hawk at the moment


Construction has started and is in full flow. But only a wild mouse on site at the moment. I've heard the Premier is being fabricated as we speak but I still have no idea on the Flip Coaster. The press releases make it sound Chinese built.... :S




And some more recent concept art for the premier



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Thanks for the updates! So much going on in China right now.


You could say China is...exploding.


Because of that Tianjin thing.





Nobody? Alright, I'll see myself out.

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interesting update on the Premier Launched coaster

The ride has a rear spike behind the launch. It will first launch forwards into the loop, roll back, and launch backwards into spike, then launches forwards again through the loop before competing the rest of the circuit.


you can see the rear spike here if you look carefully.

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