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[RCT3] Six Flags Wild Northwest-Steel Hawk POV!

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Hello, this will be my first storyline park with trip reports and a timeline! I'm excited about doing this because I've alwasys wanted to! I hope you all enjoy it.




March, 5th, 1998-New Park announced for Portland,Oregon.

The new company known as Northwest Amusements has officially announced their new park for Portland,Oregon. They stated that the park has been under construction for a while and plan to open it in summer of 1999. They stated that the park will feature 4 roller coasters and tons of thrilling rides and attractions, as well as family attractions. The official name of the park is Wild Northwest! This will be the largest park in Oregon and the second largest in the northwest! The company also said that they have plans for two more parks in Washington and in Idaho,they said they will talk about those in the future.


-The Oregonian,Portland,OR



Official Park Logo.


Concept art for the park's entrance.


Concept art for entrance area.





Official Photos Released by Northwest Amusements.



All photos owned by Northwest Amusements.

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Construction Update-November 14th,1998


Hello, I am Tyler Miller, the Head Architect for the Wild Northwest Amusement. The head of the company asked me to take a couple of pictures of construction going on at the park for the next couple of weeks while I'm on site. I'v always loved coasters, so this was the perfect job for me! For now the park is slowing moving forward. The amount of rain in Oregon is causing delays, but we have managed to get our wooden coaster complete! I'm hoping these delays won't push the opening back. Anyway, here's all the construction pictures I took.



The finished entrance looks stunning.


This is were guests will purchase tickets.


A wooden coaster, which I can't name because the park wants it a secret for now, is finished.


View from inside the park(the other picture was from the road beside the park).


This scaffolding will eventually be buildings for the Main Street Square Section, which will bring guests way back to the 1930's and 40's!



P.S I will be posting construction pictures, but Northwest Amusements will continue to post concept art and new information about the park, I heard they might release stuff about the other coasters at the park, which I'm really excited about!

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Wild Northwest-More Details Announced-January,5th,1999

The new amusement park in Portland,Oregon is just about finished with construction, but has yet to release any info on their rides. The company that owns the park,Northwest Amusments, has stated that they "want every thing to be a surprise for all the gusets on opening day". However, they decided to show small teasers for whats to come. The Park President, Jeff King said he is hoping for a June 15th opening day. The park has offically annouced all four roller coasters, a teaser for each one is below.






Grizzly will be a fast paced wooden coaster designed by Custom Coasters.Located in the Main Street Square section






Ricochet will be built by Vekoma and there will be 5 inversions on this twisted coaster.Located in the Evergreen Acres section





Steel Hawk

Steel Hawk will be the biggest coaster at the park, built by B&M, this coaster will be a unigue floorless coaster, it will be the second one to be opened ever! Located in the Cascade Plaza section.



Logo for Beaver Express

The park's family coaster will be fun for everyone. Located in the Wilderness Adventure section.

Northwest Amusments,1999


Sorry for the lack of construction updates, but I've been busy designing stuff for the companies other park in Washington, I'll be on site in a couple of days and I'll take tons of pictures. The park is about 90% done with it's construction, I'm so excited!

-Tyler Miller

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Construction Update-April 25th,1999


I have a huge construction report to share today, but first I wanted to post this news article I just read. It looks like the park is gearing up for the big opening day!



The park offically opens in just 2 months from today! The park released a list of things your will need to know if your planning on attending opening day.

-Opererating Hours:10:00-9:00



-Opening Cermony begins at 9AM.

The park is all prepared for the big day,special prizes and collectibles will be avaible on opening day only, be sure to come out to Wild Northwest!

Alright,so I was on site once again at the park, and to my surpise construction was basically done, a few things to touch up here and there, but that's it.I took tons of pictures,so here they are!


The park gave me an office onsite, which was convientent.


Once inside the park, I noticed a new restuant was constructed.It looks nice.


My first glimpse of the finished Main Street Square!


The Wave Swinger is ready for opening day!


So is Northwest Wheel!


The Evergreen Scenic Railway crosses over the path into Cascade Plaza.


Sasquatch is one of the thrilling rides in Cascade Plaza.


A nice little gift shop to buy souvenirs.


The entrance to Steel Hawk! The park's biggest coaster!


I was surpised to see the coaster testing already.They let me walk around the ride to take pictures of it. This was taken from the station.


The even let me walk onto the catwalks on the brake run!


Many guests will be waiting to ride right there in 2 months!


Through the trees!


This ride is called Timber Twist, it was relocated from an old park here in Oregon.


A small place to get snacks.


As I was leaving, I couldn't resist taking one final shot of Steel Hawk.



That's all the photos I have. This will be the last update from me actually,as I was just asked to stay in Washington to finish designing the new park Northwest Amusements is building up there. I'm positive somebody will post a trip report from opening day, don't worry!

-Tyler Miller

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Night Before Opening Day-June 24th,1999

I know in the last update I said I would be leaving,but my flight out to Seattle got cancelled due to thunderstorms in the area, the next available flight was the next day, so I was working late at the office and decided to walk through the empty park one last time, these photos were taken at around 11:00, the night before opening day!



Not all lights were on, but you can make out the silhouette of Sasquatch and Ricochet.


Steel Hawk at night looks pretty cool!


I walked over to Ricochet's entrance area because I saw some workers over there, they told me that it might be closed tomorrow! Something was wrong with the lift hill and they have been trying to fix it since 7:00pm!


They let me go up to the station to take this nice shot, I hope its operating for opening day. Having it closed would be bad for the park.


I should go sleep, my flight leaves at 7:00am. Best of luck to Wild Northwest on their opening Day! By the way, I met a 17 year old who got a summer Internship with the parks marketing department. He told me he would take tons of photos on opening day!

-Tyler Miller

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Opening Day Trip Report-June 25th,1999


Hello, I am Greg Knight, a summer intern for Wild Northwest's Marketing Department!

Today was the parks grand opening and I of course was there to share it! At 9:00 am the park held a ceremony with fireworks and everything, it was impressive. The park opened at 10:00 and I was able to spent a pleasant day at the park.Here's the first round of photo's from opening day!



The crowds were light were in morning, but that soon changed later on.


The line for Northwest Wheel was short, so I rode it.


I decided that my first ride would be Sasquatch, it was very thrilling, the 25 min. wait was worth it!


The entrance to the kids area,Wilderness Adventure.


Lots of families at the park today, it was pretty packed here.


The park's kiddie coaster, Beaver Express.


The station is themed to a log cabin.


A classic scrambler ride is always nice! Wild Wolf is a cool name too.


At around 5,it was still really hot, so I rode the park's log flume, Pioneer Plunge.


Sadly, Ricochet was closed for most of the day. It did open up around 7:00 pm for about an hour.


I decided to dry off on Steel Hawk, it was such a great coaster!



Thats it for part 1 of this trip report, part 2 is coming soon though!


Also since I'm apart of the marketing department sort of, I thought I should post this.

Teaser Site

Not much,but more info will be coming soon.(I don't even know what it is yet)

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^Thanks,I'm planning on making an entire overview of the park!


Since I'm in the marketing department I've been put up to the task to market the new ride next year, I know what it is and I can't wait until this secret is revealed.Until then though the park released this info...



A Down Pour is about to begin...

Shocking news to be announced October 1st!


The park also made a teaser site if anyone is curious!Click Here!




p.s-I'll post part 2 of the trip report very soon and also my internship ends in August(Got to start senior of high school).I'll make sure to visit one last time before then! Super excited about the future!

-Greg Knight

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Here is the second part of the trip report from opening day! I'll be visiting the park on it's last day of operation,August 31st.So expect photos from that day soon.



Continuing on from part 1,I next decided to ride Grizzly,the wait was about 55 min. I say it was worth it!


I then walked to the back of the park to find out that Ricochet opened!


It was about 8, but it stayed open for the last 2 hours of the park being open!


It soon was nightime at the park, but guests will still having fun!


Wave Swinger looks like a fun ride at night!


About to ride Ricochet for the first time, wait time was about 60 min! To be honest, it was a bad ride, very rough!


Standing in the hour long wait.


The kiddie bumper cars were all lit up at night.


As the park was closing they put on a firework show!


It was a nice way to end the day!


Overall the park was very enjoyable. It's not too big and not too small. I can't wait to come back again.


For anyone who cares, the parks website

The new ride will be announced in 2 months!

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Roller Coaster Derailment at Wild Northwest Amusement Park-August 31st,1999

The roller coaster known as Ricochet at Wild Northwest Amusements derailed today at around 7:00pm. The derailment occurred on the last car on the train as it was returning to the station after being held on the brakes. Fortunately the two passengers sitting in this car suffered little to no injuries when the car derailed.Luckily the car fell on what is called a catwalk,a railing for mechanics to walk on.The car only fell about 5ft because of this.The park stated they have no idea how this happened and will investigate the situation.Ricochet was actually closed on opening day due to mechanical errors.It is unknown if these are related or not.Today was also the last day of operation at the park.The park has had a successful first year and now this happens. We hope the passengers involved will be okay.

-The Oregonian,Aug.31st,1999


A few readers who were at the park today who happened to have cameras took pictures of the situation.Photos taken by John Tyler and Greg Knight



Photo taken by John Tyler


Photo Taken By Greg Knight


I was visiting the park when this happened, as you can tell I was in line for Ricochet when it occurred. I'm surprised this happened, and curious how it happened.


I'll post more photos of my visit later,I hope the park can recover from this.It's not good publicity when an accident on a ride happens in your first year of operation.

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Last Day of the Season Trip Report-August 31st,1999

So I was able to visit the park one last time for the season.I got there pretty late,around 6:00,so I didn't take a lot.Tons of people were there since it was the last day. It was an all right day, except for the Ricochet derailment, but in all honesty I think the media is just blowing it out of proportion, no one was even taken to a hospital. It sucks that it happened, but it wasn't a big deal.Anyway here is the photos.



I was shocked to see crowds still coming in at 6:00


Wave Swinger was very popular. 30min. Wait


Timber Twist is always a fun ride!


A nice, relaxing ride on the train sounds nice.


This next few pics are not from me, but are offically released from the park.I think they were taken from a helicopter for promo shots or something.They look Cool!


Grizzly from above.


Ricochet from above.


So far the park hasn't said anything on the accident, I'm assuming it'll be fixed and ready for next season, but who knows.I hope the guests don't sue, that could cause financial issues for the company. In other news the park is still making an announcement about the new ride in 1 month!

-Greg Knight

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I know I've been posting a lot of stuff, but I have the park built up a couple years ahead and I just wanted catch up before getting too far ahead. I think I'm now pretty much caught up to were I want to be, so this will probably be my last post for a while. Not too long though!


September 30th-1999


The final teaser for the new ride has been released by the park! Tomorrow will be exciting! Make sure to get your final guesses in!


Tomorrows forecast predicts rain,it's gonna be a down pour!





Another thing, if you haven't heard, the park has settled the Ricochet accident, no one is suing.The park decided to spend the money on repairing Ricochet,so it will be open next season! We can put all that crazy stuff behind us now.


Don't forget to visit the park's Website for any other information!

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Thunderstorm Announced-October 1st,1999


Official Press release

Wild Northwest-Portland,Oregon

THUNDERSTORM is a brand new thrill ride for Wild Northwest. This unique attraction to the region will take riders 225 FT into the stormy skies and then drop them back to earth at speeds of up to 62 mph! The ride is designed and manufactured by the Swiss company, Intamin. The ride is scheduled to open up on opening day of the 2000 season,which is June 1st. The ride will be located in the cascade plaza section and riders must be 54' to ride.Wild Northwest had a great first season and we can't wait for next year!





Some concept art of what the ride will look like.


The rides surrounding area.


That's only 1/3 of the rides height.


It looks intimidating!



Not only was THUNDERSTORM announced, but this was too!



A new event next winter will bring the holiday cheer to Wild Northwest. Starting on December 18th and going to January 5th. This is something you don't want to miss! More details will come at a later time, but for know you can check out our website for more info!



A new large christmas tree will be placed at the entrance.


Main Street Square decked out for the holidays!


The park is redoing the entire entrance building for this event!


Next year looks like it's gonna be great. After an amazing first season, the park seems to be going in the right direction!

-Greg Knight

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2000 Opening Day Trip Report-June 1st, 2000


Welcome to Wild Northwest's second year of operation! Sadly,Thunderstorm was delayed until July 1st. We had a harsh winter and spring this year. I was ready for some roller coasters so I didn't really care whether Thunderstorm was open or not! I was super excited to just be back at the park! Before I post the photos, I just wanted say a few things that I noticed. First, crowds were very light for an opening day in summer.Second, the ride operators were pretty bad at getting trains out of the station.5-6 minutes between dispatch is pretty bad, last year was better. Anyway, here are the photos!



First ride of the day was Steel Hawk. I really missed this coaster over the off season!


Sasquatch was my next ride. I'm prone to motion sickness, but I did it anyway!


I felt like riding the train after that.It takes you around Cascade Plaza and gets great views of Steel Hawk!


It's taunting me. Only one more month!


It was a cold day in June, thus making the line for Pioneer Plunge a walk on.


Racoon Rally is perfect for kids. The majority of todays crowds were families with kids under 7 or 8.


I took this from the top of Grizzly's lift!


I had a terrific day today, but the attendance drop compared to last years opening day and the delayed ride is probably not good for the park.



Oh and by the way, I don't have that summer internship this time because I got accepted to University of Oregon! I leave in September, but I got to prepare for college. The university is about 3 hours away, so I'll be coming a lot this summer as this is my last chance for a while!

-Greg Knight

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Not really a park update ,just some questions and some info on the future of this park!


Just out of curiosity, So far, how do you guys feel about the storyline for this park? Is it good or bad? How could it improve? I'm not the best at coming up with a story, so I was just wondering on how I could improve it and make it better.



-Also, since this is my first park, I was wondering how you guys are enjoying the park in general. I'm new to this and was just wondering how I'm doing.



-Wild Northwest will go on a 1 month hiatus in September,so expect lots of great things for August! Just wanted to mention these since it's the first of the month. I look forward to the future of this park!


Suggestions and comments appreciated! Thanks!

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I just started reading this and I think this park is looking very nice! However, I think four coasters at grand opening seems to be too much of a stretch. Either management has a whole lot of money or they took out a big loan. And did it really pay off? Ricochet derailed in its first year of operation!


With that on the side, keep it up! I can't wait to see more of this park.

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Thunderstorm Grand Opening Trip Report-July 1st, 2000


Today was the grand opening of Wild Northwests new ride,Thunderstorm! I was so excited to finally ride it! The park held a special event for season pass holders to come and ride the ride an hour before the park opened. I was really happy I decided top get a season pass! The crowds at the event were very light, so I rode it about 12 times! The park also opened up some other rides near by,which included Ricochet!!!! It finally re-opened! Sadly with 1 train operation though. Anyway I had a great day and as always took photos! Here they are!



The ride is very noticeable from almost anywhere in the park!


I was actually getting kinda scared as I got closer to it.


There was not a lot of people at this awesome event .This was the line. Only like 5min, maybe.


This is such a great addition to the park!


I can't believe I was over 200 ft in the air!


Once the park opened to the public I decided to go ride Ricochet for the first time in a long time!


I missed seeing this ride running.The line got long quick because of the 1 train operating.


I was prepared to leave, but as I passed Grizzly I felt like giving it a ride.That was a mistake, the line ended up being 75min.! It was so late after I got off, I ended up staying until park closing!


This may seem early for any speculation, but I noticed that some trees and bushes were removed here. Interesting.


On my way out I ate at the small cafe by the entrance. It was delicious.


As much as I enjoyed myself today at the park, I have to say that it seem be going downhill. I've seen less and less people at the park, I also don't ever see any advertisement for it anywhere. The employees are rude this year and they seem to hate their job! I also read in the news that Thunderstorm was purchased when the park was being planned, so the park never really bought a new ride this year, I was thinking they had a good financial income and was able to purchase a new ride, but I don't know now. I hope the park improves,it just seems like the park has never had a success with the accident in its first year and the attendance drop this year. I will still continue to visit the park before I leave to college, so watch out for another trip report soon.

-Greg Knight

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